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  1. Mr WordPress says:

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    • Lee says:

      Obama AC Haters # 1 Man ! Target Wifi Torture Lover Howard Raymond, Palm Desert CA.
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      Greatest crime. Raymond said Gov. Darpa invisible alien tech. invaded my home – body, privacy, electronically invisibly implanted us and sold our sex from our privacy to Virtuagirl.com, and wifi Darpa Warfare Dept. tortured us then implanted all my relatives and local police and DA. They use Gov. records and authority of the President to null Constitutional Laws.

      • Street says:

        Hay lee. please include me into your cycrles if you don’t mind. I now in Madison wi but if I found the right group of people I would littary get a bus to talk to you. My name is kent and Im rely on the ropes here in wi.

      • Cliff Unegbu says:

        You sound like you are a few frys short of a Happy Meal.. look at your own post. no one gives a DAMN about legal Begal crap .. keep it real .. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN, and MEAN WHAT YOU SAY .. wake up or stop the dream scribe .. So the point is you don’t like Obama. guess what .. OBAMA does not like OBAMA .. but he banks the coin .. gets to play God for a few. has exceeded with his circle to interrupt and re-direct the old way of things. Obama made allot of bad changes. some are his own. while others are directives he had no choice in the making. at the end of the day. WE are all still one World, One People and One Blood and all of us want to improve our rate of Survival. Get over yourself. Get on with your life.

    • Robert w Steiner Jr says:

      This stuff is happening to me everyday also

  2. Anon says:

    I have had my post tampered with and poisoned with what I suspect was an organophospate chemical in the UK. After initially being exposed to the substance, which has a unique effect, I forwarded other tampered items to the Royal Post Office Inspector Generals office with a complaint about the tampering. Their response was neutral but in a subsequent letter, I explained that the letters had an odd odour without elaborating on the poisoning issue and promised them that all tampered letters will be forwarded. I now get my letter delivered in a secure tamper proof plastic wallet.

  3. Rosemary says:

    Thank you —

    I’m a hero — and I am using that term from now on — I do not like target or victim — not my MO — though being overwhelmed can limit my ability to function and certainly has done so these past two years or so.

    This site was very informative and validated other suspicions I have had — even with my physical conditions and the passing thought that my food had been tampered with by an acquaintance. Two physical reactions to food I was given by this person.

    This information has validated some if not most of my experiences.

    Today, I noticed that there were about 600,000 posts under the heading multi stalking. Yesterday approximately 800,000 and the day before over a million — I wondered how these numbers decreased so rapidly….and who is responsible? Some of the information that I have reviewed indicated a ratio of 1 person in 1,000 being multi stalked. Gathering information from the surviving heroes would be valuable.

    Thanks again for this information.

    Be a hero — not a victim —
    Do Dos are extinct and maybe they’ll come back at a higher evolution?

  4. penny copper says:

    What’s happening to the numbers — when I searched multi stalking a week ago there were over 1,000,000 posts — today there are 650,000 — who is manipulating the web? Must be the “”””gang stalkers”””””?????? Who’s behind this covert activity on Americans?

  5. Victim says:

    This is not a USA phenomena, it is world wide. However i do belive that the poisoning of food is a common dellusion as a result from the psychotic dissorder caused by the terror itself.

  6. realvictim says:

    The poisoning and drugging of food is a fact, along with the many other types of chemical assaults.

    The post of “Victim@july 29,2009at4:13pm” is a typical stalker propaganda.

  7. Ishita says:

    I am really wordless to read the story.
    We are now in 2010, but this incident show us we are still in the dark ages.
    I can understand about your condition. I pray from my sole, for your betterment…………

  8. ffff says:

    Gang stalking and mind beaming to control operations are true.Since they use signals to do this operations we request all agencies to give details of divices to counter these signals and caputure these criminals

  9. Come on says:

    Some of this is real, some of it is far out.. Every case is different. Normally they put it in drugs…
    fire man by lil wayne is a good example.. Its in raps everywhere. They leave you alone if you stay away from them, and live healthy and you will be alright. Do do drugs or commit crimes.. Cause in the end, you will relize your moms was right and those suckers are not what you wanted to be like..

  10. Ann Lee says:

    I began to be multi-stalked probably in 2006, but it took me until 2010 to realize what was going on. In 2010, the stalkers openly followed me–all in red vehicles–down dirt and gravel roads in a rural county around a town with a population of 247–with the closest town of 2000 being 20 miles away. This continued over a 20 mile stretch–every intersection 1 mile apart–a red vehicle intercepted me and/or followed me. Every house I went by had one or two red vehicles parked in front–no other colors. I was driving down dirt and gravel roads to test to see if I was indeed being followed as I had been to the police and they told me “there is a lot of traffic out.” This happened at 1:30 pm on a Tuesday afternoon–most people would be at work, not driving down dirt and gravel roads. I am not an activist, not a terrorist, not a pedophile, not a drug dealer, not a thief. I have been informed that the schools have been asked by the police to report to the police if they anyone asking people about stalking. (I have been offering a reward for information). The police, I believe are in on a plot to discredit me in the community–to make me look crazy, to get me committed, to basically ruin my life.

    • Street says:

      the this with the red vehicles is to teach white people to be afraid of the gangs. Be afraid to the bloods. so the gangs have more power over us. these people have littary chased me out of seattle and to Madison wi. ware I have no support now. And continue chaseing my

  11. Tiffany says:

    The local police play a big role in terror stalking, so dose the mental health community who make billions off of terror stalking victims..the government is involved. if they were not then they would have put a stop to it…it would be too much of a threat to national security..

  12. qari says:

    I think something exactly like that is happening to me….in Mediglia (milan) Italy.

  13. Cordelia M. Hardin says:

    I have been targeted as a heart an kidney transplant recipient who was harrass and assaulted with am surgeon who knew I was ther for a kidney transplant, and help the assaultants to install the Introral camera device commonly known as a Echocardiogram machine used to torcher and record loud noise to destrub me the victim, will they continually sublimely whisper and have conversation of Memory test of my history and dreams. Sit and torcher me when I do not answer to back to them or communicate while having family members bully think I am crazy, jhave the public to abuse me while they steal my finance or the people we associate with with technology of cell phones computers, voice recording social security numbers schedules of family work days and home entry. I know for a dfact that this has happened to me, and have contacted authorities victim adovocates, lawyers who at first denied helping me. Canceling and rescheduling appointments, even targeting FBI, SecretServiceman and Members of the Congress! Trying to get help with this device is useless ,stressful at times, even through I know that everyone is doing there best to get me surgery or help!

  14. I do not think the authorities are involved I think they will do anything to scare the victims, so that they want help clean up scum and violent attacks. So that you do not have a chance to voice your opinions public to help someone else who might be least fortunate to survive!

  15. survivor says:

    Glad to know I am not alone. You have described my experience over a number of years. Many prefer to pretend it is not happening. I will survive despite daily torture.

  16. eniced says:

    I and my son have been severly posioned and stalked and haressed for 26 years,by the terror methods he described.I have come close to dying seversl times and my son also,from covert home entries and fodd and drinks posioned with op psioning.My landlord and neighbors are approched by these two men and and shown fake badges and shown a bogus fake file on me, and they have been told that I am insane and that I am comiting a horrible crime ,but I am escaping justice!! AND all kinds of other terrible things to ruin me. Terrible slander. They have mobbed my son and I out of every job we get.Our friends and family members have been contacted and told these same lies.Every thing Mark Rich in his book ‘The Hidden Evil’ is true. Except for the weapons he says people are attact with. The only thing going on is the posioning and drugging of your food and personal and household cleaning products, your clothes are cut with a razor cuts, pets are torchured and posioned,items rearranged and phone line bugged,on and on.

    • eniced says:

      also the survalance by yor neighbors who are recrutied ,they also are doing the home entries, which I almost caught one woman heading for my back door as soon as I left,it just so happened i forgot something and turned around to go back to my house and caught her, she ran the other way.you are watched like a hawk watches his prey by multible close neighbors and they use cell phones to text each other’if u are near to over hear’, and they let each other know that you just left and in my cas, they know where I am going if I talk about it in my house. I have lived in 4 states and lived in 4apartments and 3 houses and my home is audio bugged in the inside and outside and covert cameras are there also ,I have had 7 differant phone lines bugged.They have even showed up and my place of work and my gym, and even talked to my church members.I called the FBI in the state where this all started and he told me that ,’We do not do that to people, and thats not the way we investagte any one, he said I nedded to go to this

      • eniced says:

        to my police here and report it. They have already been contacted and told you are insane,etc. and most of the law here are kin to and good friends with my stalking neighbors, so its a no when situation. The law cannot help you anless you have vidieo and even audio would help,to have proff that this is happening to your home your car and your pet.Stalkers love vandelizing your car at 2to 3am . and even entering your car, veven thogh it WAS LOCKED!a, they will leave you somthing to let you know your property was invaded.AND lets do not forget about your entire carpet, furnture, and bedding covered in itching powder!! The Torture is nonstop with this crime, my dog had it poured on her back, and she suffered very bad at the last appartment I lived in.Also you are flagged as a dangerous person,and false medical diagnosis is spread by a web site on the net. as soon as you go to any doctors and to any public libarys that need your ID to use the computors.your computor use is constantly monitured .

      • stalked323 says:

        FBI are involved

    • Eniced says:

      hi tomyself !! wish my loved ones would have left a reply !!

