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  1. Joseph Keeney says:

    You are dead wrong about the effects of psychological harassment from these gangs, that is, stalking that does not involve physical attributes such as chemicals, break-ins and electronic harassment.

    I have been a victim of stalking by organized gangs since 1987. The intention of these perpetrators was to drive me paranoid, while they remained under the radar, or stayed within legal bounds. And they succeeded for a while but I turned to a higher power.

    It has not ended but continues.

    • Paul Orr says:

      I know how you feel . I’m like you same amount of time . What higher power are you referring to ? For myself its Jesus Christ

      • jk9267 says:

        To Paul:
        It’s getting into the spirit of Jesus Christ. Then, I was able to fight them while my mind was in control.

      • kirkschrank says:

        This whole gangstalking phenomena is about Jesus Christ, the pure human race, true Jew, true Israel, true Christians, the righteous and the humble, etc. The leader of gangstalking is the serpent in the garden, whose seed will always have enmity with the pure human seed which descended from Adam through Noah. What is happening now is detailed in the book of Revelation which describes a flood coming out of the mouth of the dragon to destroy the fore mentioned groups. You will also find over 20 scriptures in the Psalms which describe a secret persecution and genocide of the poor, innocent, righteous, and
        Godly, etc. With the discovery of blood types and DNA they know who you are, but you may not. Anyone without the nephilim hybrid blood is at risk of being secretly assassinated and tortured until death. The only victory is through Jesus Christ who is coming soon as the day of the Lord draws near and he will come to avenge us and all the others who have suffered and been murdered at the hands of these wicked blue bloods who hide under the shadows of secret societies such as the Freemasons. Word of advice is stay away from sodium, fluoride, fats, sugars, grease, anything you’re being force fed. I believe that the prophet Daniel and the Eunuchs who lived in Babylon served as a model for us in these last days as they would not eat of the king’s food but only ate vegetables. I am not a vegan yet but I do try to eliminate the fore mentioned substances which seem to work in coordination with the direct energy weapons DEW which we are being bombarded with. I have even had symptoms of Ionized radiation but the Lord keeps conquering them and I fight even harder the more they torture and harass me. We are living in the times of Mystery Babylon who is responsible for our suffering and deaths. They are made up of Zionists, secret societies, Luciferians, and
        Satanists who have covertly infiltrated all churches and lie when they say they know Jesus. I have many writings about these end times on WordPress if you would like to read them. God bless you true sufferers and keep the faith and fight the good fight til the end and your reward will be great in the eternal heaven.

      • Wayne Weberpal says:

        Jesus Christ of cause!

      • wayne says:

        I have been gang stalked since the 1980s, Last year I decided to move to the state of Pennsylvania thinking that things would change but they didn’t all it did was follow me to my new location, Now I am dealing with rude behavior from strangers as well as isolation with no form of support as well as persecution from different people in the town that I live. The only good thing is that everything is in the hands of God and he has protected me thorough it all.

      • Michael says:

        It’s happening to me ryt now and I have profe

      • Ari says:

        first 2 levels of spiritual warfare against demonic spirits, study all the information.

    • The do Break-in and move around things or steal objects of small value only to replace them later. This is called Gas lighting , it is done to suspect your own sanity. Electronic Harassment starts after a few years of gang stalking , some of the common symptoms of Electronic Harassment include Sleep Deprivation, Body aches, burning sensation, burning eyes, feeling sleepy, feeling tired, etc..

      • jk9267 says:

        You miss-read my comment. It depends on the target’s situation. If you live alone, for example, it is more likely that physical things will happen to you such as break-ins and electronic harassment. If you live with other people, street theatre and interactions geared more toward the psychological will be used. Though, the purpose is the same in either case, to destroy your mind so you will be committed or commit suicide. It’s all demonic.

    • patrick says:

      Oh my god been dealing with the samething kinda

      • patrick f jensen says:

        I went through similar except mine involved email harrasment due process obstruction of justice intimadation of a witness from

      • patrick f jensen says:

        Stalking to doctor apts calling and harrassing privacy invasion crimes medical male practice illegal subpeanas

      • patrick f jensen says:

        Abuse of constitutional rights from abuse of from color and gender of law from

    • Melissa says:

      What higher power? I need to know who to turn to.

      • jk9267 says:

        I don’t know if you believe in God or not. I can tell you that when I prayed the whole paradigm changed. No more street theater and in-your-face-harassment. I have seen them take-off when I prayed to myself. The experience has made me a strong believer and I carry a pocket-size KJV bible in my pocket at all times.

      • brenda says:

        Melissa, sweet sister. From one female targeted individual to you. Please turn on some praise music like kLove or Air1 radio…, read God’s word (bible), and pray with expectation that God is listening and he is going to blow the cover right off this plan against us. He promises us that He will never leave us or forsake us. I promise you that talking about it in a level headed way has been working. The right authorities ARE aware of it. I promise you that more people are aware of this evil. I promise you that when we trust God with our very lives and start speaking truth in a calm way the devil is exposed. I passed out an informational flyer to every place in town. You might do the same. Make it generic. Dont put your name on it. At that point, you’ve given yourself and other T.I.s so much publicity the stalkers plan starts to fall apart in your area as well. Just hand it to people and smile. Dont tell anyone its happening to you. The gang stalkers already know. Hand one to them and smile. They can’t harm you in a public place. Dont lose your temper or act crazy. Just let your stalkers and the audience know that youre aware of the plan against you. Stay peaceful. Jesus can give you that peace. Just ask him to come into your heart and give you peace. I love you. Brenda from Oroville, Ca.

      • Ari says:

        first 2 levels of spiritual warfare against demonic spirits, study all the information.

    • Faith H says:

      Hi Joseph, I know you probably won’t see this given it’s 6 years after you posted this… But I thought I’d right back anyways just in case.

      I’ve been experiencing the exact same type of stalking/harassment and I was wondering if you had any advice on what to do about it? They are sneaky enough to where nobody else sees it happening and the things they do sound “crazy” so when I reach out for help nobody believes me they just think it’s me being paranoid. They started stalking me when I was probably around 12 years old (my memory is a little funky right now so it might have been a little earlier, I’m not positive). They had multiple guys and “families” show up every place I went. They would do and say things that would bother me and one even pulled me under water in a pool at a water park until I kicked free.. I haven’t had recent experiences like that but I’m fairly certain they’re still stalking me, just being more secretive (they would have gaps of time without doing anything and then once I started to believe it was over they would start again). Anyways, if you could get back to me with any information you have about how they seem to work or how to not let it bother you as much that would be much appreciated.


      • jk9267 says:

        You make them stop by attacking their greatest weakness: secrecy. In 2009 I handed out a thousand flyers to strangers describing my ordeal, and where they could read about gang stalking on the Internet. I signed my name at the bottom of these flyers so Socialist criminals know I did it. In addition, I spoke in churches in my area; I picked churches that allowed personal confession. You can guess what my personal confession was! In 2010, I got a death threat; it came from an alleged friend who was also a Mason.

        It stopped for the most part after the death threat. If it happened even a little bit, I sent anonymous letters to people around outlining the situation. Today, I get frequent nuisance calls but that’s about it; I have a phone blocker.

        You spoke about experiencing things at 12 years of age. I think that was in your head. You were bullied and it had nothing to do with the Marxist BS that you are living through now, in my opinion.

        The good thing that came out of this is my belief in Jesus Christ and my unwavering belief that we are dealing with demonic control..

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know of any reason why it couldn’t have started when you were 12. it started for me in an obvious way when i was 23, but looking back i know I’ve been watched my whole life.

      • wtc says:

        I have identified individuals that are part of the group stalking. They break the law openly and are being covered at the highest levels. I have audio and video and written proof. I held Que cards for others to speak with false info and they fell for it.
        I found that they are profiling and aggression towards a certain profiles. My profile was arranged in an agreement and was not a real profile. This they have no idea. They have done everything to try to push me over the edge but I was on to them from day 1.
        I do hold solid proof with photos of the group stalkers and their names. The all have been in trouble with the authorities. One individual came to me and told me that they tried to recruit him to cause me harm but he refused. Two others called 911 to fake a report but I had continuous video that I had to show to the police on a lap top the back of a police car. One of those went to prison for other offences and the other later went to a woman’s bathroom window @ 12:30 am with a fire arm and was spooked by a person yelling at him all caught on pan tilt and zoom video with full face recognition and license plate on auto and police covered for him even with a police report stating owner of automobiles name on the police report.
        I have a copy of his I D and he is like a ghost with no web search findings but parole agents knew him. I found that the group stalkers have access to U S Data bases and government records which tells me CIA backed and possibly treating people as lab rats collecting data and vengeance for me knowing who all is stealing BILLIONS OF DOLLARS each year in US tax payer funds.

      • PoisonDUst Baby says:

        Most of these people must’ve committed suicide by now. There’s no way you can deal with this! Every shower is rape, every thought or noise, the zapping, the people around you (yuck go look in a mirror, before you judge), yes the police and authority is in on it because it’s them! Only the special ones get to stay in the tunnels away from radiation and the multitude of NBC weapons bad air gasses emissions etc! They try to use personnel to use us as their reasoning to keep being evil or the trauma they endured (I doubt they know anything about trauma unless from a book or movie) …. This is BS! I met many of these fckrs and they’re all mentally incompetent and weird as heck looking! The “pretty ones” get the good stuff, the good water, the good gas, the good hair, the good health-they use us as a reminder or threat of what will happen to them and or allow them to take out their shitty low positions on us. I’ve been around multiple groups of these creatures and they mostly wear black contacts or have light green eyes. I don’t know about their special stuff because I’ve only gotten the bad and had what I don’t get rubbed in my face. Funny thing is US personnel are shit compared to the other countries “ones” those other countries they try to show class and real beauty before they assist in stealing the women and men and children to rape to death by as many different people as they can then they drug you or emf you to forget their faces?!!! Even though they wear masks, well I guess they show their real faces knowing or not caring if they get erased in your head. They’re so inbred and BME that their blood shows to be- uh whatever y’all they’re rapist and thieves and kill off who they want. The book 1984 explains it all but no one did anything and now those “chosen” must suffer in silence or screaming-doesn’t matter either way they’re still going to do their torture poisons tests and bs! But with them having unlimited funds why do they have to use the cheap shit?! They know damn well the outcome it doesn’t make sense.
        Someone I looked up to, told me I was strong a week before he shot himself in front of his home for his family to find… People I just meet and know they too suffer just tell me not to commit suicide but he did! And he was a real soldier, a real defender for the people and a preacher. My mom said I should just kill my self and get it over with, it’d make everyone life better. The Joe Blasco Makeup school bullied and robbed my educational benefits to where I had to pay for an attorney and they still shorted me! That’s where they learn to copy the “Faces” and set people up, it’s not just for movies! Surprised 😳????

    • Joe / there is no hope it's real says:

      Did it ever stop it’s been 10 years for me I feel like giving up I’m losing all of my memory joe, this is very real I met some guys when I moved to Dallas who were club Entrepreneurs, little did I know they were studying me the whole time. 2008 I noticed changes in family members, you know your family after living with them for years. The tv and smoke alarm would make noises at night that o never heard before, my mother switched to night shift at her job, but I found out she was not at work as she said. There were blue network cords in the attic that were never there before, I could feel the vibe of everything, my mother started closing my room door with a fan outside facing the door to direct the air back in the room, I noticed I would wake up forgetting where I was jumping in my sleep, room windows had been sealed shut to trap the air on my room, everything was coming together, these men I had met ,this Asian criminal enterprise had been turning my life and family around the whole time. My mother never locked her room door, she had started locking her door and telling me not to go in there, when I entered one day I found a trash bag full of credit cards? Then one day I woke up in the trunk of my car in a gang infested neighborhood and had no idea how I had got there. It all came together I went to the FBI all they told me was call 912. I started getting health problems irregular heart beats, back problems, headaches, I ran away and somehow this criminal enterprise found me, my father died they said he slipped in the shower, but he had left a letter as if he knew he was going to die. I noticed when getting in my vehicle that my heart or chest would thump like irregular heart beats, and when I slept at home, but no where else outside or inside would it do that. Co workers and neighbors started acting strange like I was in charge of them or they were scared of me, this was they’re tactic, every time I would meet someone they would interrogate me then disappear. There’s nothing you can do cause no one will believe you, no one will help you, you feel helpless and begin to give up, these men take over towns, first taking over law enforcement then schools , churches, businesses, oil field companies such as mine, making profit and power anyway they can. All you can do is sit back and die , your faith is gone you have lost all hope there is no hope. You can only breath the gas in your car and home, eat and drink they’re poison, feel your health crash day by day, Death will be your salvation. HOW CAN YOU GET HELP. The man who put me here JASON CHARBENEAU. My name is Joe Hill here my story if we stop letting them control us we can be smarter then them, Gangstalking is real criminal enterprises use it as a new tactic, old hitmam tactics are gone on to a new way of organized crime tactics.

      • jk9267 says:

        To Poison Dust Baby: I trust you are a Christian because I found the answer through Prayer. Like it says in the bible, we are not dealing with flesh and blood, and ALL powers and principalities on earth are of [h] im with a small ‘h.’

      • jk9267 says:

        Re-directing our attention away from the important things in life like God is what they are good at. If you want them to leave you alone, ignore them and pray. They cxan’t handle it.

    • Dawn says:

      Same here…. And it sucks…. Any advice would be nice on how to combat the pain… I hope all is well with you and your situation gets easier..

    • Jamie burgos says:

      I have been bacaracted twice in being harassed even by family its so bad they spread lies rumors in scared for my life brandon fl

      • A M says:

        Can we form a group and request a congressional investigation together? No matter who your Congressman we join together and they each get a letter requesting it for each one of us. They’ve robbed and raped me blind! Now the torture continues with more rapist pigs! THE TIME IS NOW THAT WE DEMAND FOIA CIA OIG FOIA DIA OIG FOIA AND CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATIONS!

      • Whitebird says:

        DER Yeah need to get organized and put pressure on the nation’s leaders. I’m trying to get them on videotape so I have real evidence.
        Such a stupid, heinous and cruel kind of behavior! For sure, they gotta go!!!

      • A M says:

        I’m close by. They did it more to me! Army combat veteran here! The “authorities” beat raped and illegally incarcerated me here! Several times they pesticides poison me! They steal everything including my damn underwear and makeup 💄 Join the group, we’ll write a congressional investigation to Rubio And Scott they’re in on it too-watch out for the black eyes!!!!

      • A M says:

        This happened in Cuba 🇨🇺 but Cuba is being blamed when its CIA, Military Intelligence and CID and DIA. Write the President Trump and tell him he too is a victim (it’s obvious) he’s just filthy rich compared to the rest of us! Request Presidential Investigation and bring up every proof or person willing to sign. Someone said to pass out fliers, buy a billboard get a vehicle wrap, but it’s better to request a Presidential Investigation. A congressional too. Honestly these people are military school cadets that live in the tunnels beneath us. There’s no reason for this torture, when the CIA is stealing kids pretending they’re theirs and raping and recording what they do! They have video compilations of each of us from multiple sources!!! And this isn’t protecting or providing anything for this nation or world. They just get off on it! The mass shootings and suicides are not being tested for anything other than street drugs instead of military grade weapons and chemicals… they may control traffic like a game of battleship, and people like a living hell-but to rub it in our faces all day and night every day is torture. And they killed off over 100 microbiologist because of what they found, so apparently this is a mixture of microbes, satellite technology and chemical warfare. The thefts are just to piss us off-practice or pleasure before they do it to the people with land or real money and the other countries! Yet their own citizens are in on it?!! This needs to be stopped: I was told they could turn it off but they don’t want to and if I leave US they’ll throw me into sex slavery! That if I die they’ll bring me back, and they have! Yet they don’t stop ✋ torturing me. No one cares they’re just glad it’s not them! All the while they’re creating propaganda to keep important issues being taken care of by creating transgender, homosexual, mass shootings, and the entire mental health field!!! They spray us like bugs when they’re illegally in our residence doing god knows what else besides poisoning us and stealing! More articles are being written but nothing with enough information to make it stop or keep them out. They’re running havoc on certain areas not just attacking one group but all; especially the ones they rape. If people witnessed their money funneling, their illegal bombings of the tectonic plates, or whatever else they’re doing they discredit them, ruin their lives or murder them! Several people just get killed for no reason… And they play God with their equipment, Harrp, PSYOPS, double agents, recording from satellite, showing “visions”, “alien abductions”, all that is their creatures they created or their planned future they’ve recorded and put in people’s heads. I’ve seen hundreds of clones-they all look the same just different sizes so they blame Asia and defense but it’s a lie. They do this because they are inbred, genetically modified humans, biomedically engineered humans to be weird looking with bulging bug eyes and bobbleheads or others! These creatures wear masks to look like any of us called “Faces” and they use them to set people up for crimes! The prisons are like concentration camps! Apparently the kids they steal grow up to become them-and torture more people in multiple ways. They hire gang members and truly mentally incompetent persons to help destroy lives and degrade communities. All these foreigners moving to the US for help are severely misguided because the Psyops steals any and all information to pretend to be them in their communities when they infiltration their home countries to rob and rape them too! How’d the black African have a white baby? Rape next to her husband in their unconscious… they’re also causing great pain to military and veterans and children by testing new microbes or nanotechnology or chemical biological warfare. The hospitals are usually infiltrated with these creatures waiting for you, you either die or suffer! No one believes in any of it because the world is so behind in technology that no one believes it.. YET WE ARE IN SPACE AND DRIVING CARS UP THERE!

    • A M says:

      I’ve been a victim since I was born!

  2. Kelly Pittman says:

    I am a victim and have been for at least 6 years, how do i report this and where do i take the informaton i have obtained to start legal procedings. I have names! I also need to know how to educate the local police force as to this type of harrassement as i am being set up for crimes i have not committed. Thank you

    • sputterite says:

      You can call your local FBI office, and please do inform DOHS. The more reports we file the better. The current estimates are that there are 3million of us in the USA, 6million in EU. They have run me all OVER the US trying to escape them, and now I am in Germany where it is continuing. At least the electronic and psychic part of it. Remember…the more you talk about what is happening to you, the better. To expose them is to “win” or “pass”. They are liars who know no truth, just like the Bible describes of the antichrist in the end days. Sounds fanatic, but ALL the flags are there. Just talk about it and tell the truth. That is what they are so afraid of.

      • patrick f jensen says:

        Not sure maybe why my wife got post partum both wifes wierd huh

      • patrick f jensen says:

        Tried but just get females who dont want to for some reason allow resources from co parenting problems of

      • Paul Marsala says:

        Wow i was working at a job based out of Holland. Boss said he is marine. Everyone hired were either foreign with crazy names or felons. Got close with one worker come to find out he was black deeply involved muslim. I ended up gang stalked at work. Just got fired yesterdzy due to me complaining about coworkers. I can see how they got me so they can set me up for crimes by making me look like i did them on video. I am exausted. Been sick. Hopeless. Feel like jyst waiting to be arrested for who knoes

    • patrick f jensen says:

      Criminal sensorship of emails for covering up crime and stalking for

      • patrick f jensen says:

        The only resources i could get was them blocking my email resume employment attempts with some kinda of craft judiasm wierd with attempts of abusing medical rights even now the go button on the keyboard is being bothered from arrow instead from just a moment ago must not have liked my speach

      • patrick f jensen says:

        That and they seem to want to be attempting post instead from

    • A M says:

      Requesting a Congressional investigation from your senator and the governor and the President! It’s the CIA and MI raping stealing torturing and abusing us using all kinds of military grade weaponry better than anything I ever got to see as a combat veteran! Do it for us all!

  3. Joseph Keeney says:

    The Justice Department, allegedly, investigated about 700 cases at one time. You might check into this. I assume you sent a Freedom of Information inquiry about your self and gang stalking? If not, do so. The answers on how to do it are on the internet.

    Now having said that, do I think any of it works? No.

    Do I think the police can do anything? No.

    1) If you want to stop this in your life, distribute information to the public about your circumstances and the names you have gathered. It is embarrassing but so what. These perpetrators hate the light of day.

    2) Another thing you can do is get involved politically. Make sure candidates running for Congress and Senate have a copy of your story.

    3) The most important thing you can do is join up with someone like myself and now there are two voices.

    If you do #1 and #2, it will cut down on what is happening to you significantly. Do #3 and it will cut it out altogether.

    Remember, you are in this for life.

    • I am being gang stalked …I run inro many differennt groups and even rich kids ..for the most part they would sabotage my car and make it happen slowly. I’ve been followed on bus train on foot and in vehicles .its insane I want to learn how to expose them ..it’s not fair ruins my life with first rumors and then my relationships crumbled and became homeless ..and then I can’t go back to where I grew up at ..teach me how to fight back ..rixhard ramos

      • Richard says:

        I am being gang stalked …I run inro many differennt groups and even rich kids ..for the most part they would sabotage my car and make it happen slowly. I’ve been followed on bus train on foot and in vehicles .its insane I want to learn how to expose them ..it’s not fair ruins my life with first rumors and then my relationships crumbled and became homeless ..and then I can’t go back to where I grew up at ..teach me how to fight back ..I believe IRS predatory stalking

      • jk9267 says:

        HI Richard,
        I put a stop to it in January 2010 after I received a death threat from an alleged friend ( who happened to be a Mason in Wolcott, CT). I was the target of harassment and microwave voice-to-skull transmission for about 20 years prior–part of each year they attacked me.

        They hate publicity so I distributed over 2000 flyers to strangers (never family or friends) outlining what was done to me and the reasons for it. In addition, I spoke to churches, the type of churches that permit their members to speak (make a confession) to the church as a whole. Of course, when they heard me, the head of the church would ask me not to return. So I would go to a new church — mostly non-congregational churches.

        Was I scared? Of course, but I was willing to do anything to stop them.

        Ninety-nine percent of it stopped. I do get a lot of bounced phone calls, telemarketers, that sort of thing. I’m pretty much respected wherever I go.I

      • Ari says:

        It’s not about fighting back, it’s about keeping demonic doors closed. first 2 levels of spiritual warfare against demonic spirits, study all the information.

    • marcia says:

      I too make people aware. I found stalker beware.com after 7yrs torment. Now 9. Everything I put in mail close to home or paying a bill. I give this website and tell folks to research, because it is in their town. It’s horrible it must be exposed, yes folks think your crazy, but give copies not much they can say. The code of silence yes they will know. I have family of fire fighters I saw em in my neighborhood spying on me 9yrs ago. Recently they stole from me. Rest assured bible says I Romans 13:4 If You do evil “BE AFRAID”. Christians, carrying out harassment skits for this cult. And yes Freemasons they are in every town. Expose this, don’t hide it’s evil. Most of all it’s Wrong

    • A M says:

      I’ve contacted everyone. Better do it every six months then! Because they’re accusations are we are on drugs, but which undetectable ones?? And y’all haven’t committed mass murder or suicide yet??? Petition the White House and market the hell out of that!

  4. jill carman says:

    stalked for about 12 years since I made a police report about by Macys credit card that was stolen. The stalkers follow me wherever I move and usually live with oneof my neighbors. They convince ny neighbors around the apartmens to make police reports. when I fall asleep at night they yell and scream and say they don* want me here. The neighbors talk outside my window or at the corner about what is going to happen to me if I stay here. I*ve made police reports because LIHousing told me to but nothing ever happens. I*m kind of scared because they seem so poular. The stalkers have broken a window in a car that my son had. wripped and emergency brake out of another car. stolen watches cell phones money . credit cards. started a fire in the woods near my apartment and threatened to ruin my families life by making police reports. They follo w me around every day and try to convince people tat I should not be allowed to be there. and that they should call the police. When I got on the I

  5. Joseph Keeney says:

    Intelligence agencies are serving masters who want to do away with our way of freedom. Much of what is happening to you is experimentation to see how you react under psychological control. If you check you will find that the fourth amendment has been recently stomped upon by the Supreme Court, that police can invade your home and privacy without cause. Its up to you to resist and get the word out on the street.

    • skye says:

      ok WHY would they be interested to know that about this guy?

      • jk9267 says:

        skye, Building a police state in Russia was easy compared to the US. Here they have to experiment with a citizens used to the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. So they experiment with citizens through gang stalking hoping to weaken the self worth and individuality of each person so they may be more malleable to state control.

    • sputterite says:

      I know that it can be vert difficult sometimes to make sense of such bizarre things that happen to TI´s and not to mention the mental harassment,,,the thoughts they transmit into our minds using electronic brain link and such. It is their goal to incite confusion and division, as any given COINTELPRO progam does. Howver, please be aware that intelligence agencies are friends. They are NOT the ones using this and perpetating these crimes against humanity. I can assure you. I have been running and hiding all over the world for the last year, so far 3 other countries and intelligence in the USA have no jurisdiction. The people doing this are satanists only most do not know that they are, and they are regular looking people. Just talk about what is happening to you and don´t let them silence you or turn you against people that you love trust and care about. These are the end days, and yes what is happening to you is persecution.

      • Steve says:

        There is something demonic about these people and at times I wonder if they are people. After a few years, they showed they can read my thoughts and that really freaked me out. I had to flee my apt. at 3 am. I did a little investigating and came up with G4S Wackenhut. Working with Freemasons and/or some other neighborhood watch groups, G4S acting as Law Enforcement, is running this program with fed money.

  6. jap says:

    gangstalking taking place in nashville,tn. multiple victems

    • BT says:

      I was a victim in nashville about the time you posted this. I’m just now learning what this is all about. I’d love to get in touch with other nashville targets.

      • Dolores Rossello says:

        I’ve been a victim of gangstalking for six years in Nashville, TN. I moved to Nevada and they followed me, so I moved back. Let’s start a support group!

    • sputterite says:

      of course it is…TN is a very Christian and cnservative state. I didn´t see it as prevaently in WA state (seattle) or in NYC as much as other places. They want you to convert to a system where you click pen tops and sams doors to manifest an intention while the pineal gand is “activated” instead of asking God for help in your life, They create on His behalf and want everyone else to also. It has taken us by storm and all I can say is get familiar with your Bible…Revelation and the prohpecies of Daniel and Ezekiel and compare and contrast what is happening as a TI. But don´t let them convert you.

  7. Joseph Keeney says:

    jap: You know this about Nashville; I don’t doubt it’s happening. But how do you know? Are you a perp or a victim? Regardless of who you are, do you understand why it’s happening? Do you understand that victims are on a registgry like the one used for Pedophiles. Do you understand this registry follows victims where ever they go — Nashville, for example.

    Gangstalking is a dress rehearsal for a stasi poilce state similar to Hitler’s Germany and Communist Russia.

    And, if yuou are a perp, you are helping to build it.

  8. eniced says:

    this is esactly what has been going ,(to the T) to me since I was 17. in my late 20,s in 1990 is when I began to live alone with my 5 year old son in goverment housing. the home enteries and posioning of our food. back door unlocked when I would come home.Severe illnesses that doctors had no answers for. tested for lupus and lyme so many tims its not funny.herassment by neighbors and rudneess from doctors for no reason. both my parents staying severly ill also. and they both lived alone in seperate homes. a brother in law and my sister staying ill from the same symtoms and they had two young girls. my entire family has been stalked and home entires and food posiongs and haressment for so many years that we where chosen for our religion, our family faith is not excepted. we are desidents in the new world order. that is the only reason. my son was severly posioned in 2007 for over 2 months and when in dept in over $2000. to be told he only had acid reflux. which was bull. He was 23 yrs old,we live in diff.stat

  9. eniced says:

    my son and i live 800 miles from each other in 2different states since early spring of 2005. he has been homeless ans mobbed out of jobs constantly since he was 17 and he is 26 now and still going on.I have lived in 3 states and several apts and homes. I have had 4 phone lines bugged and homes bugged. this is how they know where you are giong, what you are doing and who your contacts are. the mentol and emtional abuss could not take place against you if they don,t know these nessasary things. Think about it!! In 2008 the posioning of me and my dog and the home and car enteirs became severe and damaging at an extream level. I was trying to live alone again back in the state where this started and they wanted me bad, because I found out what and how bad this thing was and I verbally spoke out about!! so this became severly deadly for me and my only son and my husband.I have been so ill and in great pain with my right leg and my nearves where damaged by the constant hard covert posiongs of my food supply,

  10. eniced says:

    I moved back to the state of MO. where this has followed me from Tenn. this time my ss# was stolen and my Mo. and tenn health card numbers and my tenn and mo. DL#s where taken and my tags on my vehical. my Only 2 brothers and thier woman friend joined in with these stalkers and where paid off in great ways to turn perp aganist me and they wihin 7 hard fast sick isane weeks where posiong me and my dog, severly vadelizing my car and spreading severe defamation on me , as they where told to do. and went through my personal papers and tax papers and w2 forms and stole those and my sscard and medical cards and the cards to my medical doctors, I soon found out why they needed this info. I have been flagged as a dangerous and mentaly insane person to be only seen in twos and as a liar and a thief and I will attack a person in an instant. and do not listen to me I can’t be delt with. I have doctors traeting me like I am a liar and they are all trying to prove that my medical conditions are a lie, that i am a liar.