  17. eniced says:

    This is a hate crime and I do beleive it involves The New World Order. This same tortore is worldwide in so many others countrys and we are outcasts and blacklisted from life.We are innocent people, and in my case it is multigeneratonal, my parente lived with this, all my brothers and sisters,1 brotherinlaw,1 nephew,2 neices, and my son. We have been targeted because of our faith. We are disidents, we are undesiribles, we dont belong in the new world order!! Thats the only reason, we are innocent people. This is Genoside plan and simple. We are suffering more than I mentioned here,there is to much to say.but if you have really been living this torture than you know waht I say is true.And the word ‘THEY’ is a figure of speach. I t applies to any and all who are perpatrators. Be safe and Be strong, stay away from doctors, they lie on your reports and lie to you, ai had 1 DOCTOR WHO REFUSED TO DO TO ME WHAT HE WAS TOLD. SO THEY ASSIGHNED ME SOMEONE ELSE, I over heard the conversation, so I got up and walked out

  18. eniced says:

    Dont be affraid to get up and walk out, you will know by the way you are talked to and by the way the staff treats you, that they hate you and think you to be replusive, and you are not wanted ther. ‘I blogged this to try to help YOU are are suffering and hope you find this info. sonner than I did. My liver is ruined by op posioning, my heart was hurt, and my skin is covered in what looks like liver and age spots.I lost a lot of hair that cant go back. and my teeth became brittle, all at the same time. and my body gained 68pounds and an alarming rate, in a few months! I do believe my pancrease was also harmed ath the same time.

  19. eniced says:

    sorry for the misspelling and mistakes. I am testing this and it is proff read and it still comes out wrong.Hope you could stll read it and understand it.

  20. eniced says:

    everyone who turns perputor against you, that person and the other perps are given a contact phone number to call and a website, all supplied to them.I have witnessed this and overheard thier conversations. People will tell on themselves if they dont notice you are to close and you hear and witness it all.

  21. eniced says:

    From the year 2008 to dec.2010, I have been severly posioned nonstop unless I was on the run toanther state.I have almost died several times.Hospitol does not know what to test you for or they just tell you so, the law is not even involved as a possible posioning, So I livved in worse terror and trama knowing I was brutaly turtured and you are being laughed at by stangers and even medical doctors who havve taken an othe to do no harm,will treat in some very hurtfull and sick ways. Because I would never commit any crime,so I can be framed for somthing, I have been put on extra torture . I have to be very carefull. Walmart in my town has tried 3 seperate times to set me up for stealing. I have to be very observent and catch them at there games.

  22. eniced says:

    Just remember, Walmart secruity and employees and shown the same bogus files and website, where the stalkers have a hardcopy of the bogus lies and slander. There is a big black and white photo of you for ID purpases, and the last time a young libary worker was showing it to the new workier she said it took 55 min. to read it.A A that was in jan. of 2010 . AND NOW IT IS LONGER AS MORE PEOPLE W.

  23. eniced says:

    AS MORE PERPS. JOIN IN, hospitol staff and workers will constantly violate your rights and personal items are stolen from you and you a will never be shown respect as a human againaMOre and more lies are added to your fake internet profile by so many people. I t never gets better, only worse. I no longer go to doctors, I hope i can stay away from them. How would my niebors who where supplied a key to my homes and supplied the chemicals that was put in our food supply and laundry soaps,etc. and your home ruined with itching and burnig pwders, how would they feel if they became targeted and this was done to they. This is just down and out Genicide, and eventully eeven the heartless ones who joined the darrk side of the new world order will have thier turn. Because thier services are no longer needed and then non of them will trust the other. !a Then that will be rough on them because only the heartless ones are left to devour one another

  24. eniced says:

    I live in a small town and all the shoping markets are contacted, and have to get the dissbeleive and the shock and awe loos from the clerks and such.And the lovely part is to here the verbal remarks.IGA grcery store kept a watchfull eye on me. One emploee said,
    ‘ she want to anything wrong! a.’ thats when I realized that they where being told I was a thief. along with other lies. So then i had to be very alert to my surrounding. Don’t let anyone get up close to you to be able to slip something in your purse or coat pocket.

  25. eniced says:

    My first up close personal , stalking, called Mirrow stalking or copycat stalking happened inIGA market. a small frame black man hunted me down,on purpose. I had just walked away from my husband and was alone looking at frozen pies. he kept looking all around him to see if anyone was lokking!! but I WAS !! I spotted him and knew he was pursuing me. So I already had my vedio recording on my cell phone. I kept it on him and he never noticed. He stood up close behind me like he was copyiny my actions, then I walked over to my husband , that man waited a scound and then he came up to me and pused his body up agagainst my side acting like he was us. and sail,’Hum’ and walked away and lingered around afew feet away waiting on me to walk away by myself so he could do it some more. I pulled my husband off to the side and told him what was going on and He put a stop to it by doing him the same way!a!! the man was busted! and he knew it, he never said a word. The cashier woman give me two smirky grins up front, she bI

  26. eniced says:

    the cashir woman up front hates me, she is a bully.she seen us come in and she walked away from her post then came back . I know now that she made a contact call and this man was sent there. He was well rehuresed in waht he was going to do. Remember this is a small town. W ith a walmart, 2 dllor generals and 2 grocery stores and one Aces store. Towns cops are perputrtors and the town is run buy black drug dealers and money counterfiet coming down from chigago. and the law does traffic ticcets and walmart thieft arrests. its a crocked town!! My veryclose nextdoor neighbor is my very good paid stalker/ perputrtor. she is friends with all the law here and has a judge and lawyer for friends,and she has staged a set up to have the law called on my husband. but when I told the truth, she screamed,’They are a lying!!’ which really looked bad on her. 2 more times in the same year she has got the law hharess us.@She is a lisbien 5th grade school teacher, with 2 old large dogs in her house. she is 48 years old and se

  27. eniced says:

    and our house is bugged and she has been supplied with the listening capablities, it may be on the enternet ste my stalkers are supplied, WIFI, or by a scanner to lis to use with. she has known things we just said inside our private home, and run out of her house to tell my other stalker, her friend who lives on the otherside of her, they have stood out in there front yard knowing I am getting ready to get in my car to leave and they both play a yard ththeator skit with my personal prvite bussiness to physcological torture me. and now they know I know my house is bugged. I told them by there names that I know everything they have done to us and our home and pets and vehical. And I told them that they where gangstalking cyberstalking perputrating criminals and I know where they live.

  28. eniced says:

    now they all keep it low key,she stopped busting out her door and leting us know things she shouldn’t. they are working from the inside and making contacts to others and setting us up for a differant kind of haressment. We write on paper now whenever we are going somewhere or what we don’t want them to know any thing!! They dont like that, so now they have certain ones at certain stores to call in to show up for the haressment, like the copycat stalker, that was all recorded by the grocery store cameras and I know it was put on my cyberstalking web site for all to laugh at. this is been going on bad since sring of 2008 and 8 know thier Mode of Operation.

  29. eniced says:

    Its still hard for me to except that this life as many of us know it. I wish it wasn’t true. We are living in the last days. We are and have been in the tribulation for a while now. and its getting worse severely fast. my next door neighbors are my personal torture stalkers, complete cyber and electronic stalkers and they aree sa scool teacher! ! AND THE OTHER 2 ARE WORKING IN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM AS JANITORS AND SAPERONE PERSONEL. THATS LIFE NOW UNDER THE NEW WORLD ORDER

  30. eniced says:

    Hello Again,I must say, This is a very boring life.My husband and I are very sick from years of covert posioning that our liver and other organs are damaged. This is what this crime does, if they cant get you to commit crimes and set you up, then they know that yor body will be severly damaged and every cell in your body will be contaminated with these totoxons.

  31. eniced says:

    THESE TOXINS are stuck in your cells, which sets you up for cancers of your lungs, liver,pancress,kidneys, bladder. and fatty tissue cancer called Lyeprosarcoma. Whice is what killed my mother.When my father died 2 years later by stalking,’ I know now, because he was telling me what was being done to him. and his bedding was itching him so bad he refused to use his covers, and

  32. eniced says:

    he said 2 men at 2am would be in his back yard yelling and beeing loud for like 1 hour about every nite. And his back door would be unlocked many times when he would come home. His car was having alot of problems. I tried to get him to move in with my family but he had his pride and would not. He was very sick and getting worse and when he died

  33. eniced says:

    I knew in my gut he did not pass away a natural death.he convided in me very often, he sais he had a bad taste in his mouth all the timeand many other symtoms I want go into. When my mother was alive she she stayed sick for 10 years or more. her last 5 years she talked about 2 peo

  34. eniced says:

    people would stand outside herbedroom window and carry on a loud conversation from 12 to 2 am everyother nite, she knew a lot of things was wrong, Doctors treated her so bad she stopped going to them all together, they have even made the commit that she was a drug addict. She was trated with rudeness and unkindness, She would mention these to me. She

  35. eniced says:

    was an intelligent woman, she did not have the internet and could not do any research so she neverknew what was happening, NONE of us knew.my nephew was murdered amd made to looked like he commited suisde. and it was proven that it was not the case, but it has been ignord.

  36. eniced says:

    So I lost both parents in 3 years time, and my brothers son 3 years after that. When my father died I verbally told one brother that dads death was not right. and he acted very strange. and a few months later these 2 men I mentioned eariler began to stalk me up close and personal. and this began in spring of 2008 and has continued in 3 states an d 3 homeless shelters and several homes.