    • saldiar says:

      Doctors are s**t they r iin on this big time. And nurses are heavily into this abuse. Ivee been gangstalked in clinics and and emergrncy dept. I have never been to court never had a criminal recoord. When i went to get help fromm a doc for my kids? Cops were called and they hassellled me abouut where i had mmy child. I warn people to stayy away fromm the medical people. Theyre crimminals. Siickos too. Iif u need to hae mmediical help be aware bbbut use em just as much as u absolutely need. Dont speak to them as mmuch as necessary. Please read aout the stasi/kgb. They in medicall institutiions labeled totallly sane dissiidents. Or alternative lifestyles as having: sluuggish schizzophrenia. Gangstalking was refined to an art by the stasi. But it seems aemerica is adding onto that refinemment w their high tech toys. I never wouldve believed this crap until they started harassment in stores/neighbors+linics/vandalism. Psychhos!

    • same here it bs if you ask me my family treats me like im mental, and im not.

    • sputterite says:

      This is the usually the first step in any character asassination campaign for any given COINTELPRO target. It is for the purposes of discrediting you so that if you break free of the darkness they keep us in and decide to tell someone, that the person you “rat” to (as the NWO calls it) won´t believe youi. Some have, in the past, felt that this was only a relatively harmless intimidation technique, to keep you in fear of them and thus, easier to control. However, new information has surfaced that reveals that these are actually methods to have you utimately killed, or to kill yourself which is why almost every TI has had a brush with the mental health field. No one would look any further into a death if they all believed that the person was “unstable”. Targeting goes in stages, and for most of us gets worse with time, But that is about to change, because this problem has increased exponentially over the last 12 months and the only reason why is because most TI´s are being discredited and gaslighted so badly. These people are terrorists and with enough of us, the victims, we can force a congressional investigation in the USA. We just need to organize.

    • Do says:

      How did you know what you was flagged from? Is there a website? Exactly what steps must a person take to find out why their being gang stalked?

  11. eniced says:

    this is the reason why, I can not be mobbed out of a job anymore because I am on disability , how come they didn’t know that?? its like they don’t know everything!! but they needed help geting this enfo together from family and friends turned perp. this is what I have discovered. and now they are using the medical system to cause me to loose my disabi’ity. I see this playing out right in front of my eyes. and the other side is, if they can’t get me institutioalized with their lies with a doctors help then they will cause me to loose my income with doctors help. Its like, if plan A does not work to ruin her than we also have plan B!! These crimanals dont stop. they want me to go down good and hard.I know way to much and they hate me. They don’t want me telling certain people I know what is going on.Whice its to late for that. I can’t NOT tell about all this, because they are going to kill me anyway. My body is already loaded up with op pestsides and arsinic from thier covert posiongs. and they know I know!!

  12. eniced says:

    my body is set up for many kinds of cancers.I already hve damaged organs and doctors are ignoring my symtoms and illnesses, Etc. the same thing done to my mother for years untill she died from a rare cancer caused by op pestcides. I have researched everything. my knoeledge is not being pulled out of a hat. and my father died of severe symtoms of arsinic posioning and he had all the clasic gangstalking herrasment including itching powder all in his bed and backdoor being unlocked, things stolen ‘car problems and being kept up at nite by 2 young men talking and yelling loud to keep him awake and he was in a wheelchair and lived alone. and my mother had the svere cornic op pestisides symtoms and for 15 years and the last 5 years was a living hell for her, and doctors trerted her with coldness and rudeness and talked to her like she was a liar and a hypocondo. and finaly her body was ate up with fatty tissue tumors. so severe and some so large on all her magor body organs and all insde her legs.lieposarcoma.

    • sputterite says:

      It is from the radiation from cellular devices and extremely high electromagnetic fields that is being sort of fused to us with others cellullar devices as a means of remote neural monitoring. I actually had radiation poisoning from this a few years ago. If you are a Christian you need to decide if you can withstand the persecution and if you love God enough to because it is getting very serious. If you are willing to risk your soul then convert to their system. If you do that they will stop the harassment. If not, they won´t until they are rid of us like a new form of holocaust. Be prepared to be spiritually beaten and persecuted if you want to stay a Christian. That is what all of this targeting is about, has been the whole time.

  13. eniced says:

    I am terrible at spelling with these tiny buttons, so please look over my mistakes. MY POINT IS-I have not been hie with DEWs, are family is being hit by covert home envasion and food posionings, which gives your body all the same symtoms they say these machines do. I did all ths research on these also. I hVe lived in 3 states and so many homes trying to stay safe, but the maintiance men and landlord get involved and your key is given to your nearest neighbors, and they are paid well for it. I have all most died so many times. I just prey I pull through it. then I pack up and run. This time I have pad locked my home.made back door totaly locked down. no more enteries into my backdoor.And there is NO MORE food poisiongs and my man and I am no longer staying sick ,but we both have damaged livers and other health problems. I put my brloved pet up for adoption to save what was left of her live. I hope she made it!! she was left severly damaged and severly blinded and I loved her so much.These perps are sick.

  14. eniced says:

    since the perps cannot get in our house any more, then the stalkers have the town perps haressing us real bad. and doctors are worse on me, I have since stopped going to any. to come home upset and depressed and stressed because of waht more I was put through, was to much to deal with. so its been fixed by these stalkers that u will evevtualy die of cancers and major ilnesses because the medical system is not allowed to help u. I have been given an ijection throug an IV line in the emergcy room by a weird mail nurse that look like someones elses blood with a thiner put in it. I yelled at him and ask him what he was doing and tired to jerk away, but he held my arm down and forced it into my IV and said,” you have gotten your line cloged with blood because you want keep your arm still!” THAT was a lie ! I used to work in a hospitol and you put clear saline soluton to flish a line! and my IV was fine. he came at me with a purpose to do that. this was in the state of Mo. in2007 and it happened again in TN. n 08

  15. eniced says:

    so now I am left wondering what has really been done to me. and the last doctor I seen treated me like I was a child and he practicaly verbialy ask me to let him be my doctor,while he was trying to falsly befriend me, he kept saying that will you come back to see me? I really want you to come back, I really want to be your docter if u will let me. I already knew he had read all the bull on the net that is said about me. his nurse let it slip to me that ,”the doctor said he knows you from somewhere, he has seen u somewhere befor.” when she slipped and said that to me I knew they had seen all the false medical and fake violent person alerts that has been placed on me. And this doctor played me the crazy mental fool, that I am not.Apparently if he could when me over and trick me into seeing him, he must get a good money offer of some kind. my stalkers are upset because I am staying away from doctors because they have been so cruel to me and now they know I know, so they have advised that I be treated

    • sputterite says:

      Don´t put much faith ir trust in doctors, While this is targeting is new to some of us, it has been happening to Christians for several years and the noobs are only just now hearing about it because we are literally the last ones left. You should check into the group Freedom from Covert Harassment. The group leader has been serving and advising TI´s for 9 years. The perps are everywhere, and have infiltrated almost the whole of American society only we (noobs) just recently became aware of it. Which is why when it started for me I was shocked at how such an intricate conspiracy against me could exist and also shocked at all the people involved, everywhere I went. Doctors, lawyers, judges, cops, Priests and nuns! It did make me question my own sanity. Do not trust anyone. Makes for a lonely life, but at least you will see the face of God. The persecution of us in the Bible is an abstract thought until it actually happens. What you, and all Ti´s are experiencing is this last days percecution. The Barcode on the forehead is the RFID tag that gets stuck to our body´s own natural EMF field from celluar devices that lets everyone know to target us. It is invisible to the human eye unless you have the “sight” of the “wisdom” through the third eye that is located “in” the forehead. Also as described in the Bible. “In the end times there will be knowledge” and the enemy “will decieve the whole world”. “Father against child, brother against brother”. Any seasoned TI knows that this entire system seeks to divide and conquer, keeping us isolated. Again, be prepared for this and for it to get worse or either convert and renounce God in lieu of this system. But be aware, they do seek our spiritual authority because it is stronger than theirs. This is why they are always “challenging” us with dumb little things like introducing a false truth or something that misleads from the truth. They tell us meaningless little lies and if we don´t catch it or it confront them then they see it as us accepting their invitation and then they use our spiritual authority. This is why so many of us are being hed hostage psycholgically and electronically. I am in Germany where this still continues and trust me…only place to go to escape them is Russia. They are still pure and cannot be infiltrated. I am a member of the masonic organization as well as a former member of the military and they are hurting me every day, have been for over 4 years. This is NOT the govt and not the masons and also NOT the illuminati. Be careful by which spirit you are led! They are liars, and know no truth just like their father.

  16. eniced says:

    in a differant manner. For more than I know yet, maybe more than discredit me and cause me to lose my disability or be falsely intitutioalized and/or incarcerated,(I am trying to be framed also) they need me to regurly go to a medical doctor to keep fileing false medical lies on me to help them have me put away. I have been dealing with this since 2008,I have become a prisoner in my own life. we have to be carefull what we talk about inside and outside our own home. we are electronicaly illegaly bugged and under severe illigal false 24/7 hood survalance. My husband is bieng done this way also.we have never done anything wrong, we had friends and family and a life, it has all been taking away from us. we are hated by society ,for no reason. I would rather live out in the county instead of these city limits. at least maybe we would not have so much herassment from the humans.Why is this happening to this world??

    • lule says:

      Dear Eniced, please put keywords like ”depression, harassment, surviving trauma” and others, into amazon, and buy self-help books. Your psychological health is paramount in order to overcome the things life has thrown at you. I am in similar position, all my life I deal with aggressive, crazy, stalking, manic people, both in my family and beyond. I can’t keep a job, although I am not aggressive myself, but it boils down to the general rule of the jungle: life is just hard. Most people get equipped to deal with it (or they are rich enough not to having to deal with shit things often…), or they suffer greatly by the way they perceive the hardships of life.

      Please do yourself a favor and read a lot on self-help, trauma, relaxation. You must understand that to an extent, you may be attracting evil…. more than average person. I had the same issue till I changed my manners and my viewpoints. True I got to be stiff and grew a ‘thick skin’ and im not such a good ‘angel’ anymore, but somehow, this new self, saves me now and in future from getting targeted again. For being foreigners, for being female, for being succesful, for being smart… I see around me often succesful people of all races and origins, but its only those who have vulerabilities that are getting targeted by stalkers and psychopaths.

      As in your case, my own family, once they understand that im ‘angelic’ in personality, made sure they can take asmuch as they can from me. Example: they studied up to masters, while I was convinced i must get married at 18 cause im ‘stupid’.

      You must get back to them, by showing your true colours. You sound like an intelligent bright and caring person. You surely have a critical side too. Realize how horrible is your family that turned into perps for selfish reasons, and realize that you dont really need them. Realize how you can give yourself and your children a break, by letting go of parts of you that attracts evil: being over-caring to strangers, giving too much notice to minor things like ”what the nurse said”, and in general, OVER-ANALYZING.

      Lets me tell you a secret: Most people don’t analyze. They just follow orders, norms and they are the ones who live sane lives… Perps and evils seem to have a radar to detect who is not normal. Who is kinder, better, has more values and more to give… andthey solely attack those.

      By all means, get yourself to the point where you can ignore what the fucken nurse says or doctor. The point where you dont analyze and you just enjoy life. If something weird happens, once, then its just bad luck. If it repeats, make sure you RECORD It to show evidence to police. One policemans may be better than other policeman… You will find the right one if you have a lot of evidence (photos, emails, videos, anything).

      You can and you will live a long and sane life, but you have to work at it, as your personality traits set you up for perceiving the world’s madness (cause the world IS a mad place to an extent) as something directed at you personally. It is not personal, but it still has to do with what kind of person you are. Try to analyse less, document harassment as it happens, and get the support you need, read trauma self-help books and you will see where you have been wrong, and even possibly start to regret that you didn’t follow advice by some experts that ‘let you down’. You really have to give life a chance, but also develp a thicker skin….

      Many Blessings to you and you loved ones!

      • jk9267 says:

        Intelligent and well thought out. I hope she follows your advice. Lule, you hit it on the nose — not everyone is equipped to recognize nor deal with evil.

      • P.Lane says:

        Okay, you sound like a perp. So, she could just get self help books and it would all go away and she should just throw away her good, kind disposition and personality to join the dark side like you have so she wouldn’t get targeted anymore. You’re essentially saying she should sell out like you have.

        And before you go off calling me negative and accusing me of not having a thick enough skin like you told her, I’m neither. I’ve personally been FORCED to develop a thick skin because of this as I’m sure all real targets have. I mean it just goes with the territory. You have to or else you get locked away against your will. You learn not to sweat it after awhile.

        And as for the lie that it’s your vulnerabilities that gets people targeted that couldn’t be further from the truth. In my observations, only the finest human beings are targeted in this manner. They are targeted partly because the evil folks doing this can’t stand a good person. EVERYONE has vulnerabilities provided they’re human. I mean, what you think you’re perfect? That your crap don’t stink? That it smells like berries and perfume or whatever you feel it is? I mean get over yourself. She’s not perfect and neither are you.

        And about analyzing and “following orders”. So, she should just follow your advice and be a good little sheep, doing what she’s told no matter how bad or illogical it may be. Not to mention, she shouldn’t think for herself? I mean, crap like this is why the world is often messed up. I mean, there was a study one time that had 70% of people doing things to people up to and INCLUDING murder JUST because some Authority figure told them to. No other reason. I mean, should people ACT like Nazi filth because someone with Authoritah told them too? I mean, hell even and ESPECIALLY the Nazi’s were just “following orders” right?

        And so she should just be what you and the other perps consider “normal”? I mean be like you guys right? Conform, conform, conform. Yeah, real good advice. Not. And good luck getting the cops involved as in many cases they’re part of the problem. Not the solution. And also so she’s wrong because this happened to her and people started to essentially stalk her to death and try and kill her? And so people trying to murder someone isn’t personal? I mean, logic would say that sort of thing generally is.

        And I just love the “many blessings to you” part after you “wrote” all of that. I mean, how phony can you get? Don’t listen to this person.

      • P.Lane says:

        And same thing to “jk9267” that I said to “lule”.

      • jk9267 says:

        P. Lane: I might sound like a perpetrator but nobody hates these scumbags more than I do. When I was initially harassed and blacklisted in 1988 I had no where to turn. There was no terms such as gang stalking on the Internet and there was no forum like this to talk to others going through the same thing — it caused a lot of emotional suffering. Remember, You are being experimented upon so that they can put you away. This is so they know what to do when the police state is in play. YOU DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM. YOU STAY SANE SO YOU CAN FIGHT ANOTHER DAY> I HAVE>

      • jk9267 says:

        Lule: I carefully read what you have to say and I can understand why P Lane thinks you are a Perpetrator. If you were a true TI you would not offer the advice you did, except to say, do whatever you can do so you can fight another day. My guess is that you are either a perpetrator, or, in some misguided way trying to help someone when you don’t have the foggiest idea what they are going through.

    • sputterite says:

      Do not put your trust into doctors. I have video evidence of exactly what you are talking about…happened to me twice. Don´t trust the medical profession. They have the keys to your freedom. Remember you cannot use traditional means to explain and effectively deal with an extraordinary problem such as covert harassment. This is something that the world has never dealt with, so it will require a nontraditional explanation. “Lean not into your own understanding”. Trust God and the strength of your own faith, And keep those eyes fixed to the heavens. Look for Him, not for an explanation or solution from your local community. Chances are, they are in on your targeting too. They are all mind control victims and do not question the status quo, or can not rather. For this very reason when the false Christ arrives and ascends the throne of King David declaring to be God himself, no one will question him either. Assuming that this figure called the AntiChrist is actually a man, and not a system. 😉

  17. allie says:

    Thank you so much for this article. I simply couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I never knew such things could happen. i did not even believe it initially myself.I had virtually no one to turn to for help.It is such a comfort to know I am not alone,that this has a name and that there is someone somewhere who understands and cares, After living with a man for 5 years I suspected of having an affair, I took his journals and notebooks to prove it.Instead I found he was involved with prostitution throughout several states. j moved into my own apartment, The nightmare I thought was over had just begun.I was followed by 3 to 10 or so vehicles every time I left the house

  18. allie says:

    ….almost every night someone would try to break in my house, drugs were planted in my car and apartment,I was recorded 24 hours a day and my phone was tapped.Even the police followed me, Virtually everything written here happened to me.In addition to discovering the person I had been with was a psychopathic predator as well as a parasite. I found out he had told people for years I was an unstable, alcoholic, drug addicted, suicidal wreck thus setting the stage for the horror that began.I myself played right into his hands in so many ways.I had lived my life in a way that did not lend itself to credibility. I had trusted him every secret I had…all my fears, all my concerns, ect. Being so threatened, and so frightened, all I knew to do I did. I arranged it so he could never access my money if I died. I gave information with documentation to people who could and would expose it should something happen to me and I told him I had. I documented evidence of being stalked and the people involved and made copies. Sure enough the device I had recorded it with was stolen. But I had already protected myself.However, I made so many mistakes initially not knowing what to do. I called the police virtually every time I was threatened with break-ins, drugs were planted,threats made, ect. All that did was undermine my credibility by making me appear delusional and paranoid. I have lost almost everything I had and am leaving the country soon to allow me some small degree of peace. I now have more ammunition and more strength knowing I am not alone thanks to you. God bless you for your courage.

  19. eniced says:

    i’m glad my storie has helped u some. I wish i had found some info years ago and saved my family, and myself.

  20. gc says:

    I have been multi stalked for ten plus years.
    The first five I did not even understand what was going on,
    I realize now that the people(*possibly govt officials) behind the stalking are ruthless.
    This is obvously a planned program maybe being run by a shadow government agenda with organized crime. I have not determined
    who I angered or why but I have always been someone who remarked on injustice and that can place you on the top of many lists.
    The people doing the stalking are almost like puppets . They seem to follow as if they have no real mind of their own and no conscience to guide them, They are weak , cowardly and lacking empathy for others. Similar personality flaws to the pre-war German population that tortured the Jewish people.
    They have a rule book they go by. something that outlines the process because for as many people having differences in their stalkings they also seem to have patterned similarities. There seems to be a flow or escalation point from more following, street theater, car campaigns and noise issues in earlier
    stages to reliance on poisonings, sonics and more microwave weapontry in later stages. Vandalism seems to stay constant throughout, to give the target a feeling of no safe haven.
    This is an assualt on all levels, physical,(financial) social and spiritual .
    Money appears to be no object which reaks of govenment involvement or organized crime or both.
    If your figure ten years following one person, all the rents and
    cars and gas etc it adds up to quite a bit.

    However,all are victims in this horrendous “experiment”. It took me awhile to place my anger aside and realize this. I believe the people behind it plan to detroy the perpetrators much in the same fashion they have the targets. What better way to cover up by using the same modality on your own worker bees. They are already preprogrammed to receive. Please stay strong and keep praying . I pray every night for us all . I know God hears..

    • merano says:

      why be organized and not simple abuse of power? gov officians and company higher rank officials do have the power to drive employees or citizens mad, if they wish to… And when they are sadists, and they bump onto someone who makes the right victim, they start the satisfying game on him or her.

      when such people are in high ranks in society, nobody suspects them, but everyone will suspect a low rank victim of theirs….

  21. Joseph Keeney says:

    I have been gangstalked for twenty years in more than one state. Analyzing the perpetrators and the way it was done led me to conclusions. I made these conclusions public in January 2010, both in paper and speaking in front of groups. In turn, that led to a death threat against me in January 2010. The death threat only empowered me to speak out more. After twenty years, gangsgtalking activity has ceased; however, I suspect they keep tabs on me.

    • Mike says:


      What conclusions did you reach? They were obviously effective and I would like to possibly use them.

      I have reached my own conclusions and am strongly considering going public. Recent activity has forced my hand.



      • jk9267 says:

        Russians grew up in a police state, and they are used to being controlled. Americans, on the other hand, have grown up in freedom of choice and the protections of a constitution. So the Communists in America must learn how to effecctively control you before they can build a efffective police state in America. You are a guiney pig being experimented upon. If you google terms like police state and gangstalking you will find more information about others who reached the same conclusion.
        Hang in there. Post to me any time and I will give you ideas that will help you be more effective as you go public.

      • Op8sed8ed says:

        Trust me brother when I tell you that going public is really going to cause them to “amp up” your attacks! I’ve been dealing with this for so long finding no answers period. My online comments always gets me in trouble as far as increased attacks or at least reminding me they are always aware. I speak my mind about anything and anybody regardless of coming attacks. I’ve become so rebellious that I suppose subconsciously I’d prefer “they” kill me asap. I’m tired and don’t want to be pushed into the media headlines like Myron May or Aaron Alexis. Also, I’ll say that its not only Christians targeted. After MUCH research and having been awoken from a long religious sleep I realized, for myself, that all religion being man made has always been like a cancer throughout history. Until everyone can agree that there are many paths to a higher power and perhaps an afterlife I’ll choose to remain on the sidelines watching them all destroy each other in the name of their particular God.

    • sputterite says:

      This is very interesting. I would like to get in touch with you Joseph and compare notes. Have you noticed any changes in technique or execution in practice regarding electronics through the years? I would like to find groups to speak out verbally in as well. How did you come across such groups?

      • jk9267 says:

        To sputterite, my comment was removed after I wrote the precise reason for gang stalking–which this site will not tolerate. If you know the reason for it, you will know that it can’t change. They use what works to brain wash you; blackballing you so you can’t work and hurting your reputation so you will lose respect from your peers. In Russia, the same things is done. It’s called making someone an Non-person. It’s there way of showing you that you are not an individual and the state is everything. It’s like a black Russian cocktail. There is my individuality expressing itself!

  22. Joseph Keeney says:

    To the commenters on this site: You are hurting and I know what it feels like. It hurts less if you accept the propositon that the government that is doing this to you is not the government of justice and freedom that America once knew, it is the government of Hitler and Stalin, of committing criminal acts against you for experimental reasons: to build a police state regime.These are your enemies. You have to think like a soldier. Everyday, when you wake up, your mantra should be “How can I hurt these scum?” One way to hurt them is to pass around literature. If you can get a name or plate number, pass it aroundorspeak to someone. As long as you do something everyday you will no longer feel like a victim. Carry a camera at all times. They hate there picture being passred around..

  23. eniced says:

    i just wanted to say i like reading other persons commints. i am still here, pressure has become worse aganist me by my neighbors. i don’t set on front porch anymore. its not worth it !! i am harassed by church members so bad that i haven,t been for months.but i still am alive.

    • Apparently, I cannot reply to anyone. My last reply to eniced was censored. Let me try again. Eniced, what you must do is communicate to all your neighbors and church-goers what has happened to you. Blame it on the government which is made-up of Nazi-commie pigs. Tell them the purpose is to form a police state. ask them to support you. If they are contacted about you, then you want to know who is doing the contacting and why.

  24. Mickey says:

    Its an unfortunate occurence. The sad part is that normal functioning people can be made insane or psychologically damaged by these occurences.

    The objective of COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE as taught by the FBI-CIA is to break the target(s) inorder to controll a target. A fearfull target is a controlled target. When the target is subdued, the principle is at liberty to create, direct the outcomes to a case.

    It doesn’t take much. Imagine 80-225 people, each with specific skills/employments, forming a company whith certain financial, political, enforcement objectives in an area with thousands of people. Example. Ward 2 Washington DC. These people become part of the landscape and are able to manage these areas.

    When a target trangresses these people then a whole apparatus turns against them. 80-225 against 1 person. Simply reporting them to the police will lead to further attacks (police units are at time apart of these companies). The usual result is the 1 person looking crazy.

    Stay strong targets and don’t give up. Employ the same techniques your transgressors use. Map their organizational structure/links, etc. Once your studies are complete, when they attack you they attack themselves. Do not trust the Authorities as generally these structures are routingly infiltrated social structures. Just observe the details.

    Just remeber. Gangstalkers don’t believe in loyalty. They take power through violence and deciept.

    You’ll be amazed why certain social problems get worse, even with more security personnel.

    • jenifer says:

      you have given beneficial info about the govt

    • saldiar says:

      Great advvice and thoughts! Yes to and i arguue follow the connectiions of folks on boards of direectors of major commpanies! And healthcare institutions! If u folllow those names u begin to see the connections to the good ol boy networks. And reasearch and development boards. I kid u not. The big boys r the good ol boyys. Theyy get their aggendas done.

  25. allen sostrin says:

    dear sirs i have been a t.i. for many years and am fed up with these yahoos they will do anything to get you into trouble they specialize in eavesdropping in restaurants actually anywhere seems to suit these losers mine seem to love y.m.c.a. they try and lure you into all kinds of situations and get you to say incriminating b.s.no matter what state you are in or mode of transport these clowns are around all t.i.s need to come together to fight this police state garbage otherwise god help us and the rest of the american people trust no one and remember you are not imagining this wannabe k. g. b. bull

    • jk9267 says:

      Allen, the need to come together I fully agree with. Maybe 3 people contacted me up to about a year ago, and I didn’t trust two of them. In 2013 I think I met the real deal, he is as real as you and I. I’m willing to get together with anyone. To change the subject, about 3 years ago, the last time someone stared at me in a restaurant. I went outside and waited for the perpetrator to leave the restaurant. I recorded his license plate number. I sent anonymous letters throughout the perpetrator’s neighborhood. I don’t trust anyone who claims to be a target and disagrees with what I did. We need to think like soldiers not pussy-cats.

      • Mike says:


        How can we translate a license plate into an address? And what was the general message of the letters? Thanks.


      • Lol! Pussy cats! I love it. I met a couple of perps acting as TI. It was plain as day. They are bloggers and you can tell because they too much and then of course they used their tactics against me. I agree. One of them didn’t like the fact that I play their game. She didn’t want anything to do with it. Boo hoo.

    • jk9267 says:

      Google License plate search, or if you have a friend at the DMV you can avoid paying for the information.
      Tell the perpetrator’s neighbors that the individual named within is a New World Order perpetrator gang stalking you. Tell them to Google the term gang stalking so they can understand what their tax dollars are paying for.Tell them the purpose of this is to build a Communist style police state in the US.

  26. When you understand the true purpose and publicize it, you become dangerous. I understand the true purppse and I publicized it. I got a death threat in 2010; they never bothered me since.

  27. Allen, what are you doing to stop it? The Yahoos in the restaurant, for example. Did you get a good look at them? Did you wait outside for one of them to leave the restaurant? Did you get the license plate number? Did you follow that Yahoo’s car home, or to where they work? Did you blanket their neighbors anonymously with paper describing who they are and what they are doing? Did you make phone calls to their neighbors detailing where they live?

    Sure its work, but for you the reality is, that it will go on for the rest of your life, unless you have the nerve to embarass the hell out of them.

    • Jackie Blue says:

      I have read most of the postings on this site. I do not trust anyone at this time in my life. With Obama in power and socialism in the horizons it is easy for me to believe that the government is behind the bizarre circumstances and events that have taken place during my lifetime. I have tired to figure out what would motivate these people to spend so much time harassing me. I decided it was SEX or MONEY. Well after reading this article I concluded CONTROL gives the stalkers sex, money, or whatever power they want. I will not allow them to control me. Do they specifically target Christians? Blonde hair/Blue eyed people? Are they working with the Muslim Terrorists? BAck in 2010 you mentioned The Freedom of Information Act, Form G-639 Freedom of Information is found on the Homeland Security Website. Is this the correct form? The way the form is worded makes it sound like it is for aliens only.

      Thank you,


      • jk9267 says:

        I think it is ultimately power that these perpetrators seek, and pride, believing they are 007 or something like that.

        Unfortunately, any citizen can be painted by the government as evil and perpetrators in US communities will go after those targets. The perpetrators don’t question the fact that they are acting as Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany.

        I know this is a tough time for you, but if are to overcome, you have to go to the public with whatever you know, and by that I mean strangers, too.

      • jk9267 says:

        I would never go to the DHS for anything. You can write a letter. to FOI. First Google the address to write to.However, I’ll bet it won’t mean a thing, the same as filing a complaint with the Justice Department–Nada. We have been invaded from within and we are left with haters of the Constitution as our government.

      • merano says:

        Hi, you said ” I have tired to figure out what would motivate these people to spend so much time harassing me. I decided it was SEX or MONEY. Well after reading this article I concluded CONTROL gives the stalkers sex, money, or whatever power they want. ”

        Congrats! You ended up with the same conclusions as the LATEST academic research into harassment and stalking. Although often it seems to be about sex, the academics now tell us its about control….

  28. jk9267 says:

    I know of one person murdered by these alledged intelligence agenciy types. It ocurred when I was still in the investigation phase; to get to know me. You see, They do a psychological profile of the person they intend to humiliate and harass. They investigated me for two reasons 1) To learn any weakneses I have; 2) to learn my affiliations: God forbid that I know someone important enough to make these cowards run. Thought I was being investigated for a job so I complied. The upshot is that I overheard something that led me to believe that a US citizen was murdered.

    When faced with humiliation and harassment, everyone will not react in the same way. They will attempt to use a weapon, and that will get them killed by these creeps.

  29. Jackie Blue says:

    I have read most of the postings on this site. I do not trust anyone at this time in my life. With Obama in power and socialism in the horizons it is easy for me to believe that the government is behind the bizarre circumstances and events that have taken place during my lifetime. I have tired to figure out what would motivate these people to spend so much time harassing me. I decided it was SEX or MONEY. Well after reading this article I concluded CONTROL gives the stalkers sex, money, or whatever power they want. I will not allow them to control me. Do they specifically target Christians? Blonde hair/Blue eyed people? Are they working with the Muslim Terrorists? Form G-639 Freedom of Information is found on the Homeland Security Website. Is this the correct form? The way the form is worded makes it sound like it is for aliens only.

    Thank you,


    • jk9267 says:

      They can paint any citizen as evil. The perpetrators in any community will go after the target citizen. These perpetrators are similar to the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany.

    • jk9267 says:

      When I was made a target, there was no Homeland Security. But if there was I would avoid them like the plague. If you support the Constitution you are considered a terrorist by them. So why would you seek help from an organization that hates your freedom, and who probably supports the harassment against you.

      • Op8sed8ed says:

        DHS is Not “of the people, by the people, for the people” in any way at all unless it pertains to a small percentage of the 1% Elite.

  30. Eniced says:

    this message is for joseph keeney. from Eniced. thanks joseph for your kind thoughts of ways to help. as for the neighbors they know that i know what they are doing. they are getting paid. as for church i have not been back since spring of 2011. i have adMDged liver and heart.

    • jk9267 says:

      They have succeeded in isolating you as you no longer attend church services. This is one of their goals to building an effective Russian style police state.

    • merano says:

      its the main goal of any stalker to you becoming socially isolated, then they pound on you ever more effectively as you have no-one to stand beside you

      go back to church and talk to priests about all the things you say here

  31. Eniced says:

    hello joseph keeney, dfamation has illegely also been sent to doctors using my ss# and id and medical cards. ive been listed as a dangerous person, etc. so i stopped going to doctors. doctors will not help u when u are targeted. its not just my home being bugged and neighbors help

  32. Eniced says:

    this hits every area of your life. i witnessed my mother done the same way, exactly.she died in 1998 at 61 then my father and in 2 years he died in 2001 at age 66.home entrys and sugar and food posioned. bed and home sprinkled with itching powders.

  33. Eniced says:

    doctors do minamum and send u home, say u have chronic fatige syndrom. people stand in your back yard yelling and laughing loud about everynite. at 2am to cause sleep depravation , while u are being drug and posioned by home entrys. ew never knew then.

  34. Eniced says:

    ive ran for my life in 3 states only to be found from mutual contacts turned perp, and i may have a gps on my vehical, that i have to drop contact even with my only son, whom i know that have his #, and change cars to try to be safe. its real hard. now i am sick.

  35. Eniced says:

    the elders at this church have already been corupted. i do not trust them. i have to go out of town and give them information and hope they beleive me and are not afraid of them. which from my experiance some elders and wifes turned perp. and itt was true hell and shock for me.

  36. jk9267 says:

    I’ll say it again and again, you must hand-out flyers spelling-out what is going on in order for it to completely stop. If you do this, you get the added advantage of letting others know what is goin on in this country.

  37. jk9267 says:

    Hello Entice,
    You ticked off someone with influence in the intelligence community. Your name was placed on a list which is an invitation to many people to play with you. First they investigated you to learn your weaknesses, so they can more effectively play with your mind. When Obama goes down, and I hope he does, Romney will not change anything. 2) The most effective way to fight it and stop it is to make it public. To reinforce in the citizen’s mind what a country looks like that is headed toward a New World Order with Communist control.

  38. Nate V. (now legally Eleazar O.) says:

    I don’t even know what to do anymore…..i’m terrified. I’m a young male and they’ve moved me into a location (3 story townhouse) that no matter what I do they seem to be getting in. I have constant physical symptoms of poisoning as well as what i believe are surgeries on my shoulders and legs (physical and somatic proof for this) to alter my strength levels and possibly even my ability to walk and/or struggle? I am tired of speculating, tired of being thrown in the ‘crazy’ bin. Tired of not being listened too. Tired of people’s lack of empathy when i’m explaining horrific situations that SHOULD make any person’s mouth drop. I’m tired of being followed by 18 cars at a time, i’m tired of the constant atmosphere of strangeness that follows me, being treated strange by every person i come across (primarily those of hindu, polish, mexican and black descent) and let it be known BY ALL MEANS i am NOT PREJUDICE.

    I believe i have been thrust into the middle of a much larger picture here that at one point due to my personal situation i took very personal. Now i realize it has nothing to do with me, that i am not lackikng in anything because i was just another number to this individual, and was never ANYTHING to HIM to begin with. But i’ve now realized i AM something to myself, and god damnit i will get me and my two dogs out of this alive if it is the last thing i do.

    This has brought me to the realization that every person deserves a life free of this kind of enslavement. I’m 27 and it took me 8 years to wake up to the fact that i’m in a horrific, horrific, worse case case scenario situation, and i cry everyday feeling so isolated and alone wishing there was someone out there that i could ever trust but i know after what ive been through i could never fucking trust again, even if my life depended on it, and it does.

    Any words of advice or encouragement would be deeply appreciated. I try to stay sane but it seems everything has been twisted to the point where im terrified of even reaching out, and the handful of times i did, as an intelligent individual i was able to put two and two together and realize the police truly can be, and probably are, just as corrupt as the people you are reporting,. When I realized this, and then thought about all the ways i had been treated by hospital staff etc over time it was like one syncrhonicity after another just CLICK CLICK CLICKED and before you knew it, i was staring at the most horrific picture i had ever seen, and that picture is turning out to be a fate i never signed up for, nor would i wish on my worst enemy.

    I am utterly dependant on the hand that is poisoning me, and i have to struggle each day between speaking ourt and risking his rage defenses and then whatever may hyappen later that night when im asleep, or i choose to put a fake smile on my face and pretend my heart isnt fucking ripping to shreds inside over the fact that everything for 7 years was not only complete lies, but almost just like……..the worst fucking joke you could ever pull on someone, a fatal joke that if it doesnt leave you dead will leave you feeling so dead inside you wish you were.

    oh my god to be able to trust and be loved…..

    i guess ill keep dreaming. i hope any of you who are going through this or have keep your heads as high as possible and don’t let them take your spirit or get the best of you damnit, there has to be something more to life than just this, and im sure maybe one day when we leave the body we can have a better perspective on leaving the pain of this all behind. What the hell am i talking about, how could this ever be forgotten…..

    welll nevertheless, stay strong and be there for one another. i dont know about you, but my deepest desire is to feel connection with someone but i seem to have deadened myself to know how. where once there was so much exuberance and energy now sits what might as well be an 80 year old man in a 27 year olds body, and its just not fair, i want my life back i want to laugh and dream and run and ………

    ELEAZAR (once NATE) in ILLINOIS (originally from new hampshire)

    • Z Salipur says:

      Dear Eleazar

      I feel your pain, your lament reminds me of my past stages and though my torture continues (30 years and counting, fully aware for the past 9 years) it effects me less. My anger is still something I have to keep in check so as not to consume me, though it is my saving grace too, my fighting spirit, so I am holding on to it. It DOES get easier, however, never give in to dispair for longer than a few days, just scream it out and carry on living.
      I seem to be living a double life, in a constant cognitive disonance and hypervigilance state. I used to worry what the long term effect on my existing poor health this may have, especially so given the deceitful medical professionals and their misdiagnosis and provocations. This year, I finally started feeling better – it only took 6 years!!
      Torture of my loved ones and their premature deaths are very hard to cope with, though one can and one has to, that is our REVENGE!
      I am so many years your senior and I still believe that I will have my rightful and joyful life again, even if it turns out to be for a short while, it will be worth it. Our defiance and our struggle must be worth something, it may be worth everything!

      Compassion, empathy, joy and love for you…

  39. pam brunner says:

    i would like to tal to the perso that described this. Im beibg attacked in my car since now im homeless, 61 year old woman with two 13yr old cats that are being tortured along with me. they are taring my car apart.

  40. jk9267 says:

    I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. The fact that these Socialists go after you says a lot about them. Hypocrits on one hand, absorbing what they can from a free society. And supporting Marxism on the other hand, and those that believe the end justifies the means, no matter how cruel evil.

  41. eniced says:

    to jk9267, tis is eniced. yes I know when it happened. I figured out what was being done to me my son and parents and and other siblings even though we all lived in seperate home and towns. we are a multigenerational stalked family. I spoke out loud about it and became deadly for me then.

  42. eniced says:

    tie was with my father illness then death in 2001. my son also stalked. he is not aloud a life, job, relationship, home, love, family. sameting done to me. i’m not afraid anymore. i love my son and wish they would leave him alon.tis is the world now for so many.

  43. jk9267 says:

    We are fighting spiritual forces: the powers and principalities running this world and known as the New World Order..Consider visiting sites like End Time Ministries. Also, consider researching the bloodlines of our government leaders, and you will be shocked to find out who these people really are. You can google a lot of this.

  44. Mike says:


    Thanks for the insight. My conclusions are very similiar. I will keep you up-to-date on my progress.


  45. Sham says:

    This is how they do it..
    Once You are in this red/Black list, numberouc groups who has different opinions/agendas can harasse you in different ways..

    • Sham says:

      Also various community, religous organizations participate in these stalking programs in different ways..Some people do the slander campaing . some people do the street theater , gas lighting etc.

      • jk9267 says:

        You are correct. You can also add businessmen, owners of businesses that are tied into the intelligence community. Vendors such as plumbers and painters who are alerted because your phone is tapped when you make an appointment with them. All these people will do something negative to you over and over again so that you beome conditioned to some action or words. So that everyday people who have nothing to do with the perpetrators can unintentionally trigger you, and cause you to sound crazy.

  46. Sham says:

    Yes jk…This is exactly what is happening. I am a victim of this crime. First time it was started as workplace mobbing. Later it turned out to be a community mobbing…It has been going on for 4 years now..

    • jk9267 says:

      They will continue their experimentation with you unless you pose a threat. Spreading literature around about your ordeal along with the the reason for it — the building of a Soviet style pollice state, will make you a threat. If you can add names of perps that is good, too. Speaking to church groups is another way to get your name out there. Make sure you include your name and how to contact you on the literature.you give out. In time you’ll get a death threat from these evil bastards. I got one in January 2010, and everything stopped soon after.

  47. Sham says:

    Yes Thanks again for your advice and I am truely sorry to hear that you are also going through this. I noticed that too..When you educate other people, things get somewhat better at least for couples of weeks…It is like a cat and mouse game..As you suggested I should probably speak to different community groups like church groups, neighborhood watch etc..I have documented most of the inscidents. I take videos when random drivers try to cut me off when I drive on highways or when a stranger blocks my way when I walk on grocery stores etc. Like you said, our best defense is to educate many people as possible. I used the very same tool that they used to turn some of my friends against me to educate my friends. i.e facebook…Amy Goodman on Democracy now talks about this issue sometimes. But she never calls it gang stalking.

    • jk9267 says:

      I guess a fairer assessment of it in my case is that much of it stopped, I still get an inordinate number of hang-up calls thouigh but I put a stop to much of it with the right type of phone and other means. I know I suggested going public, but I can’t guarantee you will get the same results I did. If you decide to go public, handing out literature to strangers should be part of your arsenal. The way I did it was to join organizations that had large annual meetings where thousands would attend. I would hand out literature. to them at random. You’ll be surprised at the public’s response; many said they believed it.

      • Sham says:

        I would say things got better now..But psycological harasment is unbearable sometimes. still they do the street theater etc. Even If I change the phone, It did not work. When I bought a basic phone (virgin mobile), very next day I was gettting some nusance calls from random people. Another thing I noticed is they can track me even if i walk on the street without my phone. Sometimes I wonder they implanted RFID chip inside my body. When I went to see a Dr. for a pain in my left arm, He gave me an injection. This was one major point where things got bad all of sudden. Later I got to know RFID chips can be implanted via injections. Sometimes I feel some pain in my knee. It is like small electric shock. I am shocked to see strangers on street , at work mimic me by walking like they also have some pain in their knees. If the person or the friend is not manipulated by the perperator, that person actually believe what I say most of the time.

  48. jk9267 says:

    Think about the number of people involved in the street theater. I know in my case if I went to another state, the same thing continued. It lead me to believe that the conspiracy against me was huge. But if that’s true, how come some perps didn’t get religion and admit pubically what was going on. I mean if that many were involved how come something didn’t give, statistically speaking. Hold on to your hat because I think I found the answer after so many years of harassment.
    Check out in the following order, Satanic Signs UTube and Satanic Bloodlines UTube. I am not asking you to believe this, just do the research yourself. See the movie, Fallen. In that movie you’ll see street theater, of course the premise is different but you will get idea. If you can find the book, “Operation Trojan Horse” by Jonn A Keel.” He makes a brilliant case for demonic origin including the selling of tyranny over freedom to the western world.

  49. Sham says:

    Yes I need to start blogging…. As you said, street theater continues even if you move into another state. Spying continues even if you move into another country. This is what I think how they do it. The stalkers may have a small number of volunteers only for this purpose. But sometimes random strangers also participate in this program. I believe that the stalker(local fusion center, various community organizations, private personals) are able to identify cell phone numbers around me. So that they can identify who the driver is. I see some people just laugh at me. Some people looked at me curiously while driving. Some of them actually cut me off. It looks like they are contacted by cell phones. Sometimes the stalkers may tell the drive something like this.” We know the guy drive behind your car and he is one of my friends..If you look at him, he will get angy”. The stalkers are really cunning. They know how to decive or convince the general audience.
    I will do some research on what you mentioned above.

    • jk9267 says:

      A teenager passed by me in a mall. He looked at me and made a derogatory remark. This happened several years ago so I don’t remember the exact words. I asked him to repeat what he said. He looked at me with a stunned look, and told me that he said nothing at all. This kid was either the best actor or telling the truth. I choose the latter. The movie “Fallen” depicts this same type of stalking behavior and demonstrates that anyone can be controlled even without their knowledge. If you or I are the target of a demonic attack, then it’s worthwhile to learn all we can so we can recognize it for what it is. And, allow me to add that I am not subtracting the garbage — our political leaders. I’m Sure some of them know who they are judging by the satanic hand signs they make. This world was never a totally free ride; in fact, it is a battleground for our minds.

  50. eniced says:

    jk, eniced here. I have seen the movie Fallen. and these people do act like that,some are told what to say and even have rehearsed their speech, only to miss up. I bust out laughing at them. let them know that i know whats going on.they don’t like that.

    • jk9267 says:

      I think the message is clear in the movie. That Satan can move from one person to the next causing chaos and confusion to the victim. I’m not taking away government involvement. All I am saying is consider the spiritual aspect. Win Worley has excellent warfare prayers in pamphlet form. You can get these on the Internet, just Google Win Worley. .

  51. eniced says:

    eniced here-one time at our grocery store a small black hunted me down ,i noticed him. came and stood right behind me close while i was looking at pies. then again 3seconds latter up aganist my left arm and body and repeated the same word i just said to my husband.

  52. eniced says:

    then this man walked ahead and was just standing around the milk waitng on meto walk off to myself again,i pulled my husband to the side and told him what was going on. thats called Mirrow stalking or mimick. He said,”We’ll see about that!!he told me to use my phone and vidieo allll of it.

  53. eniced says:

    the casher woman snickerd when we where checking out, the staff there is in on it, my home and outside is bugged. if we say where we are going laura or donna or martha get on the net get all there contacts get things set up, then laugh at the bull. all sores are on survalance cameras.

  54. eniced says:

    the 3women beside me who are my paid cyber stalkers have contacted my small sore we use more, Aldies. they are taking pictures of me are unfriedly now , and have hired a securitie company to have a gaurd standing there right at the checkout.All other Aldies sores in other towns don’t do this.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had to wear headphones and avoid looking toward people to prevent alot of the street theater. Keep a camera on so when they do something louder or more obvious in order to get your attention you can gather evidence or post on youtube and send to forums. I never had to record anything because i think they knew they would get caught. I too avoid public places as much as possible to get peace of mind. Ive recently quit my job because i was tired of it. We aren’t allowed to record anything at work.

  55. d says:

    Reading these accounts is welcoming, although sad. I too am a target. These zombies have infested every area of my life. I had to move several times in three states, totally disowned many family members whom put their neighbors friendship above my well being when faced with the fact their neighbors were in on what was happening. What I learned about the nature of people is what bothers me most. Everyone wants to be accepted at any cost.
    Friends and family will throw you under a bridge to save their place in their community of friends/neighbors. Sadly, i now see how germany was duped by the nazis. Same thing, acceptance by the controlling group is the priority in so many peoples lives. This is what I can offer as advice to new targets, understand that the same thing that prompts people to dress in the current style, or listen to whats popular as far as music etc is the same quality in people that causes these buffoons to target you. Of course there is government involvement, however the average shmuck next door is probably just some idiot who wants to go with the group.

    Try to stay levelheaded. Think and try to see what you can do to make the situation bearable. If you can afford to up and move, maybe thats an option. I will tell you from my experience It helped some the farther i moved, but it didnt stop. These zombies have a zombie network that will find you and continue to harass you, but so far at least for me, the harassment has not been to the degree I was facing before.

    Keep constantly exploring options, legal and whatever. So much to consider being a target. Being a thinker is essential to survival and coping. Lastly, pray, when u realize as i did human beings will let you down, and destroy your faith in your best friends and family, prayer is
    important. God can punish or change the perpetrator more than you or I can.

    • jk9267 says:

      I have been a victim since since 1987. I had to learn things the hard way since there was no help to Google such as Gang Stalking and Psychological harassment on the Internet. As a result, I almost lost my marriage; I did lose friends and the ability to earn a living. I am in lock-step with you about controlling your mind. In order to control your mind, you have to know what their purpose is in doing what they are doing to you.

      First of all, let’s look at the purpose. When they built a police state in Russia, they did not have to deal with a population of free people with the safeguards of a constitution. So, in order to build a police state in America they had to make experimentees out of unwilling citizens. These things had to diminish you as a human being and attempt to destroy your self-worth. (I know it’s true because when I went public with my experiences and their purpose, I got a death threat in 2010 from an alleged friend).

      The next step in controlling your mind is asking yourself, do I hate these creeps enough to NOT give them what they are looking for.

      Know that they want you to separate from your family and to move, they want you to tell everyone so you will be locked up as a mental case and they want you to commit suicide. There’s an old adage, “Take care of yourself so you can fight another day.” The same thing applies here.

      Control of your mind means no response when they trigger you, so they can’t get their kicks, and they will move on to more fertile territory. After I got the death threat in Jan 2010, it stopped. Nothing happened after that unless you want to count nuisance marketing telephone calls.

      • How did they threaten you? I was also threatened by my coworkers (law enforcement) and someone that would be a client (criminal). Does anyone have the media participating?

      • jk9267 says:

        I was threatened through an alleged friend living in Wolcott CT. who happens to be a Mason. They don’t like the idea that I went public tying what they did to me to the construction of a police state. Like I care what they like or don’t like.

      • jk9267 says:

        To: endgangstalkingnow,
        The death threat came from a friend in January 2010, that something would happen to my family if I kept doing what I was doing; that was spreading the word to strangers and churches about my experiences and telling strangers about the police state being built in this country. This alleged friend lives in Wolcot CT and happens to be a Mason.

  56. Nish says:

    Check this friends..

    • Op8sed8ed says:

      The media will never investigate and report the truth when it is owned by the same people who are for this program of complete control over all citizens. In my opinion, Myron’s only mistake in his actions to bring awareness to the greater public was his choice of a campus library. I would’ve chosen a news station and it’s top employees; people who are complicit by keeping quiet about what they know to be the truth. Still, the media would’ve spun it as a crazed man taking the life of innocent hard working and loyal to the public people who never caused any harm..

  57. jk9267 says:

    I don’t know if you can trust Wyden. A fellow target wrote to him some time ago and never heard a thing. Finally, he called Wyden’s office and he was told that Wyden’s legal assistant handled that correspondence, and that the legal assistant is not in.

    As a democrat, Wyden may be doing a threat assessment to see if any victim of gov’t harassment can cause a problem to the Obama Administration.

    I have sent letters to Senators and Congressmen over the years and never got a reply.

    If a politician really investigated and represented us, he would most likely be murdered by the NWO. Because what was done to us was the worst crime of the century, both the twentieth and the twentiy-first.

    • G says:

      My heart goes out to you all. I am in what seems to be a similar position. I am still trying to forge ahead. Any advice is welcome.
      I feel for this person on Dr. Phil. I have been through the exact same things.

  58. Nish says:

    I did not hear anything back from Wydon office yet. Also I sent my info to some other senators too. Freedom From Covert Harassment (FFCH) is also collecting evidence from TIs. They are going to submit a petition to white house in April. They are from both parties. Yet to receive any reply. Although I have a feeling that things got better. But it could get worse again. But I believe we have no option but to expose this crime. There are many sub groups. Each group trys to make the other groups look bad. But I must tell you that everyone is not bad. It is unfortunate main stream media do not talk about this issue. But I have a feeling that more and more people are aware of this crime now.

    • jk9267 says:

      Yah, I hear you, when you say they’re not all bad, BUT everyone connected has no respect for the Constitution and would sell this country out for a little power over other people. As it is these hypocrites are breeding the seeds of their own destruction when the US is no more. Only a f__kin_ Liberal would be an apologist for the destruction of peoples lives. Or, someone involved in the torture personally in torturing others. Which one are you?.

      • Nishan says:

        This is not a work of just one group. There are many groups. People from every race, religion, country, color etc, These people could be poor,rich, liberals, conservatives etc. All our information are stored in local fusion centers. Those fusion centers are supposed to monitor terrorists and anyone who is a treat to national security. But what really happens is some of corrupt officials, community leaders and big corporations abuse the power and use those facilities, technology and tax payers money to harass innocent people. I believe in my case, some one has reported my name to a local fusion center as a suspicious person. I may have offended that person at work or somewhere else. Fusion centers work with civil organizations. They collectively gather information of people. Once you become a TI, they create social networks to track you. Federal government is not the one who harass you. It is the people who meet on daily basis. Most of the time your friends do not know what is going on. They do not see the whole picture. Actually anyone in the bottom of the gang stalking pyramid do not know what is going on. They only participate in small part of this evil program. So It is very hard for them to understand what is really happening. Those who are on the top know how evil this is. They find a way to contact every friends and family members. They may be living in another country. That is not a problem for them. You can expect feedback from your friends for everything you say and do. 90% of the time, it is some sort of negative feedback. The local gang stalking leaders control every aspect of your life. Whole world see you through these local gang stalkers point of view.

  59. jk9267 says:

    My experience as a target of harassment since 1987 tells me you are full of it. You mix some truths with mostly bull. I got you pegged for what you are. You can throw out all the misdirection you want, but remember dimwit, there is us and there is you, and that will not change.

    • you have to be messed in your head know one in this world deserves to be stalked by nasty lieing manipulating peice of shit, with technology. this shit brain fucks you eith lies and manupulates it you stupid to believe you deserve it, thats what the filth want you to believe which in my eyes is a crock of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bullshit !!!!!!!!!

      • jk9267 says:

        Katie. I agree. But in order to fight it you have to call it for what it is: the building of a police state in America. These creeps experiment on innocent Americans to build that police state. Sooner or later you will realize that it won’t stop unless you do something about. There is no more constitution to protect you.

  60. eniced says:

    Hi everyone, i,m glad to see there still are people commenting here. reminds me i am still not alone.seeing how i have lost all my friends and family. p,s. I gave up my family religion it was a cult,that’s why i have no contact with my only to sisters.

  61. eniced says:

    i have been shunned, and outcast because i divorced my husband 9 years ago! so i have really had to be tough, EXtra tough!! withthis stalking and all.and when 6elders & wifes joined in the gangstalking and where cruel about itin 20011 in salisbury, NC.i seen true evilness. sick , scary.

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    since here every stuff is quality based stuff.

  64. shamen says:

    This is my own experience.

  65. vehicular harassment….

  66. jk9267 says:

    Realize you are in this for life. Forget about things such as, if I am a good little boy or girl maybe they will stop what they are doing to me. Thoughts like that will only make you passive and prime for further treatment. Remember they are training the perps through you for a police state, and you know too much in their way of llooking at it. If you want to stop this cold, you have to go public. You can only do that if you adopt the attitude: I don’t give a sh_t. Because they don’t give a sh_t about you. You have to do what they don’t want you to do, spread the word to strangers with your name and phone number on each paper you hand out. Inform the public that the real reason for this is the building of a police state.

    • totally agree.spread the word..They don’t want you to do this.

      • jk9267 says:

        Some targets believe that they will resume regular activity, get a job, rebuild their reputation and start a business. This simply is not true. A target is now only in one business, that is, getting f_cked for the rest of your life. Much of this nightmere stops if you don’t care anymore. In my case about 99.9% stopped after I got a death threat in January 2010. The threat came after I joined the John Birch Societty. The Society had a tri-state meeting with few thousand people. I distributed thousands of letters to strangers outlinging my situation and the reason for it; oh yes, my name and contact information was on the letters. Yes, in more than one case, a perp got my letter; I could tell because they would find a phone as fast as they could. I spoke at churches that allowed their constituents to make confessions.

  67. celeste ratcliffe says:

    theres a very dangerous military employee ‘gang member’ stalking me. he uses his alliance with street crime to terrorize my person. help. please learn that coping and focusing is more important than power.

  68. Mike says:


    You have helped a lot. Thank you for maintaining a presence even though the saga has largely ended for you. BTW, the license plate advice is paying dividends. Some foam at the mouth.

    Question: can we talk more about the flyers that you handed out? What is the best way to be effective? Simple peices of paper or did you actually print out nice flyers? Any more info would be great. And I can give you my contact info offline if that would be better. Thanks!

    • jk9267 says:

      Mike, At the time I handed out my flyers, I was a member of the anti-communist organization John Birch Society. I handed flyers out at a tri-state meeting in New Jersey where thousands of people attended. We can talk more about it anytime and you are welcome to email me and I will return my phone number to you.

    • Mike says:

      If you are are Linkedin, maybe we can connect that way.

  69. skye says:

    psychological terror can happen very well without any weapons used, if merely an entire community on which you rely upon, turns against you, convinved by spread lies about you and sometimes very smartly made ”proofs” (using simple technology of the day), then that alone can ruin a persons life

    you know what? I grew out of blaming the perps now.I blame those who are coerced/convinced to becomes their tools. In a civil western society or community, people often have university degrees, and are able to think critically enough to protect their livelyhood home and families. But they aren’t able to tell if a person needs a ‘second chance’ before public social condemnation? Even more, many allies become as passionate into attacking the victim. Isn’t that making them equals in terms of criminal activity?

    What we have here has more to do with mob psychology than criminology. As in stalking, the perps will always appear legal, while inflicting major harm to the victims socially and psychologically. I often wonder, WHY? Especially when no ideology is involved (racism, political ideology, sexism, etc). Sometimes,as you say, one can’t really see the reason why they are targeted… This remains for me a mystery. Unless I go with the explanation that certain individuals make perfects victims for sadists.