  37. eniced says:

    Both of my brothers turned bad perpatrator aganist, they both did the severe defamation against me, one was posiong my food and my pets food and water, he was abusing my dog, damaging my vehical and bothe brake lines had wholes put in them, wipers broke off, lug nuts lossoned on one front

  38. eniced says:

    for 7 weeks I was psioned hard and heavy, and my home constantly entiered and pictures stolen ,bed laced with itching powder. a strong chemicl was put in my shampoo and liq. body soap. my brother was stealing my mail and the neighbors and telling them I was ddoing it. And my brother was vandilizing my vehical and at the same time he is telling every one I was doing all kinds of drugs,

  39. eniced says:

    and that I was hullcinating. The whole time they where being used and one was actually being paid. He is homeless and carless and jobless but he had a lot of money.And he was the main culpert used to torture me.The other brother was spreading the defamation on me and plus he was being lied to and all this time I am getting sicker and sicker..

  40. eniced says:

    I turned jaundace and my hands feet and legs and knees swelled up really bad andmy skin was itching all over, some due to the itching powder that was put allover my clean clothes,etc. The oldest brother was telling all the church members and elders that I was doing all kinds of drugs and going crazy. So they both helpped do this horrible thing to me and enjoyed doing it. No one would talk to me and tell me why I was being done this way.Every one I loved and cared about where told the same defamation with alot more being added.

  41. eniced says:

    6:13pm,oct.9,2011/ the time is wrong on this blog. From what I have learned since 2008 is that I am doing horrible crimes and getting away with,( hense the bogus investigation ! ) and that I am doing everypain pill known to mankind and that I also use neddles and that I am a scisophranic and a pedifile and I abused my own pet and that I am a thief and a liar and do not talk to me that I can’t be delt with.and that I am a slob,and that I use people fro everything and the defamation is also that I deal in drugs and that I cook up drugs and moonshine in my home. and the black dealers are told that I am a snitch. and the blacks are told that I hate them . Its all lies all the way around to cause you to have hate from all directions.

  42. eniced says:

    I am trying to live my life. My elderly Aunt and Uncle where contacted and threatened and blackmailed with there finances if they did not cooperate, and 8I Learned this from thier actions. They where told how to treat me, saying to repeat over and over,so I would repeat them. there home was bugged and vidieoed. and the way they worked me 4days a week and every day on the phone. Give me gifts then tell others at church that I was stealing from them. Then forse money on me and then tell eeveryone that I am menaly insane and a thief and a lair and I am abusing and taking advantage of the elderly f

  43. eniced says:

    and then to beat it all my aunt and uncle game back into thier money with a lot more to boot. They where spending money left and right. Money they never had.and a lot of extra benifits for her future care. She even called me on her cell phone in the privacy of what sounded lkie she was shut tight in her car so she could not be heard, ( she said, ‘ I ‘m not doing this to you, you are my neiice and I Lve You. I would help you if I could , but I can’t.

  44. eniced says:

    Sounds like a person who was forced to do that to me or else!!I have put up with this from many friends and some close family members and church members awo have known me since infancy. Now these people join the dark side or else. and they chose the dark side of the New World Order. and tortured me. a happy person who loved everyone and was liked by man!! and they have joined in with the persacution of an innocent, god lving woman. I am blogging this so my Big Sister in another state will be told the TRUTH. and not lies. I gave here tis site to look at in22010 ‘

  45. eniced says:

    I was loved by many, and and loved life and I loved god . I have never commited any crines, I was never on drugs,EVER ! And all I was trying to do was pay my rent and love my dog and son and go to the meetings at the hall. and get my life in order and be happy!! But I was tortured to death.I fled with what was left of my health. And my sisters and church members where told horrible lies on me. which caused more torture for me. You see , if I was to die, everyone would be told that I od’ed on drugs. Thas the cover up. for what was really going on !! Or that I commited suisde, That would be the other coverup.

  46. eniced says:

    Sunday,Oct. 9,2011/7:13pm/// This message is to my big sis.Inda and my little sis. Idgette. That I am alive and that I love both of you very much.Do not listen to the lies and defamation against me.If it where true I would be in prison . I am still the same sis u always knew. stop tal I hope that u find rhis message I love you very much

  47. eniced says:

    oct.9-2011// Dear sisters, please look over the spelling, Im texting this blog and its hard to hit the correct buttons when you can’t see what u are typing. hense the many mistakes. I hope soon to be able to talk to you freely. with all my love.

  48. eniced says:

    I have read that a victim of this crime some suffer from an uncontrolled urge to talk, forced speaking. I also suffered from this while my home was being entered and food being posioned. I studied some of the experiments done on people and giving them truth serum is one of them

  49. eniced says:

    some sites tell victoms that we have DEW and other goverment secret weapons used on us, well I have suffered from all these symtoms as everyone else, but I know about the home entries and food being posioned . my dog ate and drink the bottled water and milh and everything I did. she was my baby. she suffered the same illnesses as me. exactly the same. there where no machines only psions and drugs. I suffered from uncontroled talking. In my case I knew what has happened to my family and me.

  50. eniced says:

    My elderly aunt and uncle where ised to mentaly and emtionly torture me, and part of there job was to ask me questions about what happened to me at one time, which is getting me to talk about it. because I am constantly tring to be framed. and if they can’t do that these crimanals are trying to make me look isnane

  51. eniced says:

    but I always knew that once I began talking I had no contorl to stop. and I had to realze this. so be best thing for me to do was not to start talking!! I had to learn to contol my talking. I always felt that there was something wrong. It just felt so not normal, and I knew something else was goning on

  52. eniced says:

    but I have sence then moved and I have locked down my home so the home entrys cannot happen.It took me about 6 months to get my health and my own mind back. my health is ruined, but I am alive. I suffered from severe PTSD so bad that I could not sleep for 2 months. The torture I went through was so bad, I will not let them to this to me anymore.

  53. eniced says:

    this caused my husband andI to splitup 3 times for months at a time. and when I lived alone for 6 to 8 months at a time, thats when I was attacked the worst,far away in another state living in apartments.But he is being stalked now. and his parents are involved, they try to get him to leave me. But he knows that this is a sick game and he knows that they want us aprt so they can get to me.

  54. eniced says:

    We love each other very much, and we are strong in twos. Remember these stalkers want a person alone, and no one in your life. so you can be killed and all the sick things they do to you. His parents where contacted in 2005 and I have witnessed them play the games on me and he never knew.

  55. eniced says:

    Their last attemt was 3 weeks ago. His father tried to tell him the lies they where told. Trying to get him to leave me again. He told them that he loves me.And his dad said, ‘ well we all have to live our own lives ‘ . These pepole are so sick, they clam to be christainsbut they are wolves in sheeps clothing.

  56. eniced says:

    we have no family and no friends If they can get him to leave me, then they have won. we can’t afford to move. and living in apartments again is NOT an answer.Apt. living is severe torture at thier best. The people involved in your harassment is unbeleiveable.!! well tis is all for now.

  57. eniced says:

    well, winter time is getting here fast. summertime is hard on me as a TI. my health has been so compremised, I suffer from swellings of my entire body, feet amd legs get real bad. I need to tell you that the last womens shelter I was at, my 2 men stalkers who pertend to be investagators, showed up.

  58. eniced says:

    they made a quick walk through as we where setting in the living room,with the aid of a female staff worker, that is so against the rules. no men are allowed inside untill every women is sent to there rooms. because no one is supposed to know where you are.But this was so obvious, they wanted to verifie that i was there,K of course they already knew). This is part of the game to make it look ligit that i am a dangerous person and they want my helous person and they need there help to covertly help me get aresseted.

  59. eniced says:

    that nite that female staff worker started playing perp. for them, started asking me the same questions that people have been told to ask me in 3 states in these last 3 years, and the nest day my room mate who only stayed one nite decided to get out and go stay with her mom.

  60. eniced says:

    she was obviusly told I was danderous and mentaly insane. she was told to agree with everything i would say ,it was so obvious. she was pack and getting out qwick.my bed was covered with itching powder,staff went in my locked locker, they have a key to it too, and stole my cellphone and my stomech medicine,and she sprayed my perfume all over her and turned the empty bottle upside down in my purse, then had the nearve to hang around me so i could smell it.

  61. eniced says:

    the women in room beside mine played her tv veryloud all nite, locked her door and slept downstairs on the couch, so i lay in itching powder all nite and got no sleep. the next day that women packed her bags and mad a point to tell me,like I need to know, that she was sceduled to leave the next following friday to visit kids, but she decided to leave this friday. it was so obivous that she was told to give an excuse. I knew what was being done to me. I was stuck ther for 3days because of 4 feet of snow Ns ice. but it was friday now and II do know that i was going to be set up for a crime the perps are saying I am doing. people where getting away if they had somewhere else to go. the 3 main women who run the shelter where black women. o they where very nice but they acted like they where going to receive a very big reward for helpng my stalkers. I pulled the plug on them real fast and left right behind the women who was leaving because she didn’t want to be envolved. the women that run the place was very disap

  62. eniced says:

    they acted like they where very disapointed that they where not going to get there payoff/reward money!! then one worker game back to me and asked this one same question that many others who have turned perp. against me. all it does is verify more to me what i already know, that i am being severly stalked. this question is been ask me by many people in 3 states and the last 3 years.the people dont know why they are told to asked these questions, they do as they are told. but for me it is mental torture and has caused much damage. but now I now whats going on so i’m not terrived anymore, but it is obvious that i will suffer greatly even when staying in a hospitol. which has happened in 2states and 2 hospitols, food is posioned and sampoo and staff haresses me verbaly and bedding is covered in itching powder. It just never ends. eniced

  63. eniced says:

    its very hard to even go to church.church members are told the same lies passed on by someone who was shown the bogus file and websites.I had 4 elders and thier wifes turn perputrater and play thier gangstlking skits they where told to do to me.I even cried so hard yet I was treted so cruel . I lost all trust in the human beings when I was tortured in such away. I thought I would be safe at church. I was amoung a herd of wolfs in sheep clothing.

    • Larimar says:

      I can only comment based on my personal experience & on my sincere wish that you won’t be disappointed like I was with how certain Christian Churches treat you, but remember that Jesus warned us about false teachings when He said that only those who do the will of His Father, God are His disciples, His Family. He is indeed the Tree of Life & they are His branches. He said that many people will claim they were from Him, but only those who produce good fruits are indeed of Him. Watch out for 2 types of Christian churches: 1) Churches who teach prosperity Bible, by Faith in a Christ who came so you can make all your dr dreams in this life come true, IF you believe that Jesus came to be the Aladdin lamp of all those who believe in Him, so they could experience continuous happiness even through death & then in the afterlife, as saved by Christ,,born again in Christ in spirit. 2)

    • Larimar says:

      Continue 2) the other church you must avoid is the one who teaches salvation by the power of your good works. Jesus didn’t save us because we did good works, but because we couldn’t do any good works without 1st being born again in Holy Spirit, by Grace through Faith in Him. The church whose members make seekers of Divine Help feel like trash, deceive themselves that they are saved ! Don’t lose hope in Christ, just remember His teachings & pray. Pray even for those church members who made you leave the church, for they are in more need of help than you are. I learned that Christ answers healing prayers in certain priority & circumstances are all the way down on His priority list. For it is more important for us to change our attitude towards circumstances, since bad circumstances are always the bad effect caused by wrong attitude & wrong attitude is caused by lack of faith in God when tempted not to trust Him. The grand effect of choosing to to trust a tempter who tempts us to believe that playing God is as safe as it feels is losing trust in God, living by deceiving attitude towards ourselves, towards life, others & towards God, followed by unexpected adversities & addiction to patterns of thought & of actions we can’t break, because we became enslaved to evil powers without even realizing it. Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good, but spiritually dead people live by faith ib Him, who suffered & died to pay human debts to evil powers & set belivers free from the powers of theur old bad habits & unavoidable bad circumstances

    • jk9267 says:

      Consider following Ephesians 6:12 Putting on the armor of God. P;ease remember that we are not dealing with flesh and blood.

  64. eniced says:

    The house of god is one place i just felt like i was going to be safe.I was treated so bad and gangstalked by members for almost 3 months, that i had to stay away. not everyone joined in. but all the elders and thier wifes and friends ,which was a total of 12 people at the time. and my heart and soul and mind could not handle the torture anymore.

    • it's me says:

      I’m so sorry you went through all of this and hope that it’s over by now. Unfortunately, I am experiencing the same things, even at church, where people were told to repeatedly make the same accusations and ask questions that would seem really random to people who are not familiar with my situation, but are designed to elicit an emotional response from me. So, yeah even a house of God can’t keep evil out. It’s really difficult sometimes, but I’m learning methods for dealing with the harassment. You are not alone, and you must be a good person, or the devil wouldn’t be trying so hard to get at you.

  65. eniced says:

    after I left the shelter I spoke of earlier,my 2 very close next door neighbors, who work in schools,knew I was going shoping. They stood in there yard and played a skit where one repeated what I said to the female staff in the shelter, answers to questions they had asked. I knew they had audio and vedio survalance on me. thats why my bogus stalkers showed up and had the women and the staff ask me so many of the repeating questions I have delt with for years.

  66. eniced says:

    The man across the street has 2 middle school daughters, and they are our paid perps also. Our first spring and summer living here,the girls sreamed horrible things at us when we are outside. and this was our 3rd summer here and the game got worse. Webought a camera and vidio cmera for our protection. No

  67. eniced says:

    They are so instructed on what harassment skits to play on us the father who sits on his porch from day lite till dark, he is the main watcher for our every move.keeps his phone on him and reports our comings and goings, he has his one girl telling lies and they are saying we are taking pictures of his girl. and his has many people stopping by and talks to them

  68. eniced says:

    he sells used stuff all the time and has a regular audiance who visits a lot, one woman was trying to get in her car and leave him,she said loud back to him as they looked over to us,”I hope you catch them!!” we have seen this gangstalking herassment change so much in 3 years. If something doesn’t work they will have it changed.

  69. eniced says:

    check out http://www.iseGEEK.com or (wiseGEEK). and read,–The symtoms of ARSINIC POSIONG.—these are all the symtoms I have lived with since 1991 and my son and my mother and my father, it was not untill sring of 2001 that i decovered more than i wanted and thays when the stalking and posionings became upclose and personal

  70. eniced says:

    Since 2008 till Dec.2010 I was not supposed to have survived. Its everyother day I have to REBOOT myself, one might say,and reread gangstlking articals to help me calm down and remember that this is really still the case of torture and remember that I aM A SURVIVER as long as my body holds out. Yes this has been a living hell and noone will ever understand unless they open thier eyes and realise this is really happening all over the world.yes your loved one seems so desperate for you to beleive her/him because they are telling you the truth… Not because she/he is mental!!aaplease stop patranizing me!! I have lived through more than you can even imagine!! just love me and be there for me, thats all we all ask. ENICED

  71. eniced says:

    thats all I ask There is nothing you can do for me,This is for life till I die. if we are homeless , give us shelter. you have been targeted yourself and never knew it yet,. it may be a matter of time before you do.you can keep perps out of your home but you can’t stop the medical doctors and staff from doing you wrong and other bussinesses.

  72. eniced says:

    this happened to our whole family when we where young and our parents,once you are just out of highschool and began to work and be on your own,thats when things began, suttle. but as I hit my 20’s it was really going,but the home entries did not begin,as far as I know, untill I 24.and then the same severe illness’s and headachs and palness and white blood cell count up to 19,000 and doctor has no ideia what is causing itand your son is pale and sick with headachs and throwing up and can’t sleep and sleepwalks when he does sleep. and all along we thought he had a stomech virus from scholl and maybe I caught it.

  73. eniced says:

    this was goverment housing we lived in with 4 maintinace men have pass keys for all homes, this has been my experance since living on my own with my young son that everyplace i lived was govermanthousing. and after staying severly sick, both of us, and close neighbors severly herassing us, I would move out of there after 11 to 14 months and move to better goverment housing only for the same illnesses and slander and herassment to begen all over again

  74. eniced says:

    Its a sick society when humans can harm another and your kid and pets are looked upon as scum because of your faith. My only mistake is being a kind friendly person and trusting the humans and only seeing the good in people first,and thats considered a weakness in these peoples eyes.

  75. eniced says:

    her it is nov.9-2011 and I have been sick for 2 years now. I try to get help, but I am treated so bad by doctors and staff and hospitol staff that I don’t know what to do. my pancress is not working corectly from all the constant cornic covert posionings that I can’t eat any gluten,sugars and certain starches. I am afraid to eat and even more afraid to go to a doctor.

  76. eniced says:

    this is the only place where I can tell my storie.I fear and know in my heart that I am going to end up like my mother and father. dieing of severe illnesses that doctors are not allowed to acknowledge and even flat out lie on your medical records, that even though my liver showed up to be covered in fat.and I only weight in at 151 pounds. the doctor or the nurse who treated me with total hate and disrespect. said that I denied any dieahera, and nausua and reflux!! which is the very reason I went!! and I told them so and and even took all the over the counter meds to control all these symtoms. and I was treated with disrespect and like I was a liar and I was quickly escorted out of the biullding like they where afraid of me!!

  77. eniced says:

    Hello, I am still here.I have my days and nites turned around. There is nothing to do in this town and state. so I stay up niites reading and sleep during the day.I always was a late worker. I don’t have anything here gor the haerassment I never got to have a flower garden that I always enjoyed. Staying sverly sick and my dog that all I could do was survive

  78. eniced says:

    today i looked into a couple of sites that are discussion forums, and they discuss gangstalking victims as mentaly ill and its sad to read these. A lot of these are used by disinformation perps to keep on labeling victims of this as mental. I think this whole system of torture, this thing is known by the New York Police was qouted, ” That it has been going on for many years and it is biger than the political system and they are given orders to ignore gangstalking victims. and the law is told not to file any reports on your calls and try to label and make the person look mentaly ill.

  79. eniced says:

    I have expereniced that in this state in this town. The law was always nice to me except 4 of them. who smiered at me at looked at me like I was filth and nothing. and a couple told me to call the polise station EVERY time I heard ltlle noise on the outside of my house, and the way he was trying to convince me was lkie he was perswading me to do so!! I told him I could not do that, this is an old house and it is settling and pops and cracks all the time. He said it does not matter just call us anyway. I just looked at him and said, ”No I m not going to do that.” and they leave me alone and I know whats going on so I take care of my self.