  70. I asked my doctor for something after having to flee the state because of stalking and returning. It wasn’t long after some moron shone a bright light on my roof and brandished a mylar assault rifle while driving by. She asked me if I’d talked to anyone about thinking someone was stalking me and why they’d go through my dumpster and use the mylar I had install to keep some pregnant woman from looking in after being photographed in Wal-mart by an older woman.

    “Yes, I talked to the gal at the Wal-mart nearest her office while duplicating the film there.”

    I’ve had to install cameras and yet they’ve decided to hop the back fence now that a neighbor is tired of being stalked to and has locked her gate.

    All I can tell is it looks more and more like a military base around here in that I see simulated cop cars-one looks identical to one that guards the drug rings on that side of town and can change your radial to play exerts of a banker involved in a horrible crash (except for the snazzy wheels…I think he guards the truck stop prostitution racket a couple miles away because I haven’t seen that car in years) and the other looks like a drug enforcement vehicle that frequents a nearby house where parties are thrown and people come and go all hours of the night only partying for a few minutes.

  71. Of course you never see the twins until you pass the military base, and as usual, these flunkies decided to turn it into “research.”

    Too bad I can remember each and everyone of them without being hypnotized and having to consult one of their “state qualified doctors” who have undergone one of these “this crap doesn’t happen in our state because we’re the bible belt and all our police come from the military bases and are specially trained”.

    One of them decided to pick up a bone they left behind. My dog wouldn’t eat it because it wans’t as fresh as the one they left by the fence to get him to dig out so he could be incarcerated. It looked like a human knee joint. Either that or something from a large animal. As luck would have it, a neighbor showed me a book on butchering meat.

    He isn’t worried about someone bugging his home because all his friends are from the military area and he’ll get in the attic with a crossbow and “take them out.” (Most would have already secured other means by this time knowing how they operate and train their children to drag people out of their cars at the banks, haul in illegals, and threaten to murder people by postal and phone).

    If those camel jockies want the Chevrolet, it’s theirs now. The frame is bent because some beothc from the area where some homo hairdresser grew up rammed the hell out of it!

  72. Sick and Tired says:

    WOW im so happy i stumbled upon this….
    yet also very sad reading that some of you have been stalked since the 90’s….
    im very young just turned 21 and i been stalked since last year i moved to nevada for about 6 months to avoid a group of people that i was avoiding but then since i moved back to california they stopped bothering me but yet now all this gang stalking has started and i still to this day don’t know what i have done wrong or who i have pissed of… im not even political or anything like that i have been always working a normal job very normal high school life lots of friends not i have nothing scared to even go to the grocery store i only have less then a few friends that i can talk to yet im so paranoid nowadays that i even suspect them sometimes.
    i feel a lot better seeing that there is so much hope in everyone

  73. Sick and Tired says:

    it started out slow but now its been constant 24.7 non stop car harassments and it seems like they are everywhere and i don’t even know how is that possible even when i switch my schedule of going to places at really random times. its always white and black trucks or red and blue regular sedans they seem to love white trucks for me the most though always going infront of me slowing down ramdomly while another one gets infront of them then he would make a right turn on any street/stores and just continues as one turns away one would take its place .highbeams on during daytime also love to honk when under bridges leaving their blinkers on turning right all the time but don’t turn/
    pedestrians walking on the side of street always all wearing the same color hates through out the whole street everyday is different for me they seem to pick a color everyday.

    even my neighbors kids are in on it they let their dog run across the street while i pulled out making me almost run it over and they all looked away while the dog ran
    you name it whatever i have been reading up about they have seem to done everything to me is like their following a freakin how to gang stalk hand book…..
    most annoying one is bikers driving down my street with ridiculous lound exhaust and so much more to even mention not including the little thingsthey do while im grocery shopping

  74. jk9267 says:

    Sick & Tired: Realize this stuff is not going to stop. You might get a reprieve where they leave you alone but then they will start up again. It will happen next year, the year after that and so on.

    There are a number of things you can do to start with. First, carry a camera with you all the time; and, don’t try to hide the camera; hang it around your neck. The same cars you see over and over again, get a picture of them, especially the license plate numbers. Get pictures of the drivers and the motor cycle drivers. Make it obvious you are doing this. These pictures may be important in the future.

    If you can follow one or more of these cars, see where they go and record the destination address. You don’t have to be inconspicuous because these freaks run away like liitle sissy babies, so flaunt it.

    You might wind up with a useful home address for one of these freaks. If that’s the case do the following.

    Make up flyers identifying the creep by the car he drives and his lic plate number, or better yet see what you can dig up on the Internet with the license #. Send the flyers to the creep’s neighbors annonymously pointing out that he is harassing you as part of an experiment to build a ploice state in America.

    I’ll bet you will see a steep drop in the unlawful harassment used against you.

    • Sick and Tired says:

      hey i sent you a email to your public email great advice small problem >.<

      • jk9267 says:

        Sick and Tired: Unfortunately, I didn’t get your email. The only time I don’t answer an email such as yours is when I don’t like the way it reads, it sort of makes me feel that the email is from a perpetrator trying to gain my confidence. And, of course there is the possibility that it was prevented from getting to me.

    • anonymous says:

      I feel uncomfortable letting them see me take their picture, couldn’t they identify you that way?

      • jk9267 says:

        Anonymous: The only thing I get spoofed phone calls, no street theater or anything else. See—-they are scared of me because I don’t give a sh-t.. They know that I nail them with letters to their neighbors. I don’t hide behind the name Anonymous. And, if I don’t know who is taunting me, I pick a perpetrator from the past [yes, somebody who is innocent] and I accuse them of pedophilia to their neighbors because I don’t give a sh_t.

        Anyone who challenges their secrecy scares the sh_t out of them Do you get it?

      • Anonymous says:

        I understand. You’re saying make it obvious I am taking their picture, does this include in a store where I am also on camera? I am not afraid, but I also don’t want to put myself in harms way. You actually answered another question I had about perps from the past, It is arguably justified.
        I haven’t called out some perps because they watch me closely, looking for reactions like anger from me, making me think they will know it is me from my reactions, keeping me in fear, so I don’t fight back. I want to bring them all to the light of day, but I wonder if I could take too much risk in some cases. I guess it is up to me to try and find out.

  75. ytryme says:

    I’m in MN and I lost every thing I’m fighting 8 cases I’ve been set up on. They killed my son. Police beat me up. Twice an so much more. The put something inside me. There every where I am and go. I need help but don’t no wat to do plz help.

    • jk9267 says:

      ytryme: I’m very sorry about your son. When did this happen? You say ‘they’ killed your son. Who is ‘they? How did your son die? Why do you consider yourself a targeted individual?

  76. If only it were not true and that all recipients of unwarranted violence were simply “sad, crazy people” However, that would mean, the news was all fabricated as well and that, there were no violence in the world? I am the victim of similar home made chemical and or/ whatever is handy ambient attacks. In N.Y. no one has ever heard of it and just thinks it’s car pollution. But, I am a learned believer that “Evil happens, when good people do nothing” and “An injustice anywhere, is an injustice everywhere” according to Einstein and Martin Luther King. Before you know it, computers will be used to disable all of your PC based luxury items or necessities. I was sent “State Farm Insurance” Car Insurance quotes as a way to threaten me. That the use of computers can cause a transportation disaster in my friends and families cars. But no one ever likes to imagine these things until they realize? They should have not been the Good Person, whom did nothing. Thank God for a few prepared souls. Angels. Thank you for your site and I have forwarded it, to local law enforcement to help support my case. Thank you and your site is a life saver. Perhap’s I will succumb to corrupt uneffectuated revenge attacks, for having simply been aware, but not part nor solution to “rumors” of heinous acts against children and the disabled and rumors of murder by gangs. God Watch over us all.

  77. angel rios says:

    My harrssment started in NYC. But, unaware of what was happening. I decided to move away from all of it. I suffered from anxiety attacks since 96. After the event that took place in NYC during and post 2001. My condition became worst. I needed a way to find peace of mind and move toward. for the first year or so. I felt better, I began to feel in control of myself again. I began to notice a change in peoples weird behavior. Being followed home, a damaged window, missing items, a twenty year old wedding ring and a Casio path finder watched missing. To late to report since we had no idea as when this could had possibly happen. My wife and I were looking to start a business. I began to look for a location as an older man confronted me at a location I was interested in, and told me, ” You will not be opening a business here.” I was more puzzled than angry. since then I have been stalked, mobbed and finally broke, now left with a upside down home. I constantly wounder. If I had done something to deserve this type of behavior from the people. I have always been the type of person whom would not think twice, should someone been in need of help. Till this day I don’t understand why they have done and continue to do so. I find myself now on medication for anxiety, depression and have been diagnosis with PTSD. The believe it may have be cause through truama and consisted mental action caused by those actions. trusting people has become some thing of the past. My family has fallen apart, I soon fear that my 32 ye narrate will be on the ropes. She is a good wife and has help me very much. But its too much for her. Love her dearly.

    • jk9267 says:

      Angel Rios — Many people don’t discover they’re being gang-stalked until many unfamiliar and odd things happen to them. And, the next natural reaction is why me. Somehow, you wound up on a list to be targeted for harassment. There are any number of reasons for this. Chief among these to consider are whistle blowing, pissing off someone with government connections, or some powerful person just doesn’t like you. Whatever the reason, you will gradually realize you are in it for life; unless, you take action, and even then, after the harassment has ceased, you will be labeled a terrorist for life.

      The first thing you have to correct is your thinking: If I am a good boy, they will stop what their doing against me. Nothing can be farther from the truth. These government backed perpetrators do not believe in truth and justice–nor the constitution. The next thing you have to do is analyze everything they do against you so you know what they are looking for.

      I am going to stop here. If I hear from you I will continue this further.

      • this shit aint looking for anything, this shit is building getto soilders the filthiest soilders you can imagine, shit that would take porn of you and your innocent family, and sell it to a filthy animal like itself, this shit finds pleasure in abuse, sexaul assault, rape, this filth finds being a gross getto pediphile psycho babyfucking gross eyeball troll fun. this shit farts/ laughs at gross shit. what people ( normal) find as funny this shit is opposite. Hate this technology its gets you to feel fat gross, getto expressions, walk like freaky looking peice of shit, this shit and mentally fucked up, stick the shits tounge up its asses, those are the worst criminals. pyschologically damaged. this tech moves your body parts, talk funny, moves your eyeballs, has you going to the bathroom, facial movements, its so degrading and inhumain, shit with technology!!!!!!! shills!!!

    • stay strong and never give up, im fortunate to have an understanding spouse as well, i have been threw hell and back all one can do is pick yourself up and dust your self off, stay positive and still help those who need our help, im a caring understanding person who would help a perfect stranger, and counsel those who just needed someone to listen. Now this shit has me looking at the world like its a disgusting place like itself. this may help visualize yourself yelling mentally its has the shit yelling with tech, make it humourous and think of someone tooting it has the shit tooting, listen to music you love to listen to and stay focused , take 5- htp it helps alot with the fake anxiety, emotions take a deep breath and allow yourself to know your goin to be ok with positive support from friends and family you and your beautiful family will get through this. Take pictures, licence plate numbers, document this shits behaviours. talk with other ti’ s that can verify what your going through this will help you in court. There are lawyers out there that deal with this type of stalking. my prayers are with all the innocent ti’s that are out there just find the strenght with- in to be strong. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. NWO is stalking me this shit lives on the corner of 109-141street Surrey BC, its been four yrs and this shit has sexually assaulted me, gang raped me, farted/ laughed about it, abused me, looks at me and my family in a derogitory manner, trying to defimate my character and my families its just a racist peice of shit, i have been writing everything this shit has been doing and its pretty disgusting, inhuman, criminal, why in the hell do they let filthy criminals like this have technology, this shit lies and manipulates and stinks up ones life!!!!!! having to look like a disgusting fat white filthy train pulling eyebsll pediphile psycho babyfucking gross getto french nasty troll is disgusting bleck!!!! sounding like the shit is gross with voice to skull, slobbering scrawny white french rapist eyeball pediphile babyfucking ugly troll that threatens innocent peoples lives ( Jaquie) 10919-141street Surrey BC Tia same as Jaquie and Kate!!!!!!!! bleck corrupt block watch. bitch fucks somones husband then ends stalking her just because her nasty husband is a slut a peice of shit who dogs anything that puts out when he cheats on her!!!!!!!

    • this shit takes illegal porn of families with this technology, no family is safe with this type of technology around!!!!!! STOP GANG STALKING!!!!!!!!!

      • GANGSTALKING WORLD.COM this web site has alot of positive information that may help you, taking 5-htp helps alot with the controlled emotions this shit gets you to have, when the shit is lieing and manipulting. I’m looking for a web page that warns friends and neighbors about this bullshit thats going i found on that has on, i found one from the states, however i would like to find one that has canadian laws that protect us.

      • There are are Canadian laws that protect us, i found a page where someone took this shit to court and won millions something like 345 million. they won alot, how ever money can never replace the yrs this filth took away, and stunk up your life with there shit!!!!!!!!!

    • jk9267 says:

      You mention NWO as the source but how do you know? Your comment sounds like the source (perpetrator) and the reason for it is a personal vendetta.

      • its not a vendetta, ever since the NWO party bus showed up strange vehicles have been driving past my home, weird looks and i would just be watching my spouse leave for work. loud trucks, someone leaving right after he does it didnt matter wat time of day, he could be running late for work and a car would leave after him, i would walk some where and have a stupid black car, white truck, just a bunch of filthy criminals following me and my spouse around yuck, i dispise how this filth thinks, its so abnormal and criminal. I have corrupt shit on my block.

  79. jk9267 says:

    It does sound like a lot of resources are being used and that does smell like the New World Order. If you read some of my earlier comments to other people, you will discover how I handled it until I received a death threat in January, 2010, and then it stopped. It basically comes down to exposing them to the light of day so others can see them for what they are. Distributing flyers to strangers and speaking to churches is what I did. Get their license plate numbers. Follow them if you have to. Find out where they live and mail letters anonymously to their neighbors, and explain in these letters that you are being experimented upon by NWO Terrorist and criminals. And, that these miscreants want a police state in America similar to the Soviet union, and that is why it is happening to you.

    if you don’t have the guts to do this, the harassment will continue. Go public and how fast it stops. And, by the way whoever you talk to give the links to gang stalking sites so they will know it is not only happening to you.

    • Layla Kurdian says:

      Im have been being cyber gang stalked for years. I have contacted f.b.I. I’m sure they are aware of it, but I’m in danger everywhere I go. They have Assanitated my character calling me a witch,etc. They have bugged my house , even bathroom. I’m manic depressed now. I have two toddlers. They don’t care tho. I was drugged and gang raped in 2007 , when I tried to report it the cops did not write anything down. They have watched me have sex. And made a website using my real name. They want to extort my dad. I was born the GAME. wTF???+++

  80. Layla Kurdian says:

    Im have been being cyber gang stalked for years. I have contacted f.b.I. I’m sure they are aware of it, but I’m in danger everywhere I go. They have Assanitated my character calling me a witch,etc. They have bugged my house , even bathroom. I’m manic depressed now. I have two toddlers. They don’t care tho. I was drugged and gang raped in 2007 , when I tried to report it the cops did not write anything down. They have watched me have sex. And made a website using my real name. They want to extort my dad. I was born the GAME. wTF???+++

    • jk9267 says:

      In the early years I went to the FB! in Manhattan; in addition to ignoring me they played with my head, but I am not going there because I could write for hours. I wrote to Congressmen and I got one worthless reply. I did more but the point I am trying to make in these posts is that you are on your own. Between relatives and friends that don’t believe or don’t care to Terrorists and thugs running the government, unless you something, nobody else will.

      Your attitude has to be: WTF. You have to go public and you have to tell everyone you come in contact with the reason this happening to you and others; and that reason is the building of a Commie police state throughout the world.

      If you don’t take action, it will go on and on. You have to learn how to anonymously expose these Sc_mb_gs to the light of day; or it will continue to go on and on.

  81. Layla Kurdian says:

    The man behind all this has a military backround and bloods member and part of the CORLEONE FAMILY. I’m a Corleone secret . I found out my life has been set up five yrs ago. This man came so close to my family that he was screwing my sister and is hiv+ and thinksiI’m some witch that cursed him with it. He’s a fucking obcessed psycho. I don’t even have that and I didn’t screw him. My brothers wife is involved . And my nephews uncle Rocky Castro is behind this. They want my dads business, and since I know about it they have tried killing me , but I kept getting away. And the cops won’t do shit. God bless you for responding.

    • Layla Kurdian says:

      Every where I go, they follow me , and they have bugged my cars, so they listen to me watch me have sex , and watch me take shits. They are fucking perverts. They even posted it on you tube. When I went to cops , they took it down and made it seemluke it never happened. Everywhere I go there organization would know where I’m going and they terrorize me calling me shit, bad eyebrows, fat, witch, .. I was wearing sunglasses even at night I became so depressed. I have to take bipolar meds because they have drove me manic depressed. If I try to send a letter out some kind of white van comes and takes it out. I don’t even know if the White House recieved my letter. They want me dead and want to extort my dad and kidnap my 17 yr old sister. I tried telling my mom , but I think it was my moms job to marry my dad . I have never met anyone who has not tried wacking me. Uuugh why me.

  82. jk9267 says:

    I’m starting not to trust what you say. Carleone is fictional name of a family in The Godfather, a movie many years ago about the mafia.

    • Layla Kurdian says:

      You are so fucked up to put out a website to help people, then you sit there and disrespect me. You are really sick in the head. I will pray for you. And trust me the government has my back

      • jk9267 says:

        If the government has your back, why are you posting here? This site is for people who have been persecuted by the New World Order Marxist government now operating out of Washington DC. Before you post here again, I suggest you Google gang-stalking and similar terms.

    • Layla Kurdian says:

      I don’t trust this page, damn I guess I’m too famous. Want my autograph pervert

    • Layla Kurdian says:

      Jack ass…your fake

    • Layla Kurdian says:

      You are a fucked up individual to put up a fake page , when I wanted support, then you disrespect me like that, when I kept it real. Obviously your fake. And I’m gonna document about this page , ASSWIPE. Your the SHIT that comes out my ass. Come let me give you a facial wit it

  83. Layla Kurdian says:

    Brandon Philip plunkett told my sister that. That’s what I thought too. But it is not fiction, if you look it up it is still present. They have been quiet since the 80s , since the year I was born. Brandon brags about it.

    • Layla Kurdian says:

      Why would you call me ass wipe? That is very rude. And yes my real name is LAYLA…you are a Dick

      • Layla Kurdian says:

        Are you a male or female. You are such an Asshole. Why would you disrespect me like that. This is fake …good one…fart …fart..

  84. Good conversation. Some good advice on this site. My theory is that the Targets are BAIT for the real targets – the recruits. It is classic cult. They are told a scare story – that you are a dangerous criminal, and recriuit the stalkers with lies. They don’t know what they are buying into. They are indoctrinated, treated as slaves and over time fleeced of all they possess. These are self-funded operations – the recruits can ‘t get out and they can’t tell anyone what had happened because they have signed confidentiality agreements – if they speak out they go to jail. They are trapped and afraid. They know what happens to the targets.

    • STEPHEN BROWN says:

      This is an on going development in the UK, I have never read about this before but I have strained to understand what has happen to me, from the late 1980’s. I have battled to my wit’s ends, I have developed 2 neural malfunctions, poor lung functions and a constant battle with my memory. I will not give in, the authority investigating me has violated my human rights massively. I have unimpeachable evidence proving something has gone on yet the medical authority refuse to investigate. one doctor said you can not have a brain scan they’ll see what has gone on. I have Harlequin Syndrome and something that has stopped me breathing in my sleep, the harlequin syndrome is visible and to date iv gone to several doctors and all refuse to register me as having this condition. They say I’m trying to rock the boat to cause trouble and if I continue they’ll have no alternative but to have me sectioned under the mental act. From reading your page I can clearly see I have experienced a lot in common with what is stated. I am also aware there is quite a lot written that seems to be paranoia, that causes me trepidation. I am a realist, a guy who has a life, one that admittedly is hard to live but I am not a crank just a solid down to earth guy, who’s obviously crossed swords with ?.

      • Try this site exposegangstalking. The 11 minute guide. Gives a clear run down of the methods used.

      • STEPHEN BROWN says:

        Thank you prayerwarriorpsychicnot, I will have a peep at the 11 minute guide. To be totally frank with you I have a really good grasp on what this gang stalking involves. To me it is a 2 tiered social system. Gang stalking is used as an investigative tool to persuade a targeted person to change sides or give evidence and or join forces. They have access to all areas, infiltrate every aspect of social life. I know they work in the health care industry, courts, police, school’s, media, supermarkets, you name it they have their finger on that pulse. What is going to be the end result and how do you challenge this human rights violating scam when they seemingly have so much control. I am decades into this nightmare and what I know is you try in any way to report this your stigmatised as a mental health case. You have unimpeachable evidence and some how they’ll thwart your attempts to disclose their activities. The uk use psychiatrists to muffle cries for help, along with the surreptitious use of mind impairing drugs. The uk medical / psychiatrist and probation service’s or totally corrupt, but they do not control everything, if they did I would not be in a position to type this. I am now going to read the 11 minute guide, hope it is helpful. regards S Brown.

      • STEPHEN BROWN says:

        I read the 11 minute guide to gang stalking, man alive this is a strange world we live in. I am undoubtedly a TI, my story starts from being an infant, yes just 4 years old. As an infant i had a brilliant mind, I learnt to spell my name in the week I was being learnt. I was the most out going big hearted kid who stood up for everyone. I used to say to my self I am going to have a brilliant life and I was so in love with my experience of living. Over night this was destroyed, 1967/8 several kids in my class suddenly lost focus our memories affected. My friend Richard kept on bursting into tears saying ste i can not handle this along with 4 or 5 other kids in our class All of whom cried saying the same. I fought every day for weeks and refused to cry, that said I cried to my mum going to school, I said mum why can I not remember anything now, I used to have a brilliant memory and I just can not learn any more why. I was told don’t be silly you will be ok. As a catholic school who had sister’s running it is above question. Richard said he fought our free milk was being drugged up but said do not say anything they or dangerous people. well when this was being given out I said why or those bottles separated why can I not have a bottle from the main crate. I was refused and given a bottle from the few separated. Home time all the parents picking the kids up I shouts out our milk is being drugged up and I went to each individual kid who was affected and reluctantly each kid said yes. This was a catholic school in the 60’s no one ever questioned them and a week later I was taken out of that school. I ended my schooling 12 years later with no qualifications and one really miserable childhood, a loaner and I hated life. I did not have the cognitive skills to hold down a job, so soon I started to commit crimes and prison followed quickly. 6 months followed by 9 months followed by 4rys 6months followed by bank robberies and a 18rys sentence. All offences committed whilst under chemical bombardment as was my trials. I had to battle with the prison, probation, and medical services all of whom violated my human rights in an effort to get me to talk and come on board with them. Its a massive NO they stole my childhood they prevented me from having an education and through this treatment I resort to crime which see’s me serving over 16yrs in prison. I am drugged up throughout my sentences the last one see’s me develop harlequin syndrome, every time I exercised one half of my face would turn a deep red the other half would be pale white and you’d hear the screws to the other con’s look at that two faced bastard run. It took me a year to learn what this condition was and I reported it to the authorities for investigation. It took the NHS investigative team a whole year 12 months to reply with this = It is now 2 years since you knew of your condition we can only investigate up to 2 years of you knowing about your condition, we have closed your complaint. Every avenue I have tried is thwarted, even now a decade or so on the NHS is bullying me, a car knocks me off my bike I go to the NHS I explain what as happened and my collar bone is broken, they take 2 x rays and state it is not broken. 18 months on I am having problems with this shoulder area. At a different hospital I see a physiotherapist who immediately says I can see your problem you have broken your collar bone and it is set out of position. He goes off to look at my hospital report and returns saying he as looked at the x rays taken and the report, the report says there was no break but your x rays shows a clear fracture and obviously that is now set out of position. All my endeavours to report and have this investigated were blocked. I am 51 years of age and have had my life stolen, I want to salvage something from this life, I have spent thousands going to private hospitals having my lung functions investigated I have developed a lung condition but they will not look at what’s caused it. The NHS and private hospitals or refusing to give me a brain scan, its as if I have been put on a stop that guy proving anything list. I have lots of unimpeachable evidence showing human rights violation but no legal teams nor courts prepared to listen and resolve my 47 years and still on going plight. Any advice, yours sincerely s brown.

      • Sleep apnopea can be dangerous and leave you very tired. If you learn meditation(TM/Buddhist style/or similar) it can reduce your need for sleep.
        This is a typical double-bind that Targets are placed in. You need medical care but they can use the opportunity to say you are mental just for wanting treatment. You have to become an expert in your conditions. And become like a nurse and keep a diary of everything that is related to your condition. It’s a twisted game they play, stonewalling, fobbing off, denial, lying, intimidation. It is also deliberately insulting to make you upset or lose your temper and then they will use that against you. Meditation will also help you keep calm. There is a lot of information on the site http://www.targeted-individuals.com

      • THE CHILD SNATCHERS’ MANUAL: Persecution Strategies used …
        19 Jan 2014 – THE CHILD SNATCHERS’ MANUAL: Persecution Strategies used by Social … Removing Children From Parents – The Social Workers Bible …
        This article gives a list of persecution tactics used by SW’s and increasingly other bureaucracies. Good to be aware of them. Chin up!

  85. xow.me says:

    Det kräver knappt online casino yelp komplicerade strategier.
    Så vi bad att få tala med en chef som berättade för mig att jag inte respekterar
    henne eftersom jag ville ha mina pengar tillbaka omedelbart.

    • STEPHEN BROWN says:

      Thank you for advising, The apnopea was really serious. I was woken up by the most violent convulsing episode you could imagine. I immediately thought I was being dragged out of bed and went offensive, no one was there I looked down at my body, it was stone cold and solid, I was not breathing, I beat my chest and took in air, I had survived an attack. From Doctor to hospital, to being threaten with detention under the mental health act, I walked away and found answers via research. I am very fit, I work out cycle and on looks you wouldn’t think I had any health issues. I am told I am the wrong body type with a very active life style which does not fit with a central sleep apnonea sufferer. I have developed emphysema which you would not associate with a guy who works out all of his life, no investigation into the cause, I know the cause = I complained since my bank robbery arrest in 1990 I have been breathing in a chemical / gas which gives you high and low brain sensations, poor concentration levels poor memory and weak lungs. I jumped up in crown court and shouted this out to the judge. He directed my barrister to keep me under control, no one investigated my claim. The way they try to cultivate you is so out of norm you just can not get anyone to take notice. If you speak out your immediately threaten with detention under the mental health act, that’s their blanket used to cover up their illegal treatment. Iv survived because I still have common sense, the ability to evade entrapment used by doctors and the likes, if I was a liar id of been locked up a long time ago. There’s several papers written on me saying Mr Brown is a paranoid schizophrenic, but iv not sat down once with a psychiatrist, so the crown courts would not act on that advice. I had a NHS Doctor 2 years ago saying to me you can not pay to go under private medical care you have to go under MCAP. You can not have a brain scan they will see what as happened. I have contacted labs to test body samples, under my funding they have all refused. All I want is my life back, I am sick of the daily interference, my lack of security, iv changed my door locks in this house 10 times in 3 years. Iv been deliberately knocked of my bike at high speed 3 times in the time iv lived in this house. I am being targeted on a daily basis. I go out shopping and I will come home with my chest burning, same when I wake up. if I stay in my house periodically I will feel chesty as if iv breathed a gas / chemical in and fall asleep. This has never happened when staying at friends houses. I sometimes breath in a chemical and it burns my lungs like hell, on these occasions I go on to develop a chest infection and every doctor I have explained this to have refuse to act and would not have any sputum sample analysed for chemical presence. Its no no mr brown this does not go on, yet no answers to why I am having all these chest infections and why I’m now inflicted with emphysema, This is something mapped out for me since I was a 4 year old child drugged up childhood and education stolen. what a life = anyone listening ? .