  80. eniced says:

    in the state where I was alone in a huge apt. complex. My life was in constant great danger I had no family except my elderly Aunt and Uncle who where forced to be perps against me in a sick way. they where key players to make me look insane nad mentaly ill and a theif and a liar and they woudn’t stay away from me, I didn’t want them in my life. I knew what would start going down and it did.2men and 1 women showed up at there door out on the county dreees in drees clothes and pretened to be selling a multi spray cleaner and got inside into her living room. dhe got them to leave and 4days later they showed up again. she woudnt talk about it any more. then after that is when they both changed toward me but butted into my life fast and hard and nonstop. i was set up constantly by asking me guestions and they had there home audio and vedioed and always sit me in a certain set in the living room and ask me and got me to talk about certain thing. Did not take me long to know what they where diong. seen it since spd

  81. eniced says:

    seen this certain and constant setting up and framing going on since spring of 2008 in my home state where my own 2 brothers turned ver sick perps aganist me with 2 women friends and I and my dog where consatly being posioned and tramatized and my vehical vandilized and serouis defamation being spread fast and haragainst me I begged my oldest brother to talk to me , why want u talk to me I am your sister, we are blood, , and my second oldest brother daid, ”All I CAN TELL YOU IS YOU BETTER GET READY”!

  82. eniced says:

    he wispered this in my ear like he was afraid he was going to be heard!!I asked him,” What do you mean I better get ready? That does not make any since?” he stayed silent and walked away. he was involved and doing the damadge to my property and my dogs health and mine and the oldest one was listening to thier lies and spreding the terrible defamation. something he has always done to his sister since we where kids anyway, whice I’m sure these stalkers knew what he would be good to use for and he was played the fool and he is the one who went to church and spreaded the severe defamaton.

  83. eniced says:

    now I only have certain loved ones left, who I know that my two brothers made sure the defamatio got to them through another family member, who they where having bissannce contact wth via thier cell phones. because I got a look from one who treated me like I was a drug addict. I now know why!a. so I can only say that I hope and pray that these close ones are smart enough to do thier research on this crime, and understand that they have been shouwn severe crimanal defamation and bogus files and that IAm still the person they have always loved and I am still alive and I am innocent of EVERY disgusting thing that is being sad about me, and you all better pertct and take care of yours because this is a multigenneratioal stalking going on here and we all have been targets probably since birth. they what tell the tme is right to come down on your life.and if THEY find out that YOU have found out then u better get readyAa

  84. eniced says:

    Its like my brother wispered in my ear,”All I can tell you is YOU better get ready!” I did not understand at the time, but it only took 6 weeks to know I was trying to be bumped off and family and old aquaintances and old sckool frinds where contacted and turn perp on you and no one will help you. one girlfriend since gradeschool told me I had to learn to out smart them, I did not know who are what she was talking about either. she wouldnt go into it. but that was the only verbal so called help from a friend turned perp. thier is a sscripture in the bible that says ,” in that time, when times are hard to deal with and critical, that familey and sons an will turn there own flesh and blood up to be killed.

  85. eniced says:

    I will put that scripture in next time, it is past 4am here. take care.

  86. eniced says:

    Let me just say , that I have lived to see that scipture come TRUE! before 2001 I did not know the truth. because I am a very abservant and open mined person. I seen and witnessed a patteran of something going on. and I opened my mouth and let it be known in early spring of 2001 after two many family tragidys on a constant course and on a personal level with me and my son and pets . Then thats when two men where showing up at my gym my places of employment and dressed the same, and within a week after them turnong up people turned against me in a sick way. they acted like I was something vile not to be around and they did not want me ther. and my bosses at work and workmates begane messing with me and setting me up and mobbing me at work to get me fired. when I read all this on the enternet I was shocked and releived to know that there is a name for this and the patteren is the same ,THEY have a system that they use on every one. its a sick crime that is ralley should be called, THE BIG LIE. because that ise

  87. eniced says:

    that is what ,if you now your bible, the one called the great liar, the serpent who is a fallen angel began, it was the lie, the beginning of the great lie.and all this is based on nothing but many many constant non stop lies. rolled into one bighuge scroll of lies used to drive a person to suicide or to go postal or to be put away.make you disapeer.! one way or another.TRUTH tellers are not wanted.we are to be hushed one way or another.

  88. eniced says:

    please tell richard, the family friend the truth.the truth. he has been misled.I cre about him and I don’t want him thinking I am capible of anything horrible and that I was never doing drugs no mater what thwy have been shown are told. no one would ever ask me . but he did say ,since my vehical was so damadged nad vandelized and I seen it with my own eyes and a police report was even made out, that that was not my imagination, that was real. thats when I knew someone was telling something bad on me. because he mentioned something else that I will not repeat for obvious reasons. but because of talking to him and the way my big brother was doing I knew that he was telling richard and others i want mention defamation on me.

  89. eniced says:

    so please tell r.r. at the hall in our home town the truth. he is our dear close freind and he will be told horrible things and and be very convincced to beleive them. but somewhere in his heart he should feel something is not right. people need to learn to research this and realize that your brothers and sisters and loved oneses are being targeted. ENICED.

  90. eniced says:

    The Great American Indians never had to deal with goverment and presidents and all that untill the white man came over. they neverer even seen a horse before! indian ponys did not just appear. indians where great runners. horses where introduced into this country, america by white men.

  91. eniced says:

    but no matter how honest the indians where and when by whiteman laws and sighned paperwork and went before the presidents they where still killed and persicuted and sent off to camps,if you will, and starved to death and mistreated untill so many died, that was Genocied plain and simple. Long befor hitler and the jews. so this corruopt system has been going on for a VERY LONG TIME.AS FAOR BACK AS THE ROMAN DAYS AND BIBICAL SIGNS.

  92. eniced says:


  93. eniced says:


  94. galaxygirl64 says:

    I have been a victim of this kind of terrorism and the weird thing is I do not have any idea why. I think at some point I met someone either very strange or believed a lie of some sort. It never ends. It has been going on for 12 years and at one point I did think I would lose my mind. It still goes on just last night someone I thought was a friend sitting-next to me whispered,”You did it, why don’t you just admit it.” It is only familiar not because I know what she is talking about to the contrary I do not nor have I ever known. Its just familiar because it has happened over and over again. The only consolation I have is God sees everything and at the origin of this is a person who will go to hell. If Christ died for me and would have done it all again for me alone then he cares that this individual will be punished. They have sought to ruin my life by poisoning me, slipping drugs in my coffee. Poisoning my food. I have lost jobs and wages, ruined credit, estranged friends, identity theft, Ruined reputation, set ups to hurt my children and get to me through them.,Right now my son has a girlfriend who is the spitting image of a former coworker of mine right on down to her tattoos. She stays in the bathroom too long and I think she is planting things. She has confessed her love almost immediately for my son which has tied him down to a life here in a dead end beach town instead of going to college. My daughter was taken advantage of by an older boy and my other daughter was raped. I call these set ups. The offenders are paid or used or rewarded to hurt my family. No one listens to me, its too far fetched however I am glad to have read this. Now I know I am not alone. There have been demands for money and threats on my life. People follow me around in the stores and solicit me for sex. Men come up to me and follow me around the stores sighing and making comments.
    I have racked my brain for reasons why and only find that because I was a friendly outgoing person I met someone who was a bad person pretending to be good, a criminal I think. Also I had a weak time in life where I made poor decisions about a relationship and when I decided to do the right thing instead of sin I hurt someone. I did the best I could to do what was right. But I am afraid I was hated for being good. I don’t know all the way around it seems really nuts. I daily manage my hatred and anger because I regret my stupidity, I was young and naive when it all began. However there is nothing I can do. The past is the past and I have learned from my mistakes . I am angry because so many people in this world are allowed to make mistakes and go on with their lives. I have never been allowed to.

  95. harvey says:

    galaxygirl64, you did not make any “mistakes.”

    However, the people assaulting you did and are making “mistakes.”

    These people are trash that makes suppression possible, they just don’t know it yet.

    But they might eventually, if not, it’s the end for us all.

  96. eniced says:

    to galaxygirl, I am glad my storie has helped you, u need to study and read everything u can on this gangstalking. go to gangstalkingworld.com , it will help u. everyone needs to realize that we most have been chosen at birth. handed down from your parents for any reasons THEY see fit, mine was our faith. I know this for sure. I have a child who has been set up in a bad way and my child has turned perp. aganist me. I love my grown child and I know it is beyound my childs control. so I do not communicate with my child to spare my child further trture.

  97. eniced says:

    to galaxygirl, just hang in ther and realize that there are no coninsidences, and u can not be friends with anyone anymore. if someone all of a sudden wants to strat getting u to come over and eat a meal at thier house or take u out to eat 2 or 3 times in one week, thats how they are told to win you over and gain your frindship, then the questions will start to por out of thier mouths

  98. eniced says:

    and always remember,WHEN IN DOUBT, THERE (IS) NO DOUBT !! LEARN TO BELEIVE IN YOUR GUT FEELINGS, IT IS THERE FOR A REASON. when friends you have had since grade school and your own cousins and other family members all are donig and speaking and acting the same way, they have been contacted and flipped. by blackmail or flat out lies and even a great fat money payoff.

  99. eniced says:

    we are not alone, but we are alone! and you can only take care of u. stay stong and stay alert. and be safe, learn the perps are the sick ones if they are so eaisly mamipulated, and worse off, they eccept mony to harm another living breathing bbeing, even pets who are at thier mercie.

  100. ananacom says:

    Fuck all the brownshirts aka Gangstalkers of the “US Secret Police.”

  101. eniced says:

    the neighbors, since i moved back over a year ago, have begun,from what i have witnessed,began filing false reports on my husband and i. With the help of a couple of cops. the main one goes to the black mans house across the street and gets the latest about every week. visits him for an hour.

  102. eniced says:

    hows that–Ray.?

  103. Eniced says:

    still here, still putting up with the lies of the neighbors and herassment.home still bugged with neighbors knowing your plans and such that we say in our house. back to not speaking out loud again !! so much civial rights-Ha ha.