  86. Fidelity says:

    I was the victim of slander and mobbing in my community stretching back several years. At one point I could not even go to my local shops without being treated rudely or the counter assistants (in some cases) walking away from the counters, leaving me unable to get service.
    It wasn’t long before I realised these people were being told what to do, probably from someone in authority. It was very organised!
    The slandering and ‘street theatre’ eventually stopped, but I quickly found I had a new problem to deal with – my bins were not all being emptied by the local waste team. This has/is happening repeatedly despite my constant phone calls to the local authority asking for the men to come and empty them. Letters and emails have also been un-answered and I cannot get anything done about it.
    This ‘knew’ problem happened very soon after my husband committed suicide a few months previously after a heavy bout of depression.
    It is difficult to say whether the previous mobbing experience and the problem with un-emptied bins is connected, but some people’s actions have certainly been very suspicious and I feel I have been deliberately ignored.
    Other things have taken place which I won’t mention here, but being alone now has made me all the more vulnerable. I feel very exposed to whatever may be out there.
    I feel sure that someone in high office is giving these foot soldiers orders to harass and target some people. I am sure some ‘authority’ is behind it somewhere, some psychopath who can manipulate other people and get them to do what he/she wants.

    • jk9267 says:

      Fidelity: What you say in your post rings true. They attack from many different directions. Sometimes one thing stops and something else starts. Today, we are blessed with YouTube videos that do a great job exposing the psychological manipulation behind the harassment and what their goal is. The more we understand about it, the less effect it has on us; that is my experience, anyway.

      In an earlier post, someone mentioned fusion centers. I believe these are coordination points for the perpetrators who target citizens in this country.

      • withheld says:

        One such coordination point is Jamaica, Queens, NY
        Another is Clearwater, Florida at the end of Ulmerton Road just before it connects to the Howard Frankland bridge into Tampa

      • withheld says:

        specifically the location in Clearwater FL is on Feather Sound Drive: the Crystal Bay Condominiums

  87. Withheld says:

    4 years and counting as a gang-stalking victim….
    Don’t know if this entry will go through – too many people working against me…
    All started in Clearwater FL just before the Howard Frankland bridge into Tampa (by the way this is a large gang stalking community extending into St Petersburg, Largo, Clearwater and Tampa). A landlord repeatedly entered his tenant’s condo illegally to play with her panties. I repeated what had been relayed to me…the gang stalking ensued using the age-old Stasi technique – Zersetsung. That was in 2011. They hacked into my landline, cell and ISP. I assume they has to wreck my reputation – the landlord has a footprint in the community of long standing). I traveled to Israel and France in consecutive years…it was more obvious in Paris than Israel. The landlord’s Iraqi friend (he had done business with him) and his Puerto Rican wife moved into the rental next door. They participated in my involuntary departure. I’m in Queens NY and a lot of the neighbourhood has participated in gang stalking me – the workers in the CTown and Pioneer supermarkets, employees of Bank of America (just like the St Petersburg branch), TMobile, the 99c store, subway (F & E), etc etc etc.

  88. withheld says:

    Gang stalking victim of 4+ years and counting…

    At the point that Ulmerton Road meets the Howard Frankland Bridge in Clearwater Florida there lies a hidden evil. An errant visitor idling at the traffic lights to the left of the supermarket
    would be unaware of its existence and the virtual tendrils that extend north into Tampa, west along Feather Sound Drive, south to Largo and east into St. Petersburg and Bradenton. In short, the hub or HQ was Crystal Bay Condominums at 2333 Feather Sound Drive.

    This so-called hidden evil is, in fact, a well-established and highly organized gang-stalking community of over 500 members possessing high moral and ethical standards. These include prison sentences and records of domestic violence, felonies and misdemeanors. It is a closed society with strict rules for inclusion. In 2011 I thread upon those highfalutin rules. As a result of my horrific transgression I have been gang-stalked for over four years in Florida, Israel, France and NYC respectively. You got it – it’s global. The stalking continues in Queens, NY.

    Early indicators in 2010 were followed in 2011 by a sharp up-tick in stalker activity when I repeated what had been relayed of a landlord’s lascivious adventures in Bldg A. A master of all
    trades, he was quite fond of entering his tenant’s condo, without her consent and frolicking in her under-vear (panties). Apparently he chose to share his experiences and his tenant’s
    confrontation. In so doing he made it public. He owns a condo on the 3rd floor where I lived. He made me famous. I will make him famous.

    To encourage my departure from the four-building premises with manicured lawn-area, parking lot and nearby golf course, this virtuous community of questionable moral character applied a technique created by the Stasi, the East German Secret police. The technique of Zersetsung, or psychological harassment. Running parallel to this ignoble application, community members hacked into my land-line, cell and Internet provider. The first was obvious: I heard voices on the line; the second by changing displays and the latter by disappearing screen buttons that reappeared upon refresh. This un-magical now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t display was undoubtedly aided by the TWC tech
    guy who arrived late to switch me from Verizon. I tipped that piece of garbage!!! That’s another of their character traits: they are petty cash thieves.

    An Iraqi man and his Puerto Rican wife subsequently moved in next door. Both would become willing and knowing participants. The former had engaged in business transactions with the landlord. The woman later applied her babysitting skills for the landlord’s child(ren). One day, per the landlord’s request (he told me so), the wife popped out of her condo and inspected her neighbor’s mail package. This interesting spectacle unfolded while I was standing in the corridor. Perhaps this act was her acceptance into this pseudo Shangri-La, a lost Lost Horizon.

    Note: NONE of the initial participants – landlord, Iraqi man and his Puerto Rican wife – are innocent.

    At the onset Zersetsung is puzzling if one is ignorant of its existence. Later it becomes repetitive, sometimes clumsily applied. Ultimately its adherents look stupid regardless of the myriad ways one is threatened. One individual in Long Island traced his fingers across his neck, left and right, to suggest that my throat would be cut if I did not keep quiet about my unlawful eviction from Clearwater and subsequent harassment in Paris, France and NYC (between 50th-53rd streets/8th-10th

    In retrospect it was a set-up from the start, of communal proportions.

    I am in Jamaica Queens now. I have been gang-stalked by the community and employees in C-Town, Pioneer, Bank of America, T-Mobile, the large 99c store, people on the buses and subways. Ignorant people since they have all been manipulated by the actions of a man, a foreigner, a landlord with a
    Masters Degree in Psychology. Perfect.

    But for a Masters Degree in Psychology and an orphanblacked Freud to unleash onto this disgusting Stepford Wives/Village of the Damned community. A community as artificial as a snow globe. A cancer on the American landscape. A corruption of nature’s naturalness. It is revolting and repulsive. After 100000 years of human evolution we are still inherently stupid. Perhaps its the RNA. We still compartmentalize themselves. We create religions to achieve our goals of comfort and security. We create Animal Farms. We persist in creating these unnatural environments; generations come and go but we never learn.

    Queens, April 2014

    • withheld says:

      a few days ago I laughed at of the harassment stunt the gangstalking community pulled in Jamaica Queens NY. This was the first time I had done so. I was returning from the supermarket and turned the corner, started to walked straight ahead on the pave. In front of me was a man holding his child. (they have done this before – previously it was another man walking with his child outside the CTown supermarket around 173rd street on Hillside. It’s essentially the same nonsense – they just mix it up a little – give it a bit of a variety). He is looking at me as I approach – to get my attention – then he looked to his left at the car idling at the curb with its brake lights flashing. No one is in the car (this happens frequently). As a passed I yelled “Gangstalker”. Later I laughed and tried to analyze why I had done so. There are times when why we laugh is difficult to explain. I think it was because he wanted me to be afraid of an idling car with lights blinking. Of course the area here in Jamaica Queens is a little like a pig sty. Some of the paves are dirty with debris of all kinds. Curbs have multiple pieces of garbage. But that’s not what is important to this dumb ass holding his child. He is more interested in trying to intimidate me. Who is the dumb ass that comes up with these events? Once it was three cars with Pennsylvania license plates and a white garbage bag full of stuff lying across the road.

    • withheld says:

      The landlord’s name is Alan Hafez.

      • withheld says:

        For the record I accept no responsibility for what occurred at Crystal Bay Condominiums in Clearwater. The account above does not detail the extensive application of the psychological harassment or the hundreds of people involved in 2011, 2012 and 2013 e.g. The Puerto Rican woman’s niece, who was attending ITT university located in the building I worked in, participated in the psychological harassment. So did her ITT schoolmates. The PR woman’s husband dragged the sliding doors of their condo back and forth all night long, week after week, month after month. One night someone called the cops. As the car drove into the compound the dragging stopped. Withing 10 minutes of the cop’s departure the dragging resumed. I discussed it with the management office. The dragging for perhaps a night or two then resumed. It spoke again with the management office who told me that no one had complained about the dragging noise. Of course that was impossible. With hindsight most of Bldg A if not all of its inhabitants were either participants or knew to keep their mouths shut for fear of retribution. e.g. A couple moved into the condo at the end of the hallway. They both chanced to get into the elevator with me one day and the conversation just chanced to linger on the fact that they had both been trapped once in an elevator. Apparently this was a primer for an event that was soon to occur twice. Passing by the elevator one day I saw a tenant or owner been helped out of the elevator (or un-trapped) by paramedics with the requisite ambulance parked outside in the half circle. The same scenario unfolded again some time later. First time, hmmm, second time, no way is it real. A clumsy attempt to be sure. Something similar with an old woman unfolded twice on Hillside Ave in Jamaica Queens. And again in the lobby of the JetBlue building in LIC. That time a man in a wheelchair was the star attraction. Dumb, dumb, dumb. The entire event was one massive conspiracy to hide the pathetic act of one man playing repeatedly with his tenant’s panties. That was the starting point of EVERYTHING that followed.

    • withheld says:

      performed as expected

      • withheld says:

        It was logical that the gang stalkers would be trolling this and other sites. As everyone knows they profile you and continue to look for info (some call it weaknesses) that can be used against you later (seemingly from out of nowhere). I had to speak to someone at the bank today then call the services line. I told the guy that there were individuals on the line (past 8 months) who had gang stalked me (everyone knows they do it so this is not news). He had to transfer me – the woman I spoke to “conveniently” told me that she was speaking out of the Pasadena CA location. I believed her and wrote down “PA/CA”. Hey if she is out of the CA office then I am John Carter. On another note on the way home there were so many “running” cars (loop to my first sentence).

      • withheld says:

        adding to my above comment: street theater last week and today – similar – a person stands on the pave between BofA and the end of the block – catches my look then turns left to the vehicle parked on the curb – the vehicle makes a u-turn. I think the plate number was DRX-6417. A van (?) with an East Indian family, man driving…

  89. jk9267 says:

    It’s make sense that the gang stalking community is made up of low moral and ethical types because their masters, the political slime in DC who hijacked this country, are made up of the same criminal element of grifters, terrorists and thugs.

    • withheld says:

      Zersetsung loves “objects”. “Objects” love Zersetsung. It is a mutual attraction. It yearns for them and in turn is yearned for. Its passion for them is undiminished after 30+ years. Without them its effect is greatly, well, diminished.

      Here’s an example:

      One day I walked into the Pioneer supermarket on Hillside. There, in front of me, was a food cart, menacing, unmoving, unrepentant, demonstrating lost ownership properties. Totally innate. Placed there to generate fear. Placed there to inspire a sinking feeling. It was a despairingly idiotic moment.

      And there, attentive reader, is the crux of the matter: it was PUT there. It did not fly, it did not materialize, it did not teleport. A human agency had been at work. Imagine the intelligence, or lack of it, that perpetuated such a deeply disturbing act.
      For shame.

      Well I took my time, gave them time, then exited the dishonorable establishment. And there, in front of me, was a woman with a food cart. What? Again? It was Evil cubed.
      Evil personified, evil, well, you get it. It was a depressingly idiotic moment. She was positioned such that I would have to walk behind her or in front of her, the latter route between her cart and the curb. In doing so a man was ready to walk towards me on my left, which he did. And as they always do look at me.

      I write this for the individuals who have been gang stalked, who will be gang stalked. I hope you appreciate it. It took a bit ‘o time and a few grammatical liberties.

      But, seriously…

      The objects hold no power. They can be ignored. Ignore them. If placed in front of you consider kicking them or running the cart into them (depends on the environment). Pick your moments. Have fun.

      Other objects in their bag of tricks: cell phones (used extensively), bottles, scratch offs, hand held cameras, scents, car bonnets and trunks and any other object they can think of.
      Come to think of it a supermarket has lots and lots of them. And I expect my prediction to come through…

      Until then, have a happy Zersetsung!

  90. jk9267 says:

    To Withheld:
    The proper spelling is Zersetzen, not Zersetsung you idiot. People subjected to gang stalking cannot lead a normal life. If you knew this much about it, you would know that there is no humor in it for the victim. And, your comment “Pick your moments. Have Fun” looks really stupid.

    When I think of the perpetrators who commit these crimes against citizens, I think of low moral types bordering on a sadistic personality that do these things to escape their lack of importance. There only life is getting together with other losers like themselves and share notes on the important things they did in a day.

    • withheld says:

      My entry was meant as sarcasm and an attempt to manifest deep disgust and to show how revolting I believe these people are. You have to make the best of the situation when you have over 1000+ bitches, whores, scum bags, etc running around (4+ years) trying to screw you over . The spelling is irrelevant. I can go on and on about what was done to me but ultimately you have to face the situation head on. Sometimes humor WILL work. It’s all about attitude. I have done what I wrote above and people in the area have seen me do it.

      • jk9267 says:

        To withheld
        There is nothing funny about what they are doing and have done. People have died because they didn’t know how to react to these traitors. I’ll toast Happy Zersetzen only when they decorate the trees after good hemp rope has been used.

      • withheld says:

        I think, in part, you are dealing with generational, therefore institutionalized, stupidity. Odd since a lot of people like to project themselves as independent, their own person, intelligent, etc. Instead I see them all as people who have been played, manipulated, made fools of. Not important if you’re so desensitized that you are responsible directly or indirectly for someone committing suicide because of your individual and collective actions. It is easier to be part of the “foule” since you know they’ll turn on you if you don’t participate. Remember “Just say no?” (Nancy Reagan, was i? A bit gimmicky but she was intelligent). I am not appealing to anyone’s reason or empathy. I perceive them all as just blank people.

      • withheld says:

        This situation is dangerous for the country which you live in. If you destroy it from within there wouldn’t be much left. You all (the 1000+ people who have gang stalked me) need to examine this situation and realize that the gang-stalking community in Clearwater FL have seriously messed with you and your mind, I have read some of the other cases and one would think that after 30 years of this gang-stalking that you would have found some way to resist it. I see nothing of the kind. Decades ago that landlord would have been pushed out of the community; now he is embraced. This process undermines your right to express yourselves, it dumbs you down, it destroys many of your freedoms. You are doing exactly what they want with as little resistance as possible.

  91. jk9267 says:

    There is nothing funny about what they are doing and have done. People have died because they didn’t know how to react to these traitors. I’ll toast Happy Zersetzen only when they decorate the trees after good hemp rope has been used.

  92. jk9267 says:

    If you read any of my comments elsewhere, you would know it stopped in my case. To be precise, it stopped after I received a death threat in January 2010. I suppose the death threat came as a result of my distributing literature to thousands of strangers outlining what was happening to me and the reason why—-the building of a police state in America. Further, I supposed it stopped because I spoke to Churches spelling everything out so even a child could understand. I guess I annoyed the perps, and it made me happy.

    The death threat came from an alleged friend Michael Kilday, who lives in Willcot, CT and who happens to be a Mason.

    As many times as I have commented about this, nobody seems to understand that you have to go public to make this sh_t stop.

    • OS Chennai says:

      Agree with you JK , Exposure is the solution that hurts them most, Happy to know it stopped your stalking.I can understand you distributing flyers about Gang Stalking , what do you mean ” Talking to the Churches” did you give lectures in churches ? Did they actually allow that ? how did they receive it ? were they sympathetic or did they think you were crazy ? What else did you do besides flyers and talking to churches ?

      Organized Stalking in Chennai, India starts as Hacking of Cell Phones and Computers , proceeds to all the typical Gang Stalking features and Electronic Harassment.

      • jk9267 says:

        Hi OS Chennai
        You are the first person to acknowledge that going public is what they fear most. I suppose many targets are afraid. But think about it…..what other choice do they have except to be demonized for the rest of their lives.

        Many churches allow someone to come up and make a confession. It is within that window of opportunity that I tied the gang stalking message by speaking to the congregation. In each case, the church leader was not happy about it; first, I was told not to do it again, and then I was told not to come back.

        But, too late for them, because I got the message across.

    • Good idea with the flyers and speaking in church. Since I have started wearing t-shirts with slogans that the controllers want to keep away from the general public I have had many fewer followers. Such as targeted-individuals (Army Veterans; self-funded operations; vigilante cult; bait; con artists; beware white collar fraudsters. I try and choose the concepts which the controllers don’t want their followers and members of the public to think about. They draw attention to me, I draw attention to what they are doing.

  93. withheld says:

    You are right. My approach is not working 100%. I will see what I can do. I’m all for releasing all the info I have. And they are reading these entries. Yesterday on the way back home there were multiple cars idling plus some black family passed me on the sidewalk and laughed (the fun part I alluded to above). The woman was wearing dark glasses and looked at me. It was the same dumb ass response. The gang stalking company I worked for in St Petersburg (at least someone in the company “allowed” several individuals to be hired to gang stalk me on the company premises, in my department) is called CompuPay. It is located on Executive Center drive. The temp stalker girl in my department was called Eddie. There was a black, pregnant girl in Customer Support (yep gang stalking and pregnant too). There were at least two hired in Distribution along with the resident PuertoRican guy Luis. PLUS a guy in the technical support department – I would submit a company batch for processing come in the next day and voila it had not completed and had not been shipped. After several weeks of calling the tech dept responded on my last day there. And the contact for one or two new companies I set up on the payroll service – one was in NY (I was working out of Florida) – was a gang stalker.. I could tell that something was amiss. At the time I remember repeating to my supervisor what the woman was saying on the phone. The connections were undeniable. Today I went into the city to an agency – the stalkers usually surge into the elevator with you (they’ve done it several times before). This woman did the same – later I heard the receptionist call her by the name of Castillo or Castiyo. She did not stay just filled out some forms and left.

  94. Dave says:

    Use their techniques back at them. For example, try loaded conversation. Put a phone up to your ear and pretend to speak into it.
    Say things like: “could they have hired a bigger bunch of losers?”
    “what do expect – no skills, no education, no real job experience, that’s all they can do.”
    “those who can’t do, stalk for a living.”
    “it’s not real intelligence work, it’s simply stalking and harassing. It doesn’t take a high IQ.”
    “real men don’t stalk.”
    “like they would really hire you – no skills, education, or real-life work experience for real intelligence work.”
    “you’re being duped big-time, I have swamp land in Florida for sale, interested?”

    Watch their faces when you attack them like this. Deep down they know it’s all true.

    I piss them off and occasionally they flip me off.

    Basically, you need to tell them that they are nothing special but pieces of human excrement (which they already know).

    But remember, these are dupes or canon fodder are being sponsored by the Feds.

    Here is a website that I think pretty much accurately describes who is doing it. BTW, it’s not my website.


    • jk9267 says:

      I like your response to withheld. I might alter it a little bit: by anonymously sending letters to their departments spelling out what they are doing. And for a kicker, wait till they went to their car, record the License play and follow them home. Send letters to all the houses where they park identifying them as perpetrators and identify them to their neighbors by the make and model of their car and the license plate number.

  95. Suggest putting on your cell phone a clip saying ” My names Bond. James Bond”

    • jk9267 says:

      I’m no James Bond. But I will fight for my freedom and privacy, And, I wish these other targets would do the same. If they did, then it would send a message to these low-life perpetrators who serve their Luciferian masters.

      • jk9267 says:

        To all: The link below is important for any Christian that is being gang stalked. It’s a YouTube video that shows you what kind of mind in Christ is necessary to fight this evil. Understand that gang stalking is an actual Satanic ritual for the powers in government that sponsor it.

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    • jk9267 says:

      Weight loss supplement–the only ‘band’ is going around your head so that it keeps the excrement in. Even low life minimum wage trolls like you need prayer.

  97. However, as I said, we’ve all been eating poorly for years.
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  98. jk9267 says:

    Read the two comments above, Weight Loss Supplement and best acne treatments. Note that these two twits have nothing to say on the subject of this forum after I mention something about Satanism and the government, these trolls consider that important enough to redirect the discussion. They don’t want you to know that prayer is a powerful weapon against those in power.

  99. Jk – good point about prayer being effective. I also use prayer sites for protection such as Prayonit and daily guideposts. I have a blog on taknbsorbemwon5.wordpress.com

    • jk9267 says:

      Prayerwarrior–I visited your blog and the prayer sites you use and I was impressed with everything you do. These are powerful tools I intend to use to continue fighting the demonic stench also known as the Illuminati.

      • Thanks jk. I was impressed by your contributions to the subject in the conversation. Like you I was gang stalked for years before finding out through the internet and the revelations of some very clever people that what I was experiencing was “gang stalking”. Otherwise I would probably still be in ignorance. I only discovered “gang stalking” last year.
        The flood of misinformation would be quite unnecessary for the authorities if gang stalking was an illusion. I think it is a cover for the biggest con game that anyone has ever got away with.
        I believe they use psychics – and prayer is THE tool for countering occult, and preventing occult from working. So they seek to target and control Christians. If they have the occult AND prayer, combining the power of hell with the power of the gods – and we know those idiots are totally immoral and completely irresponsible – we are all heading for disaster.
        One of my blogs explains why I use the handle “Prayerwarriorpsychicnot”. See “Prayerwarrior?”

  100. Try this link to Prayer Warrior?

    • jk9267 says:

      I agree with you Prayer Warrior, it is a psychological game they play and the battlefield is the mind. I’m glad that you got a fix on it through the Internet gang stalking sites in your own case. Prayer is the tool against these demonic forces as you rightly point out. Note in this chat room how the delusional twit called Google in the comment below attempts to equate your link with cost so as to influence people from clicking on your link.

      • Thanks jk. I try to identify their techniques of framing perceptions wherever I find them. But I’ve realised that net users develop a net version of street smarts so maybe they discredit themselves more and expose themselves with their tactics. Do you have a blog? Regards.

  101. google says:

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  102. jk9267 says:

    No, Prayerwarrior, I don’t have a blog but I have written for others.

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  104. nunya says:

    Gang stalkers must HATE the fact that american citizens are protectef by the U.S. constitution. I believe that when they are tortured in the same manner they will look to the same constitution to guide them to greener pastures. What is soooooo great about the NWO that the United States is sooooooo lacking that fifth columnists userpers would gang against their own country. Big tits and a brazilian butt lift didn’t help those who were silenced by histories perpetrators of mass genocides. I guess I am a big dummy after all. Signed, Still Smiling 🙂

  105. Anonymous121 says:

    Victims should all distribute flyers to raise awareness of what is happening to them. If all victims came together and did this it would do damage to the Stasi networks. A good website with flyers that victims can use is – FightGangStalking.com. If all victims distributed the flyers on this website, it is a way to create solidarity.

    • jk9267 says:

      I agree with Anonymous121 about the flyers. I personally have distributed 2000 of them to groups I belonged to such as the John Birch Society. These scum New World Order types rely on their ability to keep you in fear so you do nothing; the one thing they can’t tolerate is lack-of-fear on your part. When you go public you demonstrate your lack of fear. To stop you, these scum will go as far as stopping the harassment against you.

      • Anonymous121 says:

        If more victims would do this, we could do some massive damage to the whole Stasi program in a short time. The natural tendency for many victims of gang stalking is to keep their heads down and be very passive and cautious – which accomplishes nothing.

  106. wayne says:

    I Just want you to know that I have been persecuted in different ways all my life by family and others , I have moved to another state thinking that things would chance but it didn’t it such continued as before I moved. I am now in my 50s.

  107. wayne says:

    I agree with the statement made by Anonymous 121. But how can I get the flyers other then on the internet? Do you have a mailing address where I can order these flyers? Best wishes,

    • jk9267 says:

      I wrote up my flyers, actually a two-page letter outlining some of the things these creeps did to me, and the reasons for the harassment and I pointed to gang-stalking sites for further information. Most important, I signed these flyers with my own name.Furthermore, I spoke to churches to churches that would allow you to confess to the audience; these are non-congregational churches and you couldn’t hear a pin drop when I spoke. Was I afraid? Hell no. I wasn’t going to live my life as an experiment for a police state.

      • Hi, jk, I wish you would write a blog. You’ve got some of the best insights into the gang stalking situation I’ve seen. Any comments on the Patrick McLaw case?

      • Donna says:

        Hi my name Donna I’ve been going through same thing 4yrs now. Not knowing whom to trust, I’d like to request if u could write for me what I should put on a flyer and speech I could also make to the church or letter to copy to send out. I only have a cell phone be lucky if u even get this they won’t let me my printers running vandalized computer, cameras, etc. but I can write it down and take to s printing shop. Have flyers printed. Their have about got me destitute but I make a way for that, my hand writing is not the best and of course I have lost or as u would say been abandoned by any an everyone. I haven’t even been able to pay for honest help. I could email me an or if you have printed where to order? Actually I’m at a loss right now , can’t get help cops cover up or over look for idiots, I’ve got God and my sanity but every day when I go out of my rat cage I call it , I pray no one walks by me , I’m afraid I’ll go off on them ,that’s how far I’ve been push
        I’m trying sale out move . Can’t get help. Looks like I’m going have walk off leve everything.
        I don’t no if my email shows or not ? If u can’t see pls let me no ok thanks

  108. STEPHEN BROWN says:

    I have left a comment next to the article dated 26/02/2014, please read and see if you can relate to the uk.

    • There are sleep apnopea alarms which might help. You need to list your separate problems and look at each one. Regarding gassing/poisoning, a reasonable sized room with one or more windows you can keep open at all times is ideal. TIs have to become very self-sufficient as we can’t rely on anyone for anything. Medical problems are frustrating because if the medics deny you correct diagnosis and deny there is a problem and then accuse you of mental imbalance when you insist there is little you can do. Take a look at diet. Add a diet milkshake to your diet. They include all needed minerals and vitamins in case you have a deficiency. Some foods (Brazil nuts, no more than 3 per day) help take toxins/metals out of the body. Sorry to hear about all the problems you are having.

  109. To prayerwarriorpsychicnot:
    Thanks for your kind words. Regarding the McLaw case, the first thing I would want to know is what kind of Community support does McLaw have, is he married, a member of a church or does he know someone important. These coward perps go after isolated individuals, especially where media is involved. If he has talked to friends and family about his harassment before he wrote the book, probably he is already considered crazy by them. In other words, these scum might see an easy way to put him away and silence dissent.

    Psychiatric internment is what built the Soviet Union, they are experts in silencing dissent through this method and they wrote the book on it.

    Targeted individuals should not talk to family or friends about what is happening to them. Either because of a reprobate mind or some other reason, they will think the family member is nuts. Under certain guidelines, talk to strangers only.

  110. ww 5679 says:

    I have been reading comments for a while now and researching gangstalking, NWO and so on. I know I have lived this my entire life only to discover around 2007 because they wanted me to know then. They do not hide it at all anymore very furth coming with it. They have said it to my face not in exact words like that but made it very known. Its everyone I know and have been around my life. Should have known when I saw on my daughters cell phone years ago her dads contact name was gangsta strange but when you do not realize what people are doing to you at the time you disregard things even things that make no sense. Why because you trust people. I have said a lot to family and friends over the years while trying to figure all this out and was told you know what you are crazy denial denial denial that’s the game or cant remember what I said or did to you when you call them out on it . I have all the normal things every one else has that goes along with this. Well enough for this post I know they are reading this and pretty sure they want me to post this as well . They use these sites to get info on you helps to monitor you like you said always looking for response from you physical, mental whatever it maybe

    • wayne says:

      I just want you to know that I have been gang stalked as well since 1980, I decided to move out of state last year thinking that things would change but they didn’t it just followed me to the other state I moved too. Some of the things I experience is rude behavior from strangers I also deal with Isolation and persecution from people in the town where I live.

      • Hi Wayne
        I can relate because I have been stalked since 1988 when the term ‘gang stalking’ did not exist at least in regard to what happened to us. I can also relate to the rudeness from business people and others, My ordeal came to an end with a death threat in 2010, except for nuisance calls from around the country, and I have blocked those, nothing else has happened since then.

  111. seth says:

    Gang stalking is Jewish racial supremism, which is labelled as the NWO to misdirect people.

    the jews killed 10 million in the holodomor, 85 million in Inidia through the British Empire and 1 billion in total throughout history. They are genocidal maniacs.