  104. Rick says:

    Eniced i can relate to some of the problems you have been going through although NO ONE, not even my friends or family will admit it/believe me, If you ever need to talk to someone or anything give me a shout by email, Im not from the US but from the UK however I have still been putting up with similar slander and discrimination and poisoning for over a year now, still trying to get to the bottom of why this is happening. I would like to share some experiences and maybe get some advice from you and give you some if I can, because I can’t get advice from anyone else, as they are in on the whole thing and don’t believe me, and my family mentally tortures me on a daily basis. I am definitely being bugged, and everyone, even complete strangers find out even the dullest of information about me. I would love some help and support with this, I don’t know where to turn. I have learnt not to rely on my family since last time they just threw me in a mental health hospital where I was abused further and kept for 3 weeks despite there being nothing wrong with my mental health, I was just being treated badly and looking for someone to believe me and help me.


    • Naomi says:

      I went threw that too. My family did not put me there. But I went to seek help and NYP hospital put me in. It was probably a set up.

  105. eniced says:

    rik–for me to contact anyone is dangerous. i have delt with this for many years. the last several years has been so bad i should not have survived. What u need to do is buy this book, The Hidden Evil–by: Mark Rich. and u can get on hisweb site–The Hidden Evil. god be with you.

  106. nonamenogame says:

    Hi Guys please is there any groups who would fight against these idiots, i was given hep c and now they try to induce my chirrhosis by giving blood thinners cause im living in shared house hold i got no way out, can i ask why people don’t speak about these things this is the first post i’m seeing. Isn’t there any support groups or awareness stuff things move so slowly cause no information and and no where to get help. Cause you can’t complain about it. there is no proof only thing available is theory why who and when but there is no way to back it all up. But i agree that money issue is always there. I see everyday people who doing that and u just have to say hello how are u and so polite but everybody know whats behind there. Another thing is that mostly even speaking with my hubby he would say your paranoid. But how bloody paranoid if i’m waking up cause of liver pain in the middle of the night after having juice or pine apple. Ridiculous and i can’t prove anything wonder how many people out there i’ve heard some people have gone into quite good lengths to prove these things but me i just keep hoping that somebody else will do it. Any way another thing what i cant understand is all these cyber groups who attack legimate organisations why don’t they do something useful and take down these idiots.
    Many Thanks For Posting This 🙂

  107. Min says:

    People live in the world that their parents told them was real. The reason people don’t believe this is simply cognitive dissonance. I wouldn’t have believed it either if I hadn’t been targeted much of the same way. It’s real and these domestic terrorist groups are too.

  108. margaret hoffer says:

    hi my name is magaret hoffer. i live in dayton ohio. i have been targeted by a radio station maybe even my local fire department. they used some thing to make my voice sound like its on a intercom system. they bubbled my head. they attacked my family and they shrank my left breast. with revenge devices. please everyone contact homeland security. we need to stop this.

  109. yacoub saadi says:


    I am a victim of electronic surveillance for my 16.17 years until now (I’m 31).
    They watches me satellite 7/7 24/24 night and day.
    it all started in the year 2000 or a person spoke to me in a radio station France named Skyrock.
    They started insulting me live and insulted me i was crying for one week, when I was still in fact minor.suite all this I was alone in the dark for SEVERAL months.
    The story is pretty longue.et unfortunetly it still haunts me in 2013 they insults me all the time in radio and TV and harass me.
    I was disganosticed as schizophrenic paranöid.et being monitored by satellite (shared by large media even) and be insulted by any media humbles me and always pushes me to suicide, because since
    i’m very traumatized and tortured by them.

    One love

  110. cmbrancale says:

    So, I posted here for the FIRST time yesterday…first time I have spoken out in a public forum, after 8 years + of terrorism beyond measure..the very next thing that happened was my bank account went into the negative, charges not due to go thru started posting like CRAZY, alternating with later in the night, when reputable companies messed up transactions, and someone without the presence of mind would have withdrawn funds and watched
    As later funds again went, “poof”, and the account would have overdrawn. Now, I just keep very careful records myself…the BANK seems itself illegally behaving now…my brother, schizophrenic but oh so sociopathic, came out rageful, wild-eyed…RIGHT after I wrote here, and played HIS role, “perpetual victim of ?” ,poorly. He is a rageaholic and always been very jealous of my triumph over adversity (which is not mine, but God’s, another story..but he HATE’s my existence…) I stood -as he was going to the shopping plaza for the first time in God knows how long (panic disorder, laziness, Internet addiction…) and as I asked him ( my mistake,) to do something small but important, he, at 6’6” and 400 lbs+ looks at me like a lamb and says, “if I do something wrong…you might call me a gangstalker.” Ha! He IS a gangstalker, but why did he say that? Why then? Right after that post? He was seething my angry…and wound up throwing the things I gave him to do this little errand at me ( I am disabled. As in cancer survivor, adrenal failure, ostomy…I do plenty for someone in my condition, but it’s HARD, and I’m not supposed to be stressed, which is funny..)
    He has been condescending, threatening, and rageful since then (full panic mode when he left his CELL PHONE in a cab today…imagine that was lost? His link to the gangstalking world!! He found it…)
    But the real reason for the follow up..
    Since I wrote, I was scheduled to get a package. It contained an expensive bag, a designer bag. My entire life I never had nice things. The gangs talking world is unhappy. The bag, a Missoni, was packaged at HAUTELOOK without wrapping, without stuffing, no covering on the hardware, the tag ripped off, the dust cover dirty and wrinkled in a ball ( these things all come packaged, folded, all hardware covered… This was a pricey item.) I also had shoes in the box. They were not in the box, but rolling around on my ” art” bag, now looking like a limp beach bag. I think they wanted me to return it. But I’m not. I put the hanging “M” in the right place after polishing it and inspecting it. They wanted a reaction. They wanted to assault me, again. If I told you how many times…how many ways. I called the company- and calmly cancelled all my other orders. I think this girl needs to get out more? Maybe buy things in person??? After all of this, gangstalker bro, in the kitchen, eavesdropping on my conversation with mom, comes out, condescending and psychotic as ever. Satan has many faces. I don’t know my brother anymore. They got him…but I need to survive. I can only pray. I was deathly sick after all of this. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fell into a sick sleep, wondering what came with those packages, or the air. Because they didn’t win, again. I prayed instead of crumbled, again. I looked the enemy in the face by the Blood of Jesus Christ again. An sure I will get the blaring FCC cable “this is only a test” message that goes off and wakes my mom and I up every other night or so ( happened last night). She is sick for me over what is happening. She, at 69, should not see her daughter go through this. For years it was just me. Whatever happens, I will not cave. It’s a spiritual war. This is how WW2 Germany started ( after I said that yesterday, one of my apps turned into German…) this country is full of fear driven, rage driven hate. Some one is sure hating on me. I will love. I will praise God. I will draw closer to Him in the fellowship of His sufferings. With Christ in me, whom shall I fear??? Sorry this is sooo long, but I knew there would be retaliation for that writing yesterday. It was very swift, very dramatic, very assaultive. I will write and speak out and NOT be silent, enemies of the Cross. For really… You are enemies of My Father, not me…

    • cmbrancale says:

      By the way…I came back here to post, as I posted YESTERDAY. That entire post is gone. Am I surprised. Absolutely not. Other ways of getting this info out. Many other ways. And they never win.

  111. Audrea says:

    Very great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve truly loved surfing around your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing for your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

  112. SpartanTeam... Relitive!!! says:

    DON”T FORGET NEVER!!!!!!!!EVER!!!!!!!




    The targeted Individual.com
    Freedom from covert harassment.com

    F.C.C. (Wireless communications laws!)

  113. SpartanTeam... Relitive!!! says:


  114. Gang-stalkers/police give their whores permission to poison off husbands by using antifreeze in coffee pots and police cover up victims calls for help and deny victim any form of emergency help from any and all hospitals!


  115. Anyone else notice that gang stalking and Fair Game (Scientologists) are identical? Yet the authorities acknowledge the existence of Fair Game but pretend gang stalking is an outrageous delusion.

    • To prayerwarriorpsychic: You wrote: Hi, jk, I wish you would write a blog. You’ve got some of the best insights into the gang stalking situation I’ve seen. Any comments on the Patrick McLaw case?

      First, let me thank you for your thoughts.about my insight. In regard to McLaw, the first thing I would want to know is whether or not he is married, has a family and knows many people. These coward perpetrators will not go after a target in the press, if the target has any kind of community support; especially, if he knows someone important.

      The first thing I assume is that he is an isolated individual; that may of happened to him because of being targeted.

      Also, he probably talked to whoever he knows about the harassment he was going through, and they think he is crazy; So these scum think they have an easy case.

      This psychiatric BS was used to build the Soviet Union, to keep dissenters quiet. So, it is the method of choice to silence dissenters in this country.

      • One of the best accounts of what happened to Patrick McLaw is on http://www.popehat.com , reference Patrick McLaw. He wrote a letter complaining of harassment and on that basis alone he was put into a mental institution for assessment. His whereabouts unknown and that was a month ago. The story indicates he was probably a gang stalking target. There are several petitions for his release at Change.org, one with over 2,000 signatures but they need a few more. In other words had was accused of being insane for complaining of harassment.

      • To prayerwarriorpsychicnot:
        A Veteran friend, David Schmecker, was put into a mental facility for 72 hours because of the message on his answering machine. Prior to the incarceration, David refused a psychiatric evaluation after he complained of back pain, an injury in the Navy. He was not at home when the Vet hospital called him and they heard the message on the phone.(It was one of these funny messages that people have on their phones. Check his name out, you’ll get the full story.)