    They are the genetic enemy of every non-jew on the planet.

    • ww 5679 says:

      would like to know the stages of this this has been my entire life and keeps getting worse. Seems has gotten a little more since I posted on this site. I know they monitor everything about me they repeat it back to me. Iam always being threatned with death, sickness, poverty you name it. I have yet to find anyone not envolved in this. They are in my house when Iam gone, in my car when out of it working putting bugs all in my car and house constantly and using weapons on me in my house when driving using people to talk to you in a nice way only to distract you from what they are doing using kids. Let me know if someone knows the stages of this I think I am getting to the end stages they are telling me that I will be found on the street or dead in my home from some common cause that no one knew I had they like to make everything look like it is normal everday stuff. I don’t write that much because it has been so much I would be writing a book about everything that has happened and said to me tho they are attacking me more physically now I did the doctor thing a couple of years ago found nothing when I was really sick only wanting to do same test over and over again treating me like don’t come back here again they know what this is I can tell by what they say to me usually does not make since in a normal setting the only thing they want to do is drop clues as to what is really happening to you. I am a nurse so I know. It is to the point now it does not bother me much anymore it is so old. I don’t know if any of you are as far into this as I am what they radiate you with changes you physically as they like to put it cooking you
      and I am a easy target no support from anyone.

  112. wayne says:

    You better read Genesis 12:3 in the Bible, Every nation that went against the Jewish people brought a curse on themselves.

  113. andrew310 says:

    Will they believe in electronic harassment as torture in court?

    • ww 5679 says:

      Andrew strange question state your story if you have one sounds like questions we get from people who play in this.

      • ww 5679 says:

        Sorry if anyone on this site is truly going through what they say they are andrew310 seems to be one of my perps one that I know because I am experiencing this right now and this is what they do like to tell you and make fun of it and let you know that nothing can or will be done. How am I pretty sure of Andrew well never posted before just checked and strange way to start out on blog and as I was reading this just go on internet here comes txt from one of my main perps see they know without naming them I have if you read my above post. So becareful if going through this because I just introduced some possible new ones to site . I am pretty good at filtering them now tho I have spent a lot of time with them in the knowing and unknowing state like I said I am in late stages of this 44 year old my whole life was married to one arranged now I know had to piece it all togethere when I discovered this in 2007 as my family all decided I needed to see psychiatrist because everyone is perfect and I am crazy.

  114. andrew310 says:

    Long story short, I know the people who are doing it and I know where they live. It has been going on now for about 5 months now. My neighbors from my ex-house, both sides, used to communicate with me while inside my house minding my own business. They like talked into a mic or something and played it out loud. Using voice changers to change the pitch of the frequency. High or low.
    Then I got kicked out of my ex-house by them. Since they always told the landowner (their relative by the way) that they saw me as a threat(i dont know how or why). So I moved back to my moms house thinking positive that they werent gonna bug me throughout the day 24/7. Thinking that the voices werent gonna be in my head since they somehow communicated with me using artificial telepathy(electronic telepathy). I have done my research and found out it is silent sound mind control.
    I know the people and I have done my research. How can I not sound like a schizophrenic to the cops or at court. The electric stalking and harassment has been too bad for too long where it goes on at home, work and in the streets.
    Feel free to ask me any questions or give me advise. Thanks.

    • Whatever they do to you is done so you cannot collect evidence to use against them; that is their weakness. So, if you are going to stop them, you have to fight these sneaky cowards in the same way–anonymously. And, it means sending letters anonymously to their neighbors letting the neighbors know who these creeps are and the purpose for why they are doing this to you. You can even call them pedophiles, it doesn’t matter. Just know that their sole purpose is to destroy your life and they will never stop until you do something.

    • ww 5679 says:

      This is not something that just just happens over night this is thought out you are studied you are researched things happen slowly then increase sounds like you are trying to relay a message if you have done your research you know the answer to your first question you are not who you say you are.

      • Jayme Lynn Dawkins says:

        It has been proved in court before. And the state of Michigan actually has a law that states it is illegal to electronically harass and torture people through the use of this type of equipment!! Law 256.

  115. Jayme Lynn Dawkins says:

    Hey. I would like to know if there are any other TI’s in the Nashville area at this time. I have reported this stalking to the Nashville Police and can get no help. I’ve recently moved here from AL where the stalking of my friend that I lived with, my kids, and me first started. Nashville has a gang unit. And this type of stalking is classified as gang stalking. I’m wondering how to get the police to investigate further. Thank you. I’ve also reported this to the TN burea of Investigation. And still have gotten no help and couldn’t get any help for us in AL either.

    • We have been infiltrated and that is why we have a criminal government. Most likely someone in the police department knows you are telling the truth but will never admit it because their job would be on the line, or worse, the same would happen to them that happens to you. Unless you understand the big picture in this country, you won’t be able to fight them as effectively as you could–otherwise. I know because I stopped the street theater and the electronic harassment, etc. I admit that I get nuisance telemarketing phone calls and scam calls but I have a device that blocks them, and I am not sure they originate from perpetrators. If you want to know how I stopped them, reply to me.

  116. I went public. I distributed thousands of flyers to strangers describing what was happening to me and why it was happening. I spoke in non-congregational churches that permitted people to get-up and make a confession; I was able to get my word across before I was asked not to come back. If you want to know more, reply to me.

  117. I’m not sure I understand your question, so I will just continue with what I did to stop the harassment. I told everyone through letter and speech that in Russia when these criminals co-opted that country, they were not dealing with constitutionally-free citizens like in the United States–so experimentation was needed if they were to suppress US citizens. Gang-stalking was born and it was a way to punish US whistle blowers or others who pissed off powerful people. The Marxist criminals, bankers and other wanted to see what would happen to us if they took our self-worth away. They wanted to see how easy it would be to gets citizen to work against citizen in America; in other words, using perps to take everything away from us and make us non-citizens just like they do in the Soviet Union.

    I knew I was on the right track because I got a death threat January 2010. I knew I touched a raw nerve. I got the death threat from what I thought was a friend. I should of known better because the ‘friend’ was a secretary in the local Mason Lodge..

    • ww5679 says:

      Why haven’t you started a group to rally together? Where do you live what state?

      • jk9267 says:

        A better question is, if there is way to stop this, why wouldn’t you and other targeted individuals go public like I did. Why are you and others looking for a leader when you can do this by yourself? If these Marxists cowards knew everybody was not afraid to stand up for what they believe and spread the word, gang stalking would come to a halt because these criminals do not like the ‘light of exposure.’

        This is a battle for your mind. If they can keep you afraid of speaking out, they’ve won–you are controllable like cattle. Either you agree with what they are doing to you, or you don’t. If you can’t see yourself as a soldier in a war in America, you are lost.

        Almost all the the people who have contacted me are perps pretending to be TIs. A small number is real and I tell them the same thing I am telling you, if you can’t see this as a war on American soil and you can’t see yourself as a soldier, then you are lost, or you never believed in freedom to begin with, o I can’t help you.

        I live in Connecticut.

  118. ww 5679 says:

    There is more power in numbers that is why they use many as well if they only had one they would not be successful. I don’t know everything about your situation. Here everyone is envolved so you could go to the church try to speak out go anywhere that would not change a thing.

    If you have family and friends you must be doing good if they are not in this don’t see how tho there goal is to infiltrate your whole support system and if people don’t comply well they could become you I know no one that will put there self out there for this.

    I was not asking for your help just questioning things. Seems to me if what you did worked it would be one of two things you would leave this alone and live a normal life or you would feel so impowered by what you have accomplished on your on that you would know what you could accomplish with numbers and fighting to end this all together. Instead you just blog maybe your situation was not that bad or maybe not at all I don’t know

    . All I can tell you is here even if you don’t believe in this you will go along with it. Before you ever know what they are doing to you they have reached your whole support system if they don’t kinda makes it hard to get away with it why power in numbers not a new concept.

    As I was told by a perp if you cant beat them join them so we all know they use sites to get info so everbody think about that and read the other posts and becareful about what you believe and do.

    It is hard to believe any one can beat this alone if that was true they would not be so successful people would not be going along. This is a small portion of population of people being used to control a large population of people training the young to follow.

    This probly has nothing to do with most people as far as anything thing they have done in the past just choosen for this purpose. They just use your past on you to try to confuse you and keep you in turmoil and guessing and thinking you have done something wrong that started this for you.

    Part of what is done is to put out info that they are for by stating they are against it to see who they can attract in for views not a new concept Hitler.

    I believe they also like to install hope to keep you fighting. If they wanted to get rid of you they could have already done that. That’s not to say they are not just when they are done. Lets look at this they spend time, energy, and money on this they don’t want you gone until they are done. They will keep the numbers of TI low because if the numbers of TI get to high that is not good more power in numbers.

  119. jk9267 says:

    You talk like you are an outsider intellectualizing this whole thing. A person who has not gone through the feelings. There is something about the way you talk that bothers me. Tell me about yourself. How long have you been targeted? What do you think started it? Just how angry are you?

    • ww5679 says:

      I have posted above my story to some point to long could write a book. I have been through all the feelings. Its like the stages of death denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. I have been in this my whole life always knew something was up. That’s how I know if you are not taught this as a child and brought up with this then watch out there could be a reason for that. They are training the young to participate I was not taught. Why? I know no one who does not participate in this. I am not a outsider as far as suffering the treatment. I have reached acceptance and when you do you can look at this from outside the box and see it and people for what it is. I bother you no surprise.I question your motives with this site.I have questioned the people who participate in this. They do not like being questioned. They like to speak be heard that is their only intrest to persuade you misguide you. Emotions affect your judgement that’s why they play with them. A good soldier has to put away is emotion as I am sure you have. You just do the best you can.

  120. Red Commie says:

    These people are arrogant evil psychos.
    They will not stop what they’re doing ever. Once a psycho always a psycho.
    The problem is that many of these “monsters” enjoy what they’re doing. Others are probably just desperate for a paycheck. Your government has never been as evil and corrupt as it is today.
    We are almost past the point of no return. Thugs, traitors, corruption is no longer the exception, it’s the rule. This site itself could be a set up? That’s how
    the gang bangers, thugs, liars, extortionists, murderers collect names.
    THEY” are stalkers and psychological rapists. They don’t need to torture people for jesus they torture people for money and control, sometimes revenge.

    The good news is that divine intervention and retaliation is already
    taking place. You don’t see or hear about it because they control the media.
    Nevertheless, it is happening.

    You should always watch out for people
    who think torture, murder, harassment,
    etc etc etc are funny. I have a feeling that this isn’t going to end well for them.
    They have provided themselves their own license to steal, kill, and destroy. What you don’t see is how much pleasure these deranged sociopaths get
    from destruction of another human.

    There is no way to win, because at this
    level of insanity and corruption everyone loses eventually.

    Have faith and pray. But pray not to idols, or wicked men. The lord works in
    the light. These are the workers of usury, lies, darkness, extortion, war,
    human experiments, torture, fraud,, murder, and any other method of iniquity or debauchery you can imagine.
    F them.

  121. Red Commie says:

    I’m not angry at all. I just get tired of
    being jerked around, murdered, by arrogant criminal scum. You answered
    very quickly. Are you angry? On call

    I realize that the murder, extortion, experiments, assault, theft, religious intolerance, character assassination,
    persecution etc are an inside joke. One of those things only an imbecile could find legitimate or legal.

    I also believe that you try provoking people to anger. Is it your Job? We know that when dealing with shills in this current regime dishonesty and dishonor are the best policies.

    We wont find common ground because
    you think we need rulers and no human rights.

    Do you not like the way I type? Maybe truth bothers you? Hey, I have an idea.
    From now on I’m going to treat you with as much respect and courtesy as you show your victims. In other words none.

  122. ww 5679 says:

    Yes guys seems as tho you have described yourself pretty accurately. if you want to know who is higher up in rankings of this follow the money.

  123. Pri Vate says:

    It is my belief that gangstalking is now really just terrorist watch-list harassment (although it has existed for decades prior to 9/11 on a limited basis). A sub-set of the million people on the terrorist watch-list are singled out for extra-judicial stalking and harassment – apparently for experimental purposes, in many cases.

    It’s stated purpose is to watch terrorists. But that’s just a cover.

    It is a mechanism of social and political control designed by the USG to neutralize it’s enemies (both individual or collective). It has nothing to do with terrorism or criminality.
    If you have opposed policy, spoken out, pissed off the wrong person, or challenged the status quo in any manner, you can be added to the watch-list. All paid for by taxpayer money.

    They love to hire the lower end of the social spectrum (i.e. people with poor jobs, no careers, and no education beyond high school). These hirelings have little critical thinking ability, follow illegal orders regardless of ethics or morality, and accept authority without questioning. People of this class generally have no meaning beyond their day-to-day lives and thus are easy prey for the propaganda. Members also tend to have low self esteems and strongly benefit from group dynamics. These individuals also have no understanding or reverence for liberty, the Constitution, Due Process and the principles made this country great. In essence, they are just throw-a-way dupes.

    Since stalking and harassing is one of the lowest forms of human behavior, lies are necessary. Stalkers are told they doing a special work and protecting the national security of the US. They may have even been promised positions of authority, greater income, and careers in intelligence for their participation. They are also told lies about their targets. They may have been told that the target is a suspected terrorist, child molester, or somebody who done terrible things and has escaped justice.

    Interestingly enough, if the target doesn’t match the stalkers notion of what a terrorist should look like (i.e. attends church, works a full time job, participates in community service), then the stalkers are told that these things are just a cover and the targets are trying to hide their true identity and purpose.

    Enemies are also manufactured because the War on Terror is BIG Business. Huge informant networks, citizen spies, expensive Fusion Centers, government military & intelligence contractors, the creation of DHS, and BILLIONS spent YEARLY on the War on Terror cannot exist without enemies. So in order to show that their funding is justified, enemies are routinely created to show that terrorism is an ever present threat.

    The ultimate purpose is probably the creation of police state.

    • patrick f jensen says:

      Tried the police no luck any answers help i am being abused

      • SERGEANT BARBIE B4 The Torture/Poison says:

        You can find ways I can not disclose to help you. I’ve discovered a few, but there’s so many clones! They’re all out to harm us. The bullets are for the enemy not the good! You have to defend yourself! Try to shower more, flush out your system take pictures of every one you encounter and try your best for clean air food and water! Fight back!


  125. J Justice says:

    They harass people for Delta 32 CCR5 bone marrow, it’s the cure for aids. They drive people to suicide and dig up their bones. They get a wire tap order. Break in your house and put in a Digital Angel, then they Frey you..

  126. I BELEAVE says:

    does any body out there live near laguna beach if so we all should start our own antistalkers group and give these pussys abit of their own meds we can call it street reality god knows they deserve alotmore nomore stalkers we can stop these assholes jf we bandf together

  127. patrick f jensen says:

    Why you think you get ic3 marshall patriot act

  128. patrick f jensen says:

    Help i have been abused and cant get up from the abuse of

  129. Pri Vate says:

    Yes – exposure seems to be the only course of action that significantly impacts these traitors.

    After much analysis, I believe that these (at least partially) are trauma-based human behavioral modification experiments. We are human test subjects. Through fear and trauma, they are trying to re-write your mind.

    That’s why it’s so important to not give them any reaction.

    I believe this is watch-list oriented. Innocent people are placed on watch-lists and the lower-end perps believe they are stalking and harassing suspected terrorists, criminals, etc. A sub-set of the watch-list is singled out for extra-intensive harassment and experimentation.

    You can however, create an atmosphere where they are not comfortable around you. You can create trauma in them through doing to them what they do to you. You can sensitize them also.

    When you are actively engaged in fighting back, you no longer feel like a victim.

    • jk9267 says:

      To Pri Vate,
      There are many ways to create that atmosphere and I have tried a few of the them. Embarrassing the hell out of them with their neighbors, for example, is one way. But, by far, the greatest way to send them packing is quietly praying. I’ve gotten dramatic results when I prayed, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you satan to leave me and those around me.” I believe, however, that this works only if the person praying believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God that he resurrected from the dead.
      The fact that it works for me says a lot about what whole thing is about.

    • drink milk says:

      It’s Communism, to keep you poor and miserable! And ugly! They play dress up then play games.. they play authoritative figures too and they either help you or hurt you worse!

      Drink milk…

  130. John G. says:

    I for the most part have defeated gangstalkers, I lock all my doors with hasps and padlocks installed on the inside. All my windows have extra locks installed on the inside. I can leave my home through the garage using a digital outlet timer, a DC to AC inverter, and a deep cycle battery. I set up the timer to turn off about 1 min after I close the garage door hence the door cannot open, even if the gangstalkers somehow can copy the codes in my garage door remote control. Also, for added security, I removed the emergency door release handle and latch so that they can’t use a coat hanger to unlatch the door mechanically.

    Also, I defeated their ability to read thoughts, they are able to discern thoughts using advanced technology hidden in almost all newer electronic devices. So what I did was get older electronic devices and thoroughly tested them to make sure they don’t have this nefarious technology built in.

    It appears to me that goal of gangstalkers was “force” people back to the “church” analogous to the inquisition, they torture those whom they consider heretics or degenerates into compliance or suicide. In my case it was my belief in UFOs and ETs and my arguments against the oil companies and support of the arguements for anthropogenic climate change that brought about these gangstalking stumblebums. But I survived and I am now an atheist. I want to show these gangstalking stumblebums that materialism is more powerful than their fairy tale stumblebum god.

    • drink milk says:

      It’s Communism! But thanks for the advice! I think the main idea is to drink lots of milk, and your ideas sound great!

      These people attack anyone & everyone! There’s no excuse or reason, they’re not even human… majority have no clue.

      It’s not personalized, there’s no excuse for this except Communism, and Holocaust like activists. These are by our so-called “finest and brightest” but they’re just classless trash. Once you see the beauties abroad compared to what we have, see, are offered- you’ll be disappointed! We the people got ripped off, robbed, and tortured for no reason!

      This is not the best country in the world!

  131. Dbm says:

    If the main floor is armed with security protection they pursue the upper levels that are not armed, have window contact that will go off in a loud siren. They are peeping toms , wear masks, infrared, led, pull on locals for enlistment…another spoke sees their shil lites in public femalish restrooms, post operants inside so one from within will aid them in gaining access to getting in and home invasions, they are in your bathrooms so when normal people disrobe to shower their eyes that have invaded or gained some access to you home, inch to see you and or family members naked. Their cloaked as shadows or shilohetted. They are everywhere. Mind blowing.

    • drink milk says:

      It’s disgusting

      Their focus has destroyed our own economy hopes dreams and every waking second!

      There’s no love in this place. It’s a hell, ran by Commies!

  132. Natalie says:

    I know how you feel I have had this happening a lot after I moved with my family to another town (it started in my home town when I was 3 years old) I was told that someone would harass me because I had temper tantrums when I was young I would forever be harassed because I did “something bad” in my past life and I was in a group and did bad things and that when I was older they would harass me more and more. I was also told it was because I stood up for a cause my parents stood up for (which I cant remember what it was any more) I was angry that people were doing what they did and I couldn’t believe it. This really made the person angry. I was told by my dad if I participate in particular religious councelling I will be subjected to this bullshit my dad said if I did the religious services I would be able to overcome it. My dad said that is what he said I would have to put up with this bull shit this is what he said after I told him I had a dream that a guy said this and then my dad told me it was real. I have been electronically mind read and they use a trigger word in public (people I dont know, lots of them) I heard the illuminati free masons was trying to get me to join them but I never was contacted by the free masons or been in their church or known any free mason.

  133. peon says:

    Oh yes, these bankrupt thieves and sociopaths are stalking people because of Jesus. What a scam. Everyone turns to their higher power (in these forums) In other words, you are only being persecuted, tortured, and robbed because you don’t share the same beliefs. You know what Jesus said about usury, thou shall not steal, thou should not put up stumbling blocks, thou shall not gossip, let him without sin cast the first stone, thou shall not murder, you f#&;#!- idiotic hypocrites.

    Your whole world is fake, corrupt, based on usury, led by hypocrites, thieves and professional liars. Of course you’re going to sponsor and condone religious persecution, fraud, privilege, murder, etc.
    You’re just another example of what’s wrong here. I’ve got news for you buddy,
    your little BS shenanigans is not going to end well. We’ll judge you stupid bastards according to your rotten fruit.
    You don’t stalk people for their own good, you stalk them because you’re a dependant dipshit, and for your own benefit. How does a filthy, wretched, psycho, scumbag, hypocrite impose his religion on others? With brute force, intimidation, abuse, deception, and lies.

    How has Idolatry worked out for you so far sheeple? You’re on lockdown, you’re bankrupt, you owe the government trillions, you’re being exterminated, you pay morons to dress up and be privileged why your nation devolves into a third world country.

    Tell us again why we need this? We are living in the dark ages, when there’s technology available to do amazing things. But instead of reaping the rewards that God intended, you reap the wrath of imbeciles and idols.

    It’s fantastic, and I believe that we can extend the suffering for at least another 5000 years, if this experiment/disaster doesn’t manifest itself before then.

    Sorry to sound negative, but in my experience it’s often the religious wolves in sheep’s clothing who are my biggest threat or enemy. I don’t by any means want to shed a bad light on all religious folks, but some of these imposters make me want to vomit.

    Everything you know and see is being controlled by another man. It seems like a few years ago freedom and prosperity were possible for anyone who wanted it. Now douche bags, attorneys, bill collectors, rats and weasels are waiting for your paycheck more than you. If you’re really unfortunate, you might get whacked. (Celebrity, millionaire, etc) This is no longer just the work of the mafia, but seems to be prevalent in large corporations, intelligence agencies, and other branches of Gov. They have a monopoly and reserve on this ponzi scheme, and collect interest on money printed out of thin air.

    I hate to bitch, but I don’t want you stalking me for any reason. I’d rather be a martyr. Take that to the bank and tell your Jesus what’s really going on here.
    I don’t believe he’d approve of the nonsense. In fact he’s probably very upset as it is, without your distortions of reality, or religion of convenience. People are being murdered and slaughtered like animals as we discuss and try to justify stalking. If that’s you, you can shove it!

  134. I am currently being harassed daily. It seems that there are so many ppl involved in this street theatre. The thing that gets me is, it seems like the police are involved in this harrasment. They got inside my truck last nite and put my visors down. They drive by my job sites constantly. I have tried to explain to friends what goes on and they just look at me crazy. I am about to move. Will this help? And why me?

    • jk9267 says:

      You probably crossed someone who has power and connections with the over-bloated federal bureaucracy that peppers the landscape of this once-great Republic. Then…you were put on a list which puts a target on your back. You are now, as a target, an object of experimentation in the exciting world psychological terror.

    • Mandy Montgomery says:

      Moving wont help. We have moved 7 times in 6 years they still at it. This isnt your fault

    • drink milk says:

      They use up your gas, steal from home, put other ppl s stuff in sometimes. Usually cheap but steal the expensive.. moving won’t help, be quiet. Watch what you take in and the air you breathe.. they come in while you sleep too. You can’t get up to fight back they hold you down with military technology

      Sometimes I wake up feeling raped., sometimes they just rape me!

      Just be quiet. Try to outsmart them and watch everything then go over it immediately

      Play with the pictures you’ll see more..

      Try to overcome the adversaries
      They are many like demons, ugly, and cloned and over privileged

      It’s a Commie nation like a living hell

      Look around you’ll see whose who

  135. Mandy Montgomery says:

    Hi this is happening to me and my Sons too. Repeat burglaries, things taken from my car and returned to my house later, old clothes I give to away brought back into house, stale bread I threw out put back in pantry, followed, harrassed in car they have even tried to run us off the road but usually its high beaming and tail gating on motorway where there is a speed camera up ahead. Police joining in the harrassment. Coming home to garage door open, doors unlocked, waking up to things moved, lights turned off. We sleep with knives under our pillows, the other morning I woke up and the knife was gone. Even heard a voice outside the super market like they were right beside me, thinking they put a small device in my jacket to do that. Unexplained sickness headache vomitting always on a friday, go to hospital a couple of times, within 5 minutes off being there police turn up. Urinated on my bed, the floor. Males sent in to pretend to want to date me just to play with my head and desrupt our life. Is it wise to report to the police?

    • drink milk says:

      They use anyone possible to exploit!

      I read get pad locks on interior doors, door jammers?

      Everyone is in on it.. all Doctors & authorities or they hurt them too!

      The males steal everything and then poison you, they may even try to touch your kid!

      These things are not human but Nazi clones.The technology used is unbelievable
      It’s beyond comprehension

      Try to eat nutrious, keep your air food and water clean, focus on making money and protective measures

      Trust no one

      Take pictures

      Study each event mentally or on a piece of paper no more than 15 minutes, go back to it, try to keep studying same event numerous times in many different ways. Try to figure out as much detail from time of day who what when where

      It’s the same ppl

      They play dress up better than Hollywood

      Try to remember their faces.. I can’t

      Pictures disappear technology fails
      Worse and worse is happening

      It’s a huge disappointment especially when I shop or look around the cities and people

      They reward the hellish demons evils
      And punish the good

      Save money if you can., try to put your son in a graduate level military school a year or two before graduating. Must be a graduate!

      Realize they are poisoning us, try to be careful with it all even the brat in line standing too close is wearing it then your mood changes
      Even the bartender or food servers are involved

      So are other kids! I grew up with most of these POS & they hurt me in every way they could then rubbed in my face “their glories”, their “health”, “their hair”, “their skin*” their “eyes” “their teeth*” “their careers” “their better living”. What they failed to realize is how fast those things can be ripped out and shoved down their throats! They’ve made me to hate them so much I wish them deAd

      They’ve killed off most of my family

      They won’t allow me a family or any love whatsoever

      They torture the fck out of me
      They raped me
      They’ve done things I won’t say
      They’ve stolen my stuff & money & time & beauty & education & career & hope & dreams & force me to remember the things or people I wish were erased completely

      These people I knew for so long were worse than strangers! They come back just to laugh at me… they look me in the eyes, and laugh in my face while pretending to be cordial, no class, no worth, no style, no sense, no respect, no love all I see now is a demon in human form God needs to slay, Saint Michael…

      Try your best to take pictures study those

      Get something to keep them out!

      I was naked and I woke up with shorts on, the fckd up individual drove by my house smiling at me

      I woke up feeling raped or they set me up to be raped by their human masks ppl

      They beat me in the hospitals then billed me over $6k after illegally incarcerating me in their dirty facilities with cameras everywhere and childhood “friends*” all set ups for failure and my demise

      There’s too much to list!

      They forced my family to get hurt in the military after making them watch their friends die and having to touch them and not being able to help at all, they don’t pay any of them a dime

      This country is a hell like the movie “The Labyrinth” all those grabbing hands, so many distractions from the main point, the room filled with junk just to break free to mocking demons! They rob you in every way possible even if it means entering your home illegally as you don’t catch them because if you do they just spray you so you can’t defend your property privacy etc

      They also rape by watching from satellite every day In many ways making you hate it so much you want to die!

      I’ve never met so much trash as I have from their own “so-called” finest and brightest

      This is a disgusting Communist Shithole compared to many places they are now trying to destroy instead of fixing our own

  136. Mandy Montgomery says:

    Can anyone tell me how they are getting into my house without breaking and entering? I have changed the locks since a key went missing but they are still coming in

    • Dmoney says:

      Pls if you need help. I can help you, my harassment has gone from 100% intensity to like 10%. The more I read the bible, sing praises to the Lord. My harassers flee from me. The bible says ” if you resist the devil long enough, he will flee from you.
      Gang stalking is a demonic thing, only manifesting itself in the physical. I recently found out my harassers are related with the occult. These people have power, can see your future, they seem to know everywhere u are at. Going to the police and getting a lawyer would not help. These demons feed of your ANGER, FEAR, SORROW, NEGATIVE ENERGY. Don’t give them that, the intensity gets stronger if you do.

    • jk9267 says:

      Dmoney has the answer. To find out who we are dealing with, in KJV read Ephesians 6:12 and put on the whole armor of God

    • Dmoney says:

      They are demons. Supernatural entities.

    • drink milk says:

      Military technology

      They’re privileged bastards

      They steal things too
      And leave behind poisons
      They are worse than commies because the commies at least allow the people information And careers

  137. Dmoney says:

    Jesus is the only answer. It like being in the matrix. The demons can hop into an unclean person to make nasty comments to you. They even know where you would be at a particular time. Give your life to Christ, pray everyday and watch your gang stalkers run.

    • drink milk says:

      Christ is Jewish

      Have you seen what those people do?!!!

      Protect yourself and have faith in a higher power! Not Holocaust victims forced to be tortured slowly to death the discover their “God particle”

      We are but more victims like the environment and everything we have to look at! This is such a hell hole! I see demons in human form, I wish I could slay them like Saint Michael

  138. Dmoney says:

    Please I am only here to help you FREE OF CHARGE. Lawyers would take your money. Private investigators would take your money. Please the Answer is ( Start by accepting Jesus Christmas as your personal lord and saviour, and you MUST have faith and believe that he is your saviour, the enemy would test your faith, and try to make noise while you are praying to make you believe that Jesus is not with you. TRUST ME PRAY TILL THE NOISE STOPS CONTINUE EVERYDAY AND YOU WILL START TO NOTICE THAT THE NOISE INTENSITY IS REDUCING DAY BY DAY AND YOUR HARASSERS OUT SIDE WILL DIMINISH OR EVEN FLEE FROM YOU.

  139. Dmoney says:

    Pls feel free to email me or even calm me. I am a born again Christian. I would love to help any T.I’s like me.

    Email: dmoney1982@outlook.com
    Phone: 778-928-7450 (David)

    • jk9267 says:

      Re: Mandy Montgomery. Seeking help and never responding can be the sign of a perpetrator; however, perps normally use misdirection in their comments. Everything you said is spot-on as far as I am concerned.

  140. Charles says:

    what is the meanings behind the tactics of gangstalking, what are they trying to tell us when we are harassed.

    • jk9267 says:

      To Charles: The short answer is brain washing, getting one used to being under control. And, it is much more than that. Using citizen against citizen is common in Russia. It is a way of killing individuality–the state is more important than you are. In my opinion they are trying to create the non-person here using these same tactics. They black list you so you can’t get job and make you appear crazy so your peers look down on you. Add their sick divide and conquer strategy, and you have a black-hat Russian.

    • drink milk says:

      They’re just abusing us for no reason because they hate themselves
      They’re cloned demons in human form
      Soul less disgusting waste of space time and energy

      A disgrace to the human race!

  141. Tweedles says:

    Do you like feeding each other mental mass and keep the game going?

    if you don’t like the game stop playing it. if people bring harm, give them harm.

    above all the childish ninja games and waste of time and money from boredom of childish people that need Drama, look beyond yourself..

    allot this is the black mafia, black muslim brotherhood
    and allot of covert racism .. black lives matter .. gang stalkers lives matter .. non gang stalkers lives matter .. brown nosers lives matter ..

    the ignorance is most people in these situations are dope heads .. they get paid by meth, weed and psych drugs .. the system drives people in these circles.. and I mean the blue and white collar workers .. book learned direlicts, brainwashed by their own studies of life. those are the moma’s boys and dady’s girls too afraid to step outside their mental safe circles and live life. they learn it and experience it from books, online social media, reality shows on the TV. then sit around work and psycho babel amongst each other.

    aside from this if people are bothering you. bother them back. record their actions.. wake up .. and expose them. report them and record the phone calls when you report it. if the public officials fail to perform. expose them to the media also..

    as for the stalkers they are aware what’s going on, their game is to create * ( RE-ACTION ) * that is their tactics.. usually trying to drive fear and mental instability. bring YOU to the point of cowards or as the brainwashed social circles call it ” Crazy ”

    no worries .. be as unsocially compliant as you want. or step
    into their idiot world and let them ruin you and decieve you
    of life ….

    the days of people being themselves are over. most all are
    compliant brainwashed sheeple. all the same haircut. all with
    beards ..all with tatoo’s .. all robots to the system..

    • drink milk says:

      That’s to blende in like Muslims wearing the same color sheets/same beards. It’s our only defense from tunnel rat demons

  142. jk9267 says:

    Ok. Tweedles is making sense in his11/10/15 comment. If, you the TI do not fight back, your hell will continue and there is no one to help you. Secrecy is their highest priority, and it is also their highest weak point. This is where you attack. Flyers and letters to strangers and speak to church groups about your situation. Stay away from family and friends because they will be your most ardent critic. And, cut all ties with anyone, friend or family member, who has joined in to bully you. Shun anyone who makes light of this situation. What is being used against you initially started in the Third Reich and later adopted by the Marxists and now used in this country. Above all, do not respect anyone who condones using citizen against citizen.

    • wendy wright says:

      Really jk9267 close up shop open a website under new name. The only people responding to this is people who do this for a living like you. if you had really been having problems with this you would not keep a open site to blog on every now and then,

      • ww5679 says:

        Yes this would seem to hold truth. If we are living in a police state. They could close this site down very easily if it stated the truth. So its one of two things this site is being used for that purpose and it has been allowed for deception. Or this does not exist. Think about it why would this site be allowed either way. We all know the internet is monitored nothing more then site and server what…. we cant control and see what goes where and control that. We all know we have very good technology. There is the answer.

      • I am sure they can easily take down this site and any other similar sites. I don’t know why they don’t do it. May be it is not part of their game. They just want others to think that we are just lying or we are mentally ill. They do not want people to think what we are going through is real. We know we are harassed by a group of people. We know it is real. For us,it is obvious. But when we try to explain this to outsider , we look like crazy conspiracy theorists Unfortunately,that is how this program was designed. We don’t know how it works, why we are targeted, whats their purpose etc.

      • jk9267 says:

        To Wendy Wright: The real TIs know other TIs are real from their comments. Likewise, perpetrators know REAL TIs from their comments but choose to misdirect the casual reader away from the truth. How much are you being paid to spread misinformation. Judging by your of writing ability, I’m sure it is too much.

      • drink milk says:

        Maybe… maybe someone is trying to figure out a more massive scale.,

        We are all poor tortured people compared to the abroad tunnel system governments! They have real magic and beautiful things they won’t give us because of all the trash us sent them, the demonic clones and ugly whores! They hate us and don’t share only give us what they hate to make sure they hate us more!

        They should hate us! I’ve looked Met and grown up with a lot of these demonic cunts in human form.,

        They are ugly selfish greedy worthless trash and most of their friends committed suicide! More Americans kill themselves than anywhere in the world! Welcome to hell disguised as a great place to live.. oh bs! This place tastes bitter like trash, has trash everywhere the people are infected with all kinds of nasty dirty sicko stuff! This place they call the best nation is a lie! It’s a fckn hell hole! D.C. Is disgusting with all their over privileged bastards in masks and thief god damn children!

        They’ve ruined this country in every aspect! The medical care is legalized Nazi Holocaust!!!!! And they rob us in every way possible including illegal entry!!!

        My back neighbors are two more! The whore is a spawn of Satan, with the mask and black eyes! He’s always watching me! I’m sure he’s one that comes in a lot! They have apps on their phones to watch us from satellite makes them feel special though they are shit!

        Our clothing lines, our shopping/groceries/gas/air/food/water is horrible garbage! Unless you’re a privileged family you must pay double triple for trash no other country wants!

        This is hell ran by Commies!

        You military special ops, YOU ARE A DISGRACE! You cause the problem then come in like a different person to save the day?!!! Poor Jessica Lynch, that was done by our own ppl for propaganda

      • drink milk says:

        Also most of the famous women, worked the Red Light District depending on their level in the Communism world… They’re whores! And now they live large! Demonic ugly whores! I’ve never seen such ugly demonic trash for a whore! I thought they were supposed to be cute like PlayBoy!

      • drink milk says:

        I’ve seen prettier crackheads then most of those whores surrounding Hollywood! You could fancy up these crack whores, and they’d be 1000x prettier than most of those “women”!

        It’s sad the system turned men into women, and even they look better than the majority!!!!

        It’s not about the color of your eyes, or your breasts or hair but the soul that shines through the pain!

        THE ENEMY IS WITHIN NOT ABROAD!!! THE ENEMY IS HERE!! ITS OUR AUTHORITIES, DOCTORS, SCHOOLS, NEIGHBORS, HOLLYWOOD, LAWS AND TUNNEL SYSTEMS then those little people that try to befriend you just to hurt you! Be wary of all! Find ways to protect yourselves. But do it cheap/handy then let me know.

        My mind is red like fire and boiling. I’d sleep with my doors open if I knew I could actually get out of bed to fight back! Then I’d hurt them so damn bad!!!

        Military technology keeps me down when I know and hear them!

        You POS Commies!!!! Join the team, fall even harder!

  143. Tweedles says:

    Said without Dysfunctional Distraction .. well said jk9267..

    Don’t forget fast food joints where they put soap and salt
    in your food and drink .. although I’ve grown fond of that
    Palm Olive flavouring.. eat organic as you can..

  144. By the way, this is my story. It is up to you to believe it or not. I don’t expect anyone who has not gone through this to believe me. I know it seems impossible. https://stalkingnightmare.wordpress.com/about/ Also check out Dr. Robert Duncan’s book called, Government warfare and surveillance system.

    • drink milk says:

      Make money off it? You can try!

      Those tunnel rats control everything
      You’re horrible plastic surgery your health racism etc

      You’re either affluent or super special, in this world! The rest are treated like cockroaches or bugs then they take it out on the lesser people.

      Funny how crappy this country is compared to overseas in every aspect!!!

      Our merchandise is over priced Garbage! Our living spaces are like jail cells! The views are like Communism! The Architecture & construction a complete fail, unless you pay millions even then your views outside and food..

      This is a living shit hole!

      Thank goodness for the few, that try to be decent and respectful that aren’t flip mode fakes!

  145. jk9267 says:

    In my opinion, the reason they don’t shut sites down tell-it-as-it-is to spread fear. Remember, they use citizen against citizen in Russia and not knowing who to trust is the hallmark of their system. So they want information to get out.

    • Yes another reason could be they don’t want to get caught when they play this game. If they take down sites, it would be obvious who is doing this.

    • drink milk says:

      Russia has better things by far then you would even know! Like the Arabs! They hide it and you just don’t know! Propaganda is spread to give you a false belief of something nice…

      Those places they demonized, are better than here! Go to South Chicago- wtf are you talking about Russia for????!!!

      You sound very limited in knowledge & experience

  146. ww5679 says:

    To jk9267
    Ok you are for real. Only person that has been able to hand out flyers and talk at the church and no longer has problems it just all went away. People that have been through this know better then that. Now you just blog and tell people to do the same. Hey maybe you did have problems with this and it went away when you started blogging for someone. I do agree with your comment above people can tell who is a TI and who is not.

    • jk9267 says:

      To ww5679: I got a death threat in January 2010 after giving out over 1000 flyers to strangers and speaking to Churches. I didn’t give a sh_t and I still don’t. I am not going to live the rest of my life as a psychological slave for sick Marxist ideology. Next to this, the only thing that sickens me is people like you (man or woman) who are not willing to fight these cowards by taking their most prized possession away—-secrecy. And, I never said it was completely gone (I get nuisance phone calls for which i use a call blocker). Otherwise, nothing happens. The in your face stuff which started in 1987 stopped in 2010. If you are not willing to stand up to them, you are a f__king coward.

    • drink milk says:

      Everyone is in some way… we are controlled by poisoning & military technology

  147. ww5679 says:

    To jk9267
    Define what is a Marxist to you. No need to be angry. Iam not your enemy or should not be just asking really who you are and who do see as your enemy.

    • jk9267 says:

      to ww5679: The Marxist puts the state above the individual. The individual’s rights are sacrificed for the good of the state. According to the Marixist, “The end justifies the means.” It implies that any act is fine as long as it helps them reach their goals.

    • drink milk says:

      Angry? You try that shit, and see how fast you lose yours! Are you fckn dumb

  148. jk9267 says:

    I have a failing in that I don’t have patience for people who have not experienced what I have. It is impossible to prove that a police state is being built in America to an outsider; it is easier for the outsider to believe the TI to be a nut case. On one hand, I can understand this, because of the enormity of the implications one would have to accept along with supporting the TI. One thing I will tell you is that I was not a strong Christian when I was first attacked in 1987, and that I became one as a result of my experience. For me to understand why you and a large population of people cannot see what is going on, I got my answer from 2 Thessalonians 2:11 that gives the reason: that God sent a strong delusion to many so that they would live a lie.right up until the end of time.

  149. ww5679 says:

    On the contrary. I do not believe you are a nut case. I know you are very aware of things that are going on. I also understand that large amount of the population does see whats going on. Thessalonians 1 and 2 does have answers and words to live by. Maybe it is how it is interpreted by some people. I don not know what all you have experienced please tell more of what has happened to you.

  150. jk9267 says:

    Much of what happened to me and others can be found on gang stalking sites. Regurgitating who I am is a waste of time. It is enough for you to know that I pissed off the wrong person without knowing it; sort of a set-up. So aside from who I am and how I got on a list that whistle blowers get on, it is important for you to know why your fellow citizens are tortured. What is the purpose of this whole thing? In brief, it.s brainwashing. Experiments on getting US citizens, who are free and live under the Constitution, to fear the state and put the state above their own individuality; just like in Russia.This whole thing–citizen against citizen–actually started in Hitler’s Third Reich, and it has been enthusiastically embraced by the Marxists in this country.

    • drink milk says:

      You’re just another victim
      No one cares about you or us

      They’re just taking out on us
      What they feel like

      This country is shit
      Everything just about is shit

      Only the Elite families aka tunnel rats get the best of the pawns they use to make you think they’re one!

      You’re not special enough unless you have access and safety in every government tunnel system around the world

  151. ww5679 says:

    Who you are and what has happened to you is important and not a waste of time. Who you are is your individuality and if you believe it is a waste of time then that is brainwashing. You have a message you are trying to get out and telling people things they can do to better their situation. Who you are and what you have been through matters and it matters to people that are going through this and should matter to people who are not going through this.

  152. jk9267 says:

    I realize that most TIs don’t get it. They think there is someone out there who will make it all better. Early on after writing to Senators and Congressmen and going to the FBI, I realized there was no one to turn to. So who am I: I am an individual who refuses to accept or be afraid of a government run by evil.I only wish that other TIs felt the same way I do, that secrecy is there greatest weakness. If they did, they would send out letters and flyers to the neighbors and business associates of perpetrators, letting everyone know the truth. If just a small percentage of TIs did this, the whole thing would end. More people would know and they would begin to believe.

    • Renee Mach says:

      Hope your OK I’m a target and I’m terrified but I’m sick of it ten yrs worth almost. Shame in USA. Can’t stop I need validation I’m not crazy. I know that but isolation hurt me bad. My abuser I think I know indirectly says things drugs on a large scale been clean for myself a long time now. Regardless afraid of what to do aND proving it. Almost killed before. I wanna will I want my kids to know how much I love them. I want friends before in case I die. I want a love I want a live but it’s scary when electronic harrasment is real.

  153. ww5679 says:

    They have already showed people protesting in Washington about this small group. Guy in the video up above in other comments protesting. No one has ever admitted this has stopped for them except you that I have seen so far. The population is not stupid they see what is going on. So who exactly are you trying to educate
    about this besides the people who were selected for this. The only people that dont seem to have had a understanding about this would be the people having it done to them. People already believe they live in a police state that is what has been told to them already.Looks like they have accepted it. What is being done to people cant be done with out their support. They just believe as long as they are being good it wont happen to them. We all should have known about this going on way before we did and if you dont you are probly a target.

  154. jk9267 says:

    If you were a target, you would fully understand what I am saying. You would understand what fear is. It take courage to go public, whether it is speaking to church groups or handing out flyers to strangers about your situation. Most TIs will complain about their situation, in chat rooms, but that is as far as it goes. One TI wined about the harassment she received from a neighbor in her apartment building like she expected someone on a white horse to come and save her. I advised her to anonymously send letters to this as_wii_e’s neighbors suggesting he was a pedophile. I suggested that would take his mind off bothering you. The result was that I never heard from her again. You see what I am saying. A TI must understand that there is a population out there out to destroy your reputation, blacklist you and take away your self-worth unless you do something about it. You must act like a soldier in a war. Secrecy is their weakness, and it must be taken away from them.

  155. ww5679 says:

    What exactly are you doing about this situation? You are in a chat room giving advise only. Telling people I sent flyers and went to the church went public and now its all better. You say you refuse to accept this and their is people out there that dont know about this. So you are gonna tell people dont be like me and and just blog and wine. You have not showed anyone anything except you doing exactly what you are telling them not to do. You have still yet to tell anyone your story what exactly you have had happen to you because it is a waste of time. Yet its about your individuality. There is no anonymous for the common people if there ever was. People who do things to people like what has been described are protected.People already know about this and have for a long time.You like to throw words about communism, marxists. I have asked once will ask you again define what that is to you? People dont always have the same definitions of those words. You want to educate so educate. I didnt see a the top of blog any educational requirements so please excuse any of us that are not as smart as you.

    • jk9267 says:

      ww5679 is what TIs should notice and keep an eye on. If you follow who he points to, your looking at a real TI. That’s the person you should trust as being the real deal. So this piece of garbage ww5679 serves some purpose by pointing to the real thing, me. This garbage ww5679 wanted to demean me but he needed answers in order to do it; I didn’t play his game. To the real TIs, ask yourself why this clown spends so much time here trying to find out who I am. He is not one of us. To change the subject a little, In an earlier comment ww5679 wanted me to define Marxist. The best way I know how to do that is by using a Thesaurus, and finding words that can be substituted for Marxist. Here is what I found: Con-man (or Con-woman), Criminal, and Terrorist. ww5679 will be able to relate to that.

  156. ww5679 says:

    jk5679 all I have done is ask you questions. Questions that should not be a problem for you to answer. If you are who say you are should not have been a problem. If I really wanted to try to demean you I would be calling you a criminal, terrorist, or garbage like you have just done. A lot of what you talk about I agree is true. Some things you say questionable. That is how the game gets played even according to you. So I asked for information from you that took the focus off the same repetitive information you offer. To let me and anyone else that might being reading this see what you are really about so they can make up their mind for themselves. What I can say is when you start asking people certain questions
    about this you can see a pattern on how they respond. As for anyone else doing the other things to get this out people will have to make up their own mind on who they trust. As for your answers to the questions they should not be able to demean you. If I wanted to demean someone all I would have to do is go to some of the other comments where people have stated things that have happened to them and started calling them names. I have not done that.

    • jk9267 says:

      ww5679:I could see you coming a mile away. There’s a certain stench perpetrators like you give off. Are you getting paid minimum wage through an Obama program to find out who doesn’t agree with the coming totalitarian system so you can report them? Or, are you here to misdirect others who might choose to go public after suffering under your sh_ty Marxism. Either way Mike is spot on as far as sizing up real TIs. A phony would never mention going public and try to shift credibility away from someone who does. So, here I am displaying who I am to you: Go f__k yourself ww5679..

  157. Mike says:

    ww5679 – you are full of BS. You did much more than just ask questions.

    The truth of the matter is this: real TIs tell other TIs to go public. That is the answer to all of this.

    Why don’t you provide some valuable information instead of belittling others?

    • ww5679 says:

      Not belittling anyone. The only thing jk9267 has done is advise people to do this on their own. Which could be a bad idea for some people. If look back in the blog you will find him telling this to people and he just critized other people that have went public in other ways with other people. No one has admitted from handing out flyers this has ended for them other then him and he did it alone and does not do it anymore from what I can tell. He has not provided any other information. Never said this is not real people are going through a lot with this. They need to be careful of just going out doing somethings. When someone tells you I did this and it worked to people that are going through a hard time like what has been described and it is not true that is not good for those people you could be sending them in a bad direction. People that have been in this know that. Part of what is done to people is to confuse them send them in many directions. So if you are gonna tell people stuff like that tell them who you are what has happened to you. I have not seen him tell that yet. He himself says be careful of what you read and who you believe. Yes people who are phony can send people public if they have a agenda for it. So people will have to look at the information and decide for their self so no need to act offended when someone questions you. You should be encouraging that people question you expecting that and glad to provide that information. As far as the name calling and trying to label me as I dont begin to know anymore you have called me so many things now from all the posts. People will just have to read all the things you have labeled me as and pick something I guess you have confused it from garbage, criminal, terrorist, Marxist. That is how you have responded to the questions asked. I dont want any one to suffer from this they should not have to.

      • Mike says:

        ww5679 – To be blunt, I have a hard time following you. Not only your logic and the way you use words, but also your actual sentences. You ramble on, and say a lot of words, without really saying anything. That’s a big red flag.

        Maybe you should be on the street stalking people. I don’t think you were cut out for writing.

        Instead of creating contention and demeaning others under the guise of asking questions, why don’t you share your wisdom with us?

        Again, what works for you?

      • jk9267 says:

        ww5679 – I have to agree with Mike. Whatever Obama is paying you to write is too much. In the last year Obama has hired about 3000 people for minimum wage to troll the Internet and post arguments to negative comments against his projects. It appears there was no quality control in the hiring process when they picked you. Look at your eight sentence from the bottom, ww5679. Encouraged — not encouraging, was the proper word to use. A ninth grader can write better than that. And what about the sentence that begins with ” I dont begin to know…. The word ‘dont’ needs an apostrophe as in don’t. The whole thing you wrote should be changed so it makes more sense. I don’t have the time to help you with your writing; however, there must be someone in the elementary school you attend that can help.

  158. ww5679 says:

    People can tell you have starting using grammar as a distraction. People who suffer from this are not that concerned with my commas. That is the people I was reaching out too. You obviously did get what I was saying or you would have never responded in the way you did.

    • jk9267 says:

      To brainless ww5679: So let’s talk about distraction. Why don’t you answer Mike’s question? You expect me to go off on a tangent and answer your dumb questions. Let’s go back to your grammar. Let’s start with your first sentence: “People can tell you have starting using…..” In place of starting, you should have used the past tense, “started.” Now go back and re-write that comment and we will look at it again.

  159. ww5679 says:

    To Mike jk9267 does not need you to help him out he can do this alone. He has already said that and encouraged others to do the same. If I was being paid for something like this you would have already seen people getting on here and and supporting me even if I was posting negative. This cant be done to people with out support. Mike if you cant understand what I have said then dont worry about believe what you want.

  160. Mike says:

    ww5679 – you are correct in that jk doesn’t need my help.

    But why won’t you answer my questions?

    Again, what is your story and what works for you? We are all waiting…

    • jk9267 says:

      To Mike: I don’t think you’ll get any straight answers from ww5679. He is so full of bull but he doesn’t know how to handle the English Language, and he might not fully understand anyone’s question. He reminds me of the Nazis who propagandized as an apologist during WWII. They knew only how to say specific things to deter real discussion about real issues.

  161. ww5679 says:

    My story to some degree was already posted. What works not a lot of anything really. Like j9267 has told you in it for life. All tho he has managed not to be a TI anymore. If you are just getting some phone calls from sales people that really is not much to worry about. Is that all that is happening to you now. Did you do what he said and did it stop to that degree.

    • jk9267 says:

      ww5679: I’ll reply to you anytime I wish. Let’s look at the second sentence in your 7:06pm comment. “like j9267 has told you in it for life.” What are you trying to say? What does “…in it for life.” mean? And, it’s not j9267, it’s jk9267. In the sentence that begins with “All tho” I think you mean to say “All though.” I have nothing against you practicing to use grammar and spell correctly but this is not the best forum for you. Your writing is a representation of how you think. So, all you are doing is embarrassing yourself. Based on how you write, I feel I have to ask whether or not you are a US citizen?

      • ww5679 says:

        In it for life you know you have said it many times. What did you mean? Yes a US citizen. Embarrassing me well we know that is what you are trying to do and grammar seems to be something you have held onto for awhile now in hopes that would work. So I dont know you figure that one out. When you start doing that you limited the blog to people you feel that are up to your standard. So there is a lot of people that have been on here that you must feel are not up to your standard. I thought you did not have time to teach grammar. Other then that is that all you have to say? Remember you think Iam brainless dumb. Thats ok think if you want say if you want. If that is what you need to do feel better about yourself or if you think that makes other people see you different in some way.I am not on here telling people to do anything other then read the information ask questions and think for your self. And yes be peaceful just in case you are fixing to call me a criminal or terrorist again.

  162. jk9267 says:

    To Donna,
    I didn’t see a ‘reply’ button at the bottom of your Dec3, 2015 comment. I hope you see this comment and reply to it. I would be glad to help you.

    • dsm15 says:

      Ok I’m just now seeing how get a msg to but I’m still going have to figure out how to set up the blog or site sorry I know it’s on my phone I’m just not doing something

      Sent from my iPhone DMcGuire


  163. jk9267 says:

    To Donna,
    I don’t see a way to reply to you. you can reach me at jkeeney9267@sbcglobal.net. Your email address did not show.

  164. jk9267 says:

    To DSM15,: This will be my last attempt to reach you.

    • dsm15 says:

      I keep trying to respond I must be doing something wrong or my hackers are not going to let me through I tried to download the cite can I not just join the blog ! This is getting annoying I type a message it gets deleted

      Sent from my iPhone DMcGuire


  165. dsm15 says:

    I’ve tried to do this a couple times an I must not be doing something right. It did down load the web site and all I I really don’t want all the blings just to talk to someone also see if this is happening to anyone else near my for real , cause I have no one on help don’t know who call they sabotage all my electronics, I have cell phone (of course it’s been hacked every since I got it ) so I need Printed flyers would love to pas them out .’
    Just ha big set up on me in my Dr’s off. Got me did charge,
    Been waiting on that ( my writing is unreable, I llke c if I find someone who write me a letter defending my reputation about the out an out lie or set
    Up whatever u want call it at least that’s what I call it. Now I can’t find a specialist in my area that take my insurance. How convenient Hun.!
    I don’t know if you lol get this or if I’ll get the response but I do
    Appreciate ur response, and I apologize for eather not noticed it sooner or some times I’m lucky I even get it me be hacked curious I guess but I have to write it down. You any I try to figure out how to do this , can I not just join the blog??
    Now I did try set up WordPress
    Someway wrong I guess by HolySpirit15
    If that helps to give me info to finish thanks

    • jk9267 says:

      To dsm15: You are Donna I assume. I’m the guy that can help you with letters and churches. Here is my email address: jkeeney9267@spamarrest.com If you still want my help, contact me. I had no success trying to contact you under the name Donna. No reply button.

      • dsm15 says:

        Yes you are

        Sent from my iPhone DMcGuire


      • dsm15 says:

        I think this is mess up

        Sent from my iPhone DMcGuire


      • jk9267 says:

        dsm15:You got my email address, so you can email me and I will respond.

      • dsm15 says:

        I’ve been calling u JK for short hope it’s ok. I’m not sure I txt u 3 times I think I only got one.’with the main info and questions about in my area,tell me who call for help that might be safe.if my have information can print shop plug into my phone and pull it off? If could get certain things mails id gladly pay for them. Like flyers pretty bad when can’t even get someone to write or know someone to write and type a letter. Lol no I’m not laughing as a matter fact I can’t get any help. Can’t trust anyone. No family turn against me, I look up abuse stalking harissment , on the few months back because that was happening to me, that when I realized this was what was really happening

        Sent from my iPhone DMcGuire


      • jk9267 says:

        dsm15: Can you email me from your I-phone?

  166. Shauna says:

    Anyone notice how Catholics do not have as many rules as Christians. Like I know yoga is bad and have a feeling that Catholics do not even pay attention to what their doing!!!! By the way can anyone show me the verse in the bible that says pray to Mary…I am just trying to be nice!!!!

  167. Renee Mach says:

    Please someone help me. I’m seriously so scared. I came back to God now through all of this and it’s been a horrific event. I’m writing out a will and I want my kids to know a few things not related. I’m being stalked and I know it’s over a vendetta and possible drugs. It’s terrible I got on meds but it’s not strong enough. I’m trying to pray and it angers them more. My mind feels like im gonna loose it, I know I’m scared it’s been ten yrs now and its subtle sometimes. Like when I go into a store it stops. I think afraid of getting caught by security systems
    Don’t know sometimes it’s really like a dang computer that can do crazy things. But then it’s like someone crazy talking crazy and I’m like your crazy who are you? Mentioning things and people I forgot years ago but when I get in contact with one of the men I suspect he mentions some of the same things I hear and I’m thinking and says I have family in the military. I know he still does cocaine and I got led to crazy sites while on his computer while we dated trying to drive me nuts as if you can inject someone with cancer and then couple days later a boil pops up below my right buttocks. Drugged and if that is when it happened it’s there but I got clean and two and half to three yrs later I get back up with him, after a string of hardships unreal ones, a week later I have a motorcycle accident, acute cardiovascular pulmonary distress, almost died, stayed gone for two more yrs once again reunion, not related a vehicle almost kills me. I know reality from fiction right now and I understand this is electronic harrasment and possible vendetta proving it and getting it to stop without being comitted is another problem. I’m afraid I’d I don’t get support I’ll loose my mind. I’m staying away from him for good it happens regardless. I don’t understand why drug related would be harassing me unless it’s that I know he does a lot of it and could lead police to him and to others. I never thought about it until I Google electronic harrasment. The harassment is mental for sure and I’m praying God helps me I can’t express in words what I’ve been through. I would draw a woman with cuts all over herself inside and out and bruises it wouldn’t match. Any one that can or will reach out to text me with helpful info or encouraging words just as a friend would be so blessed. I hope so the first thing that was done was to isolate me from my family. So bonds are broken, lost home after home, possession after possesion, abusive language it’s possible people without being crazy, very very very very abusive. It hurts me so much. I’m scared.