      • @JK – thanks for your ref re Schmecker – any excuse, eh? I reblogged his story to my site. I wonder what’s going on there , gun grab or trying to scare veterans away from treatment. Or both – either way they win.

      • To Prayerwarriorpsychicnot:
        I learned a lot about the VA when Dave was remanded to a mental facility. But the most shocking thing I learned came from a psychiatrist and ex-employee. Doctors in the VA are paid $2000. every time there interaction with a patient results in a gun confiscation. How it works: in Dave’s case, he was denied pain medication until he went for a psych evaluation.He Refused. Those who have gone must answer the following questions or lose their benefits: Do you own guns? What kind? Are you willing to turn them into the VA.

      • Infuriating. So what is it – a policy to specifically disarm Veterans? And I guess it is impossible to find who is responsible for this scheme. I am sorry about your friend. Gang stalkers want to control medical staff. It is everyone’s weak point. Sooner or later you have to go to a doctor. Then they have you. I hope your friend is OK at present, and remains OK. Although I live in UK I agree with the American right to bear arms. An armed populace can’t be easily oppressed.

  116. Despite the many postings and replies I have made, they have all been removed when I use Foxfire to access this site. On the other hand, if I respond to the email alerts I get from this site, IE is automatically used to access this site and all my postings and replies show up under my name or jk9267. Anybody have any thoughts about this?

  117. stalked562 says:

    Government Sponsored Stalking is very real.
    FBI FBI = InfagGard.

  118. Dee says:

    There is something like this going on down in a central Wisconsin area! Some certain people are driving by our house everyday 2-3 even more times a day beeping their horn and the other neighbor drives up and down the road All day long even sometimes at night, doing what we call guard watching! They say the guy is old and has nothing to do but what is really going on is that they think they own the road! Those certain people can do what-ever they want and the cops just say ignore them, but how come they don’t say that to people in the city? Some people are afraid to go outside their house and are afraid they will come home find their home burnt down or pets missing or poisoned or home broke into! If you drive a bike or take a walk those certain people give you that ..You can’t walk this road or visit with friends look! Someone is also every so often making something that sounds like a gun or bomb going off and it is not ice dropping off also, like stuff missing and just those little what the heck is going on feelings! They are trying to make us crazy or trying to make us leave, but we are not and the stuff is going to fly if this starts to get uglier, because this is my home and we pay taxes for that road and we deserve to use it like anyone else’s! We are( not sure?) we think maybe there is drugs in the back wooded area happening or thug stuff going on! This is really frightening..the people were harassing us with ATVs also, but some of them got into some trouble so they got a friends to now drive by blowing their car horns every time one drives by! I am going to put an all day
    camcorder out and letting the cops know I am getting tired of this activity and my home and property and animals better not be compromised ever or stuff will fly and lawyers will indeed be Nothing here is mentioning names or people involved, how-ever this has been spoken and written by letter to the cops and nothing has been investigated OR they did and it has not helped, so the last endeavor is to keep documenting, so if anyone would go missing or ANYTHING at all is compromised excetra! All I can say is there is gang activity happening and it is getting worse! I have all the belief that the cops are doing everything they can, but without the extra help cops because of the economy we are going to be going down the wrong road! Our Government needs to update and hire more police and get this type of activity to stop! Wisconsin Police have my Ok as to doing what they can to stop it! This is getting more dangerous everyday and this is what I feel!

  119. Natalie says:

    If the technology is so expensive, why are there so many people that participate, even kids? Why does everybody in the community do it? If its hard to obtain?

  120. frank says:

    That person whom is being harassed and threatened might be just trying to say with a response something like this…Now you put your self here!:(You have to be in their shoes or home to feel and hear what they feel and hear! so it’s a (Let them hear what they sound like!), but it is getting worse and ever since 911 “We are supposed to be protecting our USA and our people” But now I am starting to think 911 and it’s cause is a bunch of baloney, because Our own country is letting it’s own people threaten harass, stalk, electronically harassed with 2-way covert talk mind read internal implants and even cause suicides by people who have pleaded for help because they are a target and not getting any help from our police or it’s leader? Is this what’s going to happen next? What if we get a President who might end up being one of these types of harassers and maybe even covertly working with terrorists and implants everyone and makes us all personal slaves!?They are allowing this now what’s to hard to believe it might go USA wide and covertly through our own kids, gangs or even family!?If we don’t stop this now who knows how huge a problem it could turn pout to be or even ruin our country totally! I hope our President reads this because we know he is a great President ( Mr., Obama and will take this to heart and give back the people peace and security as it was once before, and put this covert technology to a stop and with power behind a new law, so it is made 100% sure the people whom are doing it get the message..OUR U.S.A. President and there of the next one and our law enforcers and military will not allow a disaster to happen because of illegal covert implant intimidation or harassment by it’s own people!

    • jk9267 says:

      In reply, he is not my president so I take exception to the use of ‘our president’ and it leads me to believe that you are using misdirection to take treachery away from where it ultimately belongs. I agree with ‘our country’ or ‘our USA.’ This is about corrupt politicians and secret funding. It is about military, community and corporate involvement and above all, it is experimentation to control people just as it was and is being used in Russia.

  121. frank says:

    This has to be stressed BIG TIME!!!!!
    This is not being done by our1. Police /2.Military or 3. our President…(They have enough problems to handle already!)It is being done by certain groups or a certain person whom is in control somewhere with a group… who feel they need to control any person around them thus making other people like the written top 3 above look bad!

    • jk9267 says:

      Your banter gives me reason to pause and consider that the enemies-of-America are worried about something, because when a perp like you attempts to direct the focus away from where the treachery belongs, it becomes a possibility.

  122. Karen says:

    I was amazed to find this information documented.
    I have been going through an assault on my life for the last 3 1/2 years similar to what I have read here.
    Seriously, I tried in my own strength to tackle, this but it was useless.
    The battle belongs to the Lord and I needed to leave it with him.
    I have prayed for my enemies and forgave them.
    I turned this over to God and he will be the one to reveal them
    when the time comes. Waiting is hard as this continues, but I know that my God is greater than anything the devil can conjure up.
    You see I read the end of the book and Jesus wins.
    So take heart and know that you are not alone.
    Yes I do feel your pain, as I too have been going through some of the same things that you are.
    Jesus fought the devil with scripture saying “It is written”.
    Friends Satan cannot fight the word of God. Keep it close to your heart. God Bless.



    • jk9267 says:

      Karen, you are spot on. If you keep Jesus in your mind these creeps feel uncomfortable and leave you alone. Try Ephesians 6:12 Putting on the whole armor of God.

    • Kelly says:

      Sure wish this were true. Looks like Jesus gives them all the tools to hurt us with and gives us nothing to protect ourselves from them. Jesus cant even protect our children, what is he going to do to protect me or any of you from this? Why is there no help for gangstalking victims?? If he is so great he would lead us to help. There is help for murderers, pedophiles and all other bad people, but no help for a innocent gangstalkiing victim? Why should you even be believing in the same god as your enemies?

      • jk9267 says:

        To Kelly: Faith is a gift; I have come to realize that. If you have faith, you can step around and be above all this stuff. In the name of Jesus, I command you to flee is a phrase that stops these miscreants in their tracks. I have seen things that would blow your mind. The power of that phrase has taught me that this is indeed a spiritual war to win your soul. If you do not have the gift of faith, I suggest you pray for it.

    • Naomi says:

      Amen what do you do when you apt is sick due to the preps. Naomi

  123. Karen says:

    When Jesus hung on the cross he said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. Please keep this in mind and pray for your enemies.
    I have a friend that told me when she passes by her enemies she pictures Jesus hanging on the cross and they put their head down as though they are bowing.
    He is all powerful and one day every knee will bow and call him Lord.

    God Bless.

    • wake up says:

      Playing the sheep and acting a coward will not save you. hell if your going to do that stop posting and pretending you care about yourself. just go buy a hat that reads COWARD ..or wake the hell up, and tell your friend to go Read when Jesus got angry. he was not a pushover or a coward or some hippy looking white man jumping around in a white robe. check it out.

    • Wake Up says:

      Did Jesus Get Angry?
      Selected passages from the Gospels

      Many Christian scholars have pointed to Jesus’ “cleansing of the temple” as an example of righteous anger. Below are other instances where Jesus expressed anger in word or deed.

      Addressing the Pharisees
      Matthew 23

      “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you tithe mint and dill and cummin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law, justice and mercy and faith; these you ought to have done, without neglecting the others. You blind guides, straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel! … Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.

      Healing the Man with the Withered Hand
      Mark 3

      Again he entered the synagogue, and a man was there who had a withered hand. And they watched him, to see whether he would heal him on the sabbath, so that they might accuse him. And he said to the man who had the withered hand, “Come here.” And he said to them, “Is it lawful on the sabbath to do good or to do harm, to save life or to kill?” But they were silent. And he looked around at them with anger, grieved at their hardness of heart, and said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He stretched it out, and his hand was restored. The Pharisees went out, and immediately held counsel with the Herodians against him, how to destroy him.

      Rebuking Peter
      Mark 3

      …he began to teach them that the Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders and the chief priests and the scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again. And he said this plainly. And Peter took him, and began to rebuke him. But turning and seeing his disciples, he rebuked Peter, and said, “Get behind me, Satan! For you are not on the side of God, but of men.” And he called to him the multitude with his disciples, and said to them, “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it; and whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s will save it.