  168. jk9267 says:

    Actually you have found the answer. It is belief in God. And, God is who you turn to. Why is this effective? Because the higher you go in understanding the New World Order, the more you will become convinced that their master is Lucifer. I am not asking you to take my word for it, do your own research.And, when you are satisfied with that truth, In your mind, command Satan to leave you and all those around around you, and use Jesus as your authority. You will witness things turning-around in your life, if you truly believe that Jesus is the Son of God and HE resurrected HIMSELF for our sins.

  169. Marcia says:

    8 year victim since age 55 my family just as bad as worldly harassers. Being violated every single day of my life. I’m christian far from perfect serve a Perfect Master. Almost feel like giving up it’s demonic an horrible. Christian cowards don’t stand against this they play the game..God hates sin will not always tolerate it. Leviticus 26:16 God says if ye break my covenant I Will Appoint Terror over you!!! What will you do when everyone turns their back on you. It isn’t fun nor easy.

  170. jk9267 says:

    I call them cowards too, because it is harassment by proxy. It means that the person doing the harassing is not doing it to your face. They are cowards who know that if they faced you, they would not have a legal leg to stand on, so they use dummies in each town. This is exactly how the third Reich came to be. Say the following quietly in your mind: By the authority of Jesus I command you Satan to flee. Watch what happens. It diffuses them. It works!

  171. Mr H says:

    My old church “una esperanza viva” in murfreesboro, TN. They sent this fat guy with 2 kids to harrass me, they hack every phone I buy, make fake Facebook accounts, they leave cell phones outside my window insulting and accusing me of crimes I never committed, they deprived from sleep (been 2 years), they ruined my life BUT I turned to the Lord and I’ve learned to ignore them, their yelling at night doesn’t hurt anymore. LISTEN TO MUSIC WHILE YOU SLEEP and THEY CAN’T TOUCH YOU JUST STALK YOU.

  172. Red dog says:

    Here’s the deal they hang out at cancer centers and look for possible victims bottom line is it’s about money Define someone weak and sad going through chemotherapy possibly and then Mark them to prey on them gossip and rumors about their loved ones when you’re going through that with the narcotics the poison the steroids paranoia is a given bottom line is the whole deal is money property vehicles they offered to help they are helping themselves 2 everything you own have dealt with it it will set you up with the police you’re right you do think the police are involved not that they’re not they may well be well you know when you’re driven out of your home they’re the ones buying it out of foreclosure or however else they ended up with their name on my deed pink slips ruined my relationships turn my loved ones against me fortunately I was raised with God in my life I was driven out of my home with restraining orders my other half really doesn’t remember much of it already on narcotics just ad a few more you can get anybody to do anything if you get them High Enough fight this fight being a pacifist and not doing anything it’s bullshit faith without works is dead remember Moses remember Joshua not pacifist I’m currently in court I’ve been there for almost a year fire – Money Changes Everything you’re not doing it because it’s fun doing it because it’s profitable conservatively cost me half a million almost almost my sanity for sure the sanity of my loved ones get a good dog I mean a good dog not an ankle biter make sure your dog only eats from you talking Rottweiler Doberman Pinscher German Shepherd big dogs with big brains dogs that know things dogs and kids they’re the ones that really know somehow they see the real person if your dog doesn’t like someone you probably shouldn’t either for me it’s Doberman Pinschers if the V smartest dog in the world I know it sounds crazy after all that’s what they want to happen the more you let it go the more they do it won’t go away until you do anybody that thinks that the police aren’t involved you’re sadly mistaken and when you uncover them they just added you to the to tough to handle list once they get you in prison jail whatever just bail out get the hell out fight the good fight from the outside

    • Ruby says:

      Red dog! you dont sound crazy in the least.I am experiencing this myself.Someone hit the nail on the head earlier when they called it right ‘Cowards’.It is most definitely a symptom of greed and psychological problems on the side of the perpetrators.Who wakes up everyday with the desire to spread hate.This is not the behaviour of good people.There are Evil people basically.

  173. jk9267 says:

    YouTube Zeph Daniels. He can explain and prove that gang stalking is spiritual warfare in three parts. Everything else, every theory about is window dressing to mis-direct you.

  174. THE REAPER says:

    I have information and a link to one of these kind of people if you would like me to send you a copy of my evidence not a problem getting in touch use my phone number 07949822588

  175. jk9267 says:

    To the Reaper: The facts are in, the phone number is phony. The zero in front is interesting.

  176. Pierre says:

    I believe I’m being gang stalked in a Christian community, I was raised in a Christian community and drugged when I was a minor then gang raped. I also believe I was implanted with monarch mind control programming as a child to keep me blind and from seeing the truth. I agree with and believe what you said about the ultrasound and floor sensors they move when you move and try to lor you outside. I totally agree with everything you have said because I have and am going threw it now in a Christian community.

    • The perpetrators definitely use religion to manipulate masses. They do this using various psychological tactics and mind control. If they are from the same religion, they may use it to make you a religious person. They may want you to comply with their agenda. If they are from a different religion they try to turn people against you. things like that.

  177. Warren says:

    Latoya, Jarvis, Jalia,Mary,Warren,Zack,James ,C.J, Burrel, Malcom. Rock a bye

  178. Janelle gassler says:

    I’m tired of this

  179. Ralph Arcelo says:

    Im experiencing this right now. But not from gangs, its from a private surveillance team doing an illegal activity. I now know that theres tons of dickheads out there that will do anything for a sick entertainment.

  180. Michelle says:

    This organized stalking thing is all about identity theft and life insurance fraud. I have been a victim now for 5 years and have done now 5 years of my own research and have complete understanding of how this whole operation that these perpetrators are stalking and harassing innocent people works. If anyone would like to know more email me at imasoldier81@gmail.com

  181. My name janelle gassler anchor point ak 65714 tomski ave Ive been a long time victim and know I’ve had soo many people and family report me for things I really haven’t been doing. The tang man family has used me for years Elaine Dave luging and Sammy all involved in this by Elaine by here staying at heaven house homer ak. The cops been involved Tim got bugger from me knowing how he’s only started hanging out cuz he involved. It’s 7:00 am and 2/18/16 they’ve betrayed lied hurt stashed things including bugs and marshal and Tammy down old sterling ap been secretly using drones to fallow me last few days lugi been using my phone to blow up dudes I’m sick of nobody caring arson jumbo breezy ect fucking stalking me and turning me giving rides ect around to hurt me 9075382589

  182. Luigi jumbo chuck Tammy arson Levi zach josh star cim breezy Elaine Dave ect all people who been using me stalking me setting me up cuz I nice to help with rides cops are shady tonight too. I’m being murdered and never seen cuz I’ll be buried under a building soon it’s 2/18/17 my name janelle gassler and they’ve also fucking got there whole rest peeps included to help out I hear they want to say I had anarizm this y zach buys booze and lies that it’s all just me but for years I’ve been false reported on by tons of people. Zach got new life and family knows bout it and lies

  183. su1973 says:

    Your right, don’t go to the police. Also true the more you rebel the more torture you have.
    I to wish for them to finish me off, I’m sick of them

  184. Brandon nicholas cameron says:

    My name is Brandon nicholas Cameron I live in rochester ny this has been happening to me for years someone help me please before I take justice into my own hands

  185. Brandon nicholas cameron says:

    My name is Brandon nicholas Cameron I live in rochester ny this has been happening to me for years someone help me please before I take justice into my own hands I’ve discovered who these people are and im will to die to get vengeance ritousenes revenge im going to brutally kill these people and I will in 2 days if someone doesn’t present justice for there crimes against me up bring them justice believe it.

    • Brandon nicholas cameron says:

      I will kill them if no one stops them i will

    • Dee Rossllo says:

      They are not worth it! Just look straight ahead, don’t ignore them, just don’t see them. With god on your side you can rise above them, and then YOU HAVE POWER OVER THEM!!!!!

      • SERGEANT BARBIE B4 The Torture/Drugs says:

        You don’t see it even if you’re looking! You don’t understand

      • Whitebird says:

        I’ve been seeing it for seven years, and yeah, I understand. Unless you have a lawyer or personally know someone in law enforcement it’s hard to get anyone to go to bat for you. I’ve reported it to the police and the FBI tons of times: they are uneducated and choose to turn the other cheek. The people stalking me are famous and rich, and they believe they are above the law. My sanity and well-being are way more important than their sick little game, and someday, they will be punished.

      • su1973 says:

        I know my stalker to & few gang member’s names. I also tried to report & seek help from the police. Even a letter to the commissioner asking that at least investigate or look into any of what I say. My reply was, that I did not give enough to Warrent a investigation. I don’t know how much more he needed. I was recIrving death threat’s. Me & my son 8 at time both told police that we hear them down stairs & much more.
        I was told to ignore the threats & deleted the lot. Even his petter officer was stood & pure shocked. He accused me of drinking to much alcohol. I never drank any. He rang a mental health team & sat before them told them the very truth of what I no. 5 mind later I was took off given meds & told I was having psychotic episodes. Kept in a secure unit till day I sold my business. I signed paper work over at a unbelievable price. They let me out & said bye no follow up support. I didn’t even have amy sort of discussuon with any doctor or other all time I had to stay there. Just absaloutly shocking the very all

  186. Brandon nicholas cameron says:

    I’m left with no choice

    • SERGEANT BARBIE B4 The Torture/Poison says:

      You can find ways I can not disclose to help you. I’ve discovered a few, but there’s so many clones! They’re all out to harm us. The bullets are for the enemy not the good! You have to defend yourself! Try to shower more, flush out your system take pictures of every one you encounter and try your best for clean air food and water! Fight back!

  187. SERGEANT BARBIE B4 The Torture/Drugs says:

    I pray for you pathetic commies, that claim to be Americans have your tunnels bombed! I would kill you myself (but I don’t get that over-ride)?!! I see the different types of you, your different levels, and YOU ARE DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY! Instead of raping me 24/7, you should clean up this “Labyrinth” “dump” and stop charging so-much to live in a similar or better place abroad! We don’t want to see your wasted living humans whom are unaware of your commie activities!

    Fck! These people are disgusting! I want to go back to parts of Europe, if only your hiredhelpdidnt hang up on me physically trying to steal me so much!

    Your people, including your hirees are the nastiest grimiest low down P.O.S. I’ve ever seen! You will destroy yourselves, you already have-I hear it in each of so many of you!

    FAILED PROJECTS! You can’t even believabley convince me of your lies! Stop killing off my fellow Americans for legalized massive scale “Nazi Holocaust Program”. Either kill off these spoiled over privileged trash, or get rid of them. You have destroyed every waking/sleeping moment of my life you Communist Trash!
    You threaten me of death as I pray to cut your throats out myself you scrarey punks! Use your poisons, they all do around the world! Why do you think they changed to shit in most places?!! Yet you hide those who prosper from us, and the beauty they beyond your comprehension! “I’m more of a lady then any of your overpriced whores! Yet I’m also the monster you made me.”

    Please God Bomb these satanic worshipping P.O.S., they are destroying air quality, our own cities, our own Treasury and making so many so damn miserable! Make them “Roahh”



    THERES TOO MANY OF THEM! Congress gets $250k minimum a year, yet a retired vet not even a 666th fraction of that! We didn’t fight for the Constitution, we fought to be live dummies for their illegal in humans NAZI SYSTEMS. THESE SO CALLED MEN IN CONTROL ARE NOTHING BUT CLASSLESS FAT UGLY OR OVER MUSCULAR SPOILED ROTTEN RAPIST FOWL!


    CLEAN IT UP COMMUNIST! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FREE YOU POS CIA! YOURE NOTHING LIKE THE MOVIES! The females heads are too big with ugly bugged or black eyes, their faces look like scrunched up like demons that Saint Micheal needs to slay! Bye bartenders! AND SO MANY MORE!

    Yes they drug you, then they rape you with a smile on their face, steal your things, laugh with glee at your demise an as a slave all you can do is pray for them to be bombed!!!!!

    There’s too many bad, spoiled rotten trash living as human beings, the best option is to flatten out the cities, and underneath for those government Commies, bye, then rebuild with the hopes and prayers of someone with some damn common sense that’s not going to rob you royally! Btw, these million dollar homes, you got robbed royally! They look like shit! And why didn’t you make real real estate for people like me, to rent to home, with those spacious loft styles for never getting married but wants peaceful setting?!! I’d pay you every month on time! And if it’s quiet and on a preservative space where the god damn illegal police are not allowed to enter, ID GIVE YOU MORE MONEY! STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY ON GARBAGE AND MAKE SOLID INVESTMENTS! FLORIDA IS A WASTELAND I PROMISE YOU THAT! The waters are septic not blue beaches! It smells like death & everything is overpriced and it’s loaded with some of the worst POS CIA you’ll ever meet, look at their schools! Like they do on satellites! This isn’t America it’s a foreign wasteland of either trash or privileged!

    • SERGEANT BARBIE B4 The Torture/Drugs says:

      It’s 4 hours previous that time dick head and I started an hour ago! I want to sleep good normal hours not wake up with military s School tactics! May I get a god damn override! I’m going full Hamm on these gang members you send!!! Then I’m going to kill them off! THIS IS A STAND YOUR GROUND STATE YOU STICK FIGURE OR WANNA BE HULKS YUCK GTFUO ME

      • drink milk says:

        You’re not special enough unless you have access to and safety in every government tunnel system in the world! So you harassers need to stfu and go look in the mirror!

        Your more fake than a plastic Barbie doll

      • drink milk says:

        And this site isn’t helping shit like your bs medical system & suicide hotlines!

        You’re not helping changing or protecting any of us!

        You’re so full of shit, take a laxative! Matter of fact, drink some prune juice and get some pep in your step!

      • jk9267 says:

        To Sergeant Barbie: Good. Right On!

    • jk9267 says:

      Right on! I think things will take their natural course—CW. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

  188. 3r1istruth says:

    2 corinthians 6:9/ Paul was a targeted individual, unlike today they did not have means to electronically stalk you.(all my stalkers know where I am right now, and are monitoring all of my online activities!) I was targeted for stalking by black women and gynocentric, emasculated, effeminate males from my home town that became angry that I never had sexual relations with any of my female classmates before i went off and join the army!

  189. Michael says:

    Most had took a brain dead EDIT too come up with these MURDERS, that want to KILL PEOPLE, now any one that is touch in the Brain is the one AND ONLY GANG STALKERS…!!! HOW I LEARN ABOUT ALL THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, WAS SOME BODY THAT WORK

  190. Michael Scharf. says:


  191. Michael . says:


  192. PAM says:

    I posted on a similar site back on 2003 and around that time frame.. the incidents of gangstalking and electronic harrassment was unheard of in the UNITED STATES. IT Was mostly international.. now today in the Chicago Area the numbers of gangstalking brainwashed bots are in excess of 6000 persons including BANKERS COPS POLITICIANS FIREMEN EMERGENCY SERVICES manipulated by ORGANIZED CRIME . A woman posed as an NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY PERSONNEL TO GAIN ACCESS and now its almost 17 years later its worse than ever. The BLACKS feel they are in an ARMY thats what they call it .. the WHITES think they are Angels in disguise when its mostly low self esteem people with no direction in life at all. if you look at their backgrounds most have low paid part time or intermittant employement and consider GANGSTALKING THEIR TRUE employmment.. ITS TERRIBLE HERE cause even though its a FEDERAL FELONY with a miniumn of 7 yrs in aFEDERAL PRISON the FBI doesnt do anything cause the leaders here are relatives of an FBI agent who never should have been hired. theres more to that..but its a nutshell version. PAM who knows FIRST HAND. AUG 29 2017

  193. darren t moran says:


  194. Taise says:

    I agree that most of times when the persecution is at it’s peak, people’s body language and movements seem manufactured by a computer program dictating catchy phrases and body language that end up sensitizing the targeted individual. However most people are not aware of this. Besides taking a photo of a car colored with a certain color, people wit the same shirt or doing a little bit unusual signs and body language only is going to prove you wrong to anyonelse even yourself. I bet this is done on purpose. If feels to me it is sort of a computer program except it is a spiritual “artificial” program. Most people aren’t really perpretators they are just being used by a spiritual software with pre-programmed phrases and actions just like npcs in a virtual game except it is real. The dangers we have to go through are also real. The way they make you feel at times as toxic waste, other times as an object of a shelf or when you are not is also very real. The purpose is to turn lies, good or bad , into reality. This is why the smear campaigns , them making you believe you are the bad guy and they are the good guys, making you feel like a criminal so that you will resign to being treated as a criminal or outcast through learned helplessness when true facts prove the contrary. To me also this type of programmed this is a program reserved for good people who maybe “slipped” on the way at some point and the targeting got worst. People undeserving of being treated so badly who feel undeserving of being treated as a human being. Also a curse could be involved. Besides they can also take a photo of you to annoy you or use your image as they please, maybe even use it to smear you. Taking a photo of you or recording when you were stressed and tired of injustices is something they also do.

    • You mentioned a very important point. A lot of TI s blame people around them for their rude behaviour etc. But they don’t realise people around us are mind controlled to act in a certain way or say certain trigger words. Of course, that doest not mean people around us are totally innocent. If the person next to me is a really nice person , even though mind controllers try stimulate his brain to do something bad , still he may chose not to do it. This is just one example.

  195. GodsentmeMyAngel says:

    Attention Victims of Gangstalking, Gaslighting, Voice to Skull, Electromagnetic Pulse
    The goal of the gaslighting/gangstalking appears to be to invoke the body’s fight, flight
    Or freeze stress response (adrenals/cortisol) in an effort to blow out the gut /small/large intestine (which is connected to the brain, heart, lungs by the Vagus nerve) and
    As a result of the gut leaking, all the toxins in it to circulate throughout your body by invoking the fight, flight or freeze Response of your parasympathetic nervous system
    You likely have a leaky gut and bugs – get checked by LLMD for parasites, bacteria, and fungus/toxins & Worms
    (collectively referred to here as “bugs”) that are magnetic-Tick borne disease or other spirochete (gingivitis and syphilis) or
    Other bacterium (old or new -strep, staph, chlymidia, etc
    (e.g. Polarized Magnetite both in the bugs and your brain/organs
    Clear the bugs, much will normalize. No bugs =
    No damaging magnetite (and keep a slightly open window in the car/house (so cations can’t electromagnetically
    Get to the bugs in your organs) Go see Dr. I was tested by Igenex, (tests weren’t conclusive but treated anyway, thank god)given doxycycline, cephtrioxone injections for borrellia bergdorfa (no surprise it would be called “Masters Disease”
    Or “Stari” a type of Lyme Disease/Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Bacterias), BartonElla
    (Get from cats/skeeters, ticks) but worst bad bug Is Babesia (air hunger, heart hurts/skips,
    Blood hypercoagulation (traffic jam in veins=no air to heart/brain)
    But the prescription that stopped the heightened awareness (overamplified subconscious)
    Was Quinine/clondamyacin 10 days then quinalones (plaquenil/Clarithromyacin
    Because it killed the bugs residing in each blood cell- Babesia
    Only see a LLMD, or naturopath; Dr Crist-Ashville MO; One in Malibu too
    regular docs/hospitals won’t help, and these guys are cheap cuz they
    Get it right the first time.
    -I haven’t met one that got it right yet
    If you take two days of doxycycline pills you will know right away
    That you struck a chord and you’re on the something because you will have a Herxheimer reaction -meaning you will get worse before you get better because as you kill the bugs
    The bugs release toxins to try to harm you.
    Take probiotics one with several kinds in it, take probiotic align brand too,
    And take a prebiotic to feed the probiotics so you don’t blow out your gut from antibiotics
    These bugs are bio weapons in my opinion, nothing short. I believe theyre sexually-transmittable, placenta transmittable, and blood transfusion transmittable, and mosquito and tick transmittable. Immediately after the anabiotic’s, take Claritin to calm your immune system down

    • GodsentmeMyAngel says:

      The game appears to be themed “Talk Sins/Toxins”
      So, love God; Love yourself
      there is a free toxins test you can take in your own home on your computer
      Called a VCS Test (Google it) and take a look at the book “In Sheeps Clothing”
      To ground you quite a bit (nope, you’re not crazy)
      Hmmm could it be an X or Oh? “Someone caught in the act with “access”
      Keep your circle small with quality (but not so small you isolate yourself.)
      Blessings and prayers to you all.

      • GodsentmeMyAngel says:

        PS. Keep your thoughts positive only. Think love. God=Love. These bugs are magnetic.
        The bugs attract etheric energy (electromagnetism) from the air and ground.
        So you will attract what you think, so think only that you are free, saved,
        Protected and loved and that only good things will happen to you and good things
        Will manifest for you, and only good, loving, kind people will surround you-
        (Hard to do in this type is crisis), but this is a mandatory component). Meditate
        And pray these things. Every bad person will fall away and every bad intended event
        Will turn to your good outcome.
        Sleep/drive with a Mylar sunshade blanket (To sleep, I bought 5 at dollar store & duct taped together and left 1 in the car). Keep these over you until bugs gone
        Balance your body pH and take vitamins and stop eating mammal meat (see mad cow/
        Scrapie disease) but chicken/fish, fresh fruit/vegetable OK

        Bugs in the gut control the brain. Healthy intestine/gut – healthy brain -good thoughts
        Sugar feeds gut bugs (alcohol, sugar & anything ending in “-ose” on ingredients, breads, pasta. I took MSM every day- helped soooo much

        See Cordycep lifecycle! YouTube Video, Bartonella life cycle & what it does to the rat to get to the cat
        (Cat being the only place Bartonella can replicate/make new Bartonella bugs)
        The rat runs to the cat!!!! Ouch. Bugs happy but Not what a healthy rat would do.
        Gangstalking/gaslighting is about Pest control IN YOUR OWN BODY first, then cleaning
        up your lifestyle and parting ways with the people in it that don’t truly love you-
        But by banishing them from your life with only good intentions/thoughts

        These bugs were referred to in the Bible, as djinn, jinn, demons, etc imo because
        they get you to do and think bad thoughts. This universe was built on
        Good- bad, in-out, up-down, sweet-sour, hot-cold and so forth for everything
        The etheric energy (proven by science-Tesla-Einstein- everything is Energy-FrequencyVibration) proves: you are or become what you think. These bugs (just like Cordyceps/Bartonella) amplify, modify and manifest outwardly. Modify & Guard
        what you think: Guard your thoughts-only good ones-meditate, hum, sing
        Pray, chant, EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). Free yourself from the past- forgive yourself an others- Dis-Ease=Disease. Find homeostasis= balance body/gut, mind and spirit

  196. Annie says:

    Thank you so much for your elaborate and helpful post. Maybe anyone reads this here?! I don’t live in the States but I’m afraid got the whole program around for ages. All started as I reported a very ! spectacular sighting in the sky. Other eyewitness . I reported to US authorities which I thought firm in that special field.( Yes, I was that naive. Unfortunately) I got response, they proved the sighting as real. Please forget about what Sci-Fis you have seen so far, this is beyond imagination… They shortly after broke in my house to comb it for drawings and other stuff related to that incident. I was threatened and attacked by strangers. They told me not to talk about else they’d kill me. Before reading any further now, please you should know, I don’t think I am special, no way, and I don’t want to impress anyone, I just want to let people know this threatening harassments really exist. ….. I got very sick, all in a sudden. I was tracked by weird guys following my step , attacking me in an aggressive, verbal way. Followed, chased by cars …figured this out by driving zick-zack picking any street, abrubtly changing destination etc. Doctors didn’t figure out what I was suffering from. I felt I was about to die. And I did, I’ve had an intense NDE. Btw. the sample of my skin they took in hospital was stolen out of the lab by a man all dressed in a tight black bodysuit right the next day Got the little article about in the newspaper still. Think they wanted my DNA?! I got out of hospital and got to a very good doctor. He and 2 other specialists figured I got lymphatic cancer last stage. Cancer spread everywhere, liver, bones, kidneys! Now think its impossible why they did not figure this out in hospital????? I’ve had approx. 10-15 doctors/professors visiting each day accompanied by their students telling me my sickness is a riddle , they know I am very sick about to die but not what that sickness is ?! This is more than peculiar, for its one of those cancers with well known symptoms a first grade med. student can detect . . I was kept in that hospital for over 2 weeks, two weeks of examinations…and they couldn’t figure out ???? The doc I went to after hospital told me I got the worst one of those there is to “choose” I won’t have any chance to survive, not the slightest glimpse. Well, I did survive and its a wonder. I believe in God, Jesus and angels more than ever after I came back from the beyond (NDE) . I know they accompanied me thru this hell of a treatment. They didn’t leave me alone once. This happened over ten years ago. Still alive but harassment, threatening continues and yes I have the pertinent feeling that they want to eliminate me for good. I want to write a book, and yes I started but guess what :they do keep me busy, very busy so I won’t be able , have the time to bring that out to public. My family and friends ask ” why does this all happen to you , this won’t happen to 10 people in 80 years?” They are witness to what happens..Strange telephone calls, out of function electronics, etc. Creating a mess! Hacking all Systems, a friend is a pro in computer tech and took a look , he detected a trojan he said is a highly professional one …not created by little hackers…more the official type. People got into my life to make friends, after a while asked me strange questions about objects in the sky if I’d seen some etc…Of course I did tell them nothing. Among where different people from different Nations. Latest was 2 guys from the Vatikan, Rome I was introduced to by a new “friend”They where very weird and claimed to be on a short visit here… Well sorry for writing so much…but this is something I want people to know about…before they accomplish destroying their target, me. Lately I get break ins into my flat, while I am at home, sleeping. They don’t rob anything..as numerous times before…but I start missing some documents. They make sure I notice that they where there, by leaving the entrance door open – btw NO damage on that door as if they got in via Keys ???! Then placing my wintergloves, they obviously used while in the house, on the lawn. They cut down plants bushes trees in the garden. Can’t tell how often I was at the police office. But, they probably think I am nuts by now, they think its a former lover stalking me,for there is no apparent other reason to them-… of course not. To tell I am scared, yes. But, I won’t give in till my last breath and yes, I am sick with strange symptoms right now, very weak again ….2 weeks after the last time they got into my house. God bless you all here, and don’t let anyone dominate your soul and lifes. Be sure the ones bringing pain, creating evil will pay !! Remember what the Holy Bible says.’ I will lay your enemies beneath your feet. ‘ Bless you xxx
    Does anyone have similar experiences?

  197. PoisonDUst Baby says:

    The gang members work for them how you think they show up out of nowhere at the exact moment????

  198. Yes I have proof that the Sargent of the state troopers helped cimaron tangman the planner agree to illigally arrest me didn’t read my rights and after being assaulted badly it was covered up, Zach’s been cheating and trying to hide the fact that he didn’t know anything and let them and cop let them get away with stalking me and harassing me so bad to the point of being terrified, scared knumb, the house is bugged and car they’ve dumped well over 70 grand into trying to hide and lie about it I would like to get a law suit and also privacy invation, and for sure the hell away from them I’ll give all the info and times dates etc including the out of state things

  199. andrea says:

    hey guys i never noticed but can back date my time line to as early as 3 years old. they do whatever and anything they can to get to me and have done to me. please i lost everything i seriously need help. im losing myself but most importantly my kids. my daughter is a victim n i believe its as bad as sexual my boys are getting beat but i think as well have been molested if not for me please for my kids my name is andrea davis 2069153844 please i have a huge law suite i want to address but no lawyers seem to want to help me and actually a few hugh n i mean hugh law suites at least 3 maybe more. a lil evidence and a clue less drained soul

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