      Predicting the Passion
      Mark 8

      On the following day, when they came from Bethany, he was hungry. And seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to see if he could find anything on it. When he came to it, he found nothing but leaves, for it was not the season for figs. And he said to it, “May no one ever eat fruit from you again.” And his disciples heard it. And they came to Jerusalem. And he entered the temple and began to drive out those who sold and those who bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons; and he would not allow any one to carry anything through the temple. And he taught, and said to them, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations’? But you have made it a den of robbers.” And the chief priests and the scribes heard it and sought a way to destroy him; for they feared him, because all the multitude was astonished at his teaching. And when evening came they went out of the city. As they passed by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered away to its roots. And Peter remembered and said to him, “Master, look! The fig tree which you cursed has withered.

      Point is ” Stop being a Coward, Stop being a pushover, Get your head out of the sand, and don’t act in vengeful anger. the universe gives back what people dish out. start watching with intention .. not attention.have powerful intention, be patient.

      beyond that record all calls you make to the authorities and post the calls. they do it so DO IT BACK. call the Dept of Justice. who cares if they think your crazy.. tell them to get off their ass and do the job their paid for by your TAX money.

  124. ZabaZuba says:

    Ya Ya Ya .. Now try looking up the Black Mafia / Big Meechy .. Wake your ass up .. the others are foreigners that get into realestate investing.. using hard money loans / Cliff Unegbu. AKA. Cliff Une.

    Barstow California .. and his drug addict worker bee’s .. to rehab fixer properties, or rehabs. like Billy D Trim / Marty or Martin and his drunken, meth smoking friends.

    Then the cover job by the city police of Barstow California. the San Bernardino sheriffs dept .. specific to Barstow. and the local field agents of the FBI. using poor disabled children and adults as distractionary methods to take down idiots that live in the same multi tenant facility’s .. look past it all. the answer / All about Job security. without crime there is no need for Police, Lawyers or Judges.

    at the end of the day it’s all about the money, control of people equals money .. wake up .. stop being so self absorbed.

  125. Karen says:

    I get this asthmatic cough on and off. I have smelled this burning odor in my home since last Sunday and now I have this cough back. Can you tell me what chemical they use to make you get this asthma like cough?

  126. tellthetruth says:

    look for Colorless, odorless, tasteless

  127. tellthetruth says:

    beyond that 99% of the time the gas from the SEWER leaks up via shower drains and sinks .. oh and hell since your having fun playing detective check your tap water for poison .. that will surely wake you the hell up …

  128. Karen says:

    What do you use to check the water?

  129. jk9267 says:

    My comment, the reason for gang stalking, was removed because it was spot-on. That should tell you a lot about this site.

  130. Karen says:

    Anyone know how your CD player can be programed to skip trace. Also can someone program your TV to stop playing and then start again. I also hear a click on our TV”s like someone flipped something to listen in. We have a low grade hum continuously in our home. I also hear it in the car sometimes. What is going on??

  131. Tweedles says:

    Ya me too .. my TV and it’s anti gravity oscillators make me float in mid air while trying to drink my coffee. extremly hard to watch the news these days with the cat walking on the ceiling and barking like a dog.

    • jk9267 says:

      Tweedly Dum’s comments describe who he is. He is either a sarcastic perpetrator adding to the suffering of people who have gone through gangs talking, or he lives a lie because God has thrown him a delusion.

  132. ZabaZuba-Tweedles-tellthetruth says:

    @jk9267 .. you have two wrong .. 3rd time is the charm. scroll up and read my other post i.e. …….. ZabaZuba says:
    October 26, 2015 at 7:47 pm

    Ya Ya Ya .. Now try looking up the Black Mafia / Big Meechy .. Wake your ass up .. the others are foreigners that get into realestate investing.. using hard money loans / Cliff Unegbu. AKA. Cliff Une.

    Barstow California .. and his drug addict worker bee’s .. to rehab fixer properties, or rehabs. meth addict worker bee’s like Billy D Trim / Marty or Martin lawrence ..and his drunken, meth smoking friends.

    Then the cover job by the city police of Barstow California. the San Bernardino sheriffs dept .. specific to Barstow. and the local field agents of the FBI. using poor disabled children* My Son * and adults *My Wife * as distractionary methods to take down idiots for identity fraud.. that live in the same multi tenant facility’s .. look past it all. the answer / All about Job security. without crime there is no need for Police, Lawyers or Judges. .. when those idiot criminals got released they and their little online friends decided to stalk and profile my family.

    at the end of the day it’s all about the money, control of people equals money .. wake up .. stop being so self absorbed.

    so aside from this .. in Chinese the word for problem is the same word for opportunity ..

    @jk9267 .. how you and others see the brainwashed dysfunctional welfare mongering crack and meth heads are not the same as I see them or even care.

    they are fucking idiots barely able to survive .. they are the people being worked to play the games. because for the most part the others will not get their own hands dirty

    .. especially when they have another giant game going on
    / Covert Racism, sadly they are media driven morons that
    can barely think for themselves. repeatedly programmed by
    the internet, social media, movies and television.

    aside from all the drugs that are paid to these morons
    for trying to mass collaborate, mass antagonize, mass

    anyway that’s my post .. so my point is some get tired
    and bored with the stupidity of them. others have no
    problem kicking it up a notch should they bring any form
    of imminent threat or harm. there is also that chance that
    their especially stupid and their actions are recorded, taped
    and sent to resources that will expose their license plates
    color of their cars .. and even what they look like ..

  133. jk9267 says:

    If you are a Targeted Individual, this is your chance to gang up on this piece of cr_p_:.:Zaba Zubu Tweedly dum

    • Naomi says:

      i am

      • jk9267 says:

        They smell your fear and they feed on it–they are the twice dead. The meaning of that takes too long to explain in this post. If you believe in Jesus Christ, you will have no problem circumventing everything they throw at you. If you don’t believe, I don’t know what to tell you. This is all about spiritual warfare. Until you understand what this world is about, you will be victimized.

  134. Tweedly says:

    in the country I live there are taskforce that act quietly till their ready to take action. if you know your way around it’s not hard to provide information, some of those resources are District Attorney, Dept of Justice, FBI, Local Police, yet as stated above. regardless of the uniforms and badges. allot of those are still people first and money corrupts people. at that point it’s up the chain of command to the ethic boards appointed to make sure they do their JOB, above Internal Affairs .. which is usually just as corrupt. there very well could be over 200 domain names reflecting this website at the same time.. lots of traffic usually gets things going to a transparent start of EXPOSING the dough head dysfunctional brainwashed idiots 😉

  135. Tweedly says:

    also helps to know your way in the board of prison terms .. make sure they get above the maximum sentence to rot their uncaring desensitized lives away for not living by morals and walking in the light, but we both know it’s goes deep. the fools are usually paid in drugs and the system guards this as it’s another means of money. why else would all the pharmaceutical companies push crap drugs that never fix the problems and create more problems .. stock, dividends, formulators, chemist .. down to the legalized drug dealers .. the pharmacist at every local ” drugstore “.. and now the legalization of street drugs .. whatever it takes to appease and control the masses .. some times you need to look above and beyond yourself.

  136. jk9267 says:

    Still….100% better than Marxism. Areas controlled by Marxism are the most corrupt in the world attracting the power hungry to run things.

  137. tweedles says:

    agreed but it seems we are both in the USA, there is recourse .. aside from the idiot stalking and idiot profiling .. the only way they act is in groups .. like animals in a pack .. if one them solo’s the actions.. 99% of the time will be drunk as hell or drugged out if not both. again usually given from other morons higher up in their piss ant colony of the gang .. record their ass, send it to the news in other country’s first.. Expose them .. if they start crap .. picket ( Non Gang members Lives Matter) .. if them bring harm.. give them harm.. get rude as hell with the FBI and Marshall if they refuse to help. make sure to record the entire phone call to them also and send it to the local news.. they are paid to protect / figure out what ( P.O.L.I.C.E. ) stands for.. / Public, Officials, Licensed …

  138. tweedles says:

    just make sure once your on the side of the law .. never look back and do not throw the boys with a badge under the bus.. stand with them from that point on!

  139. jk9267 says:

    Certain words are interchangeable in any dictionary; in other words, they mean the same thing. The following words all mean the same thing: criminal, con-man (or con-woman), terrorists. All these words are equal and be exchanged for the word, Marxist.

  140. tweedles says:

    it is what it is .. Go be bad .. follow the politicians .. their the ones writing the book on dysfuctional distraction and for kudos have in a sense legalized terrorist to carry out those laws .. do as I say.. Not as i do .. and back to the human herding .. prisons being built based on the head count of children in kindergarten .. Marxist is a word to sum it all up.. / Social Marxism .. if it’s online it has to be true.

  141. My name is Robert W. Steiner Jr , at 1208 Elwell St., Pgh Pa 15207 , and I am a victim of a lot of these crimes on a daily basis. It’s been over 3 years since I have notified proper agencies , and I am just ignored.

    • jk9267 says:

      Robert: I know what you mean. I wrote to Senators and Congressmen, in the eighties and I got no replies; except, for one from your state. He told me to keep him informed, and that went nowhere. Going to the FBI about the same time was also a waste of time.

  142. JS says:

    I just wanted to say that I think what’s going on with you is that because you say others’ claims about electronic harassment are bogus that what’s happening is that targets are experiencing different forms of harassment, so that when one target hears the accounts of another target’s experiences, if you yourself as a target are not experiencing that form of assault, you may tend not to believe it, just the same as anyone not experiencing the harassment you are. It’s just the same basic problem of how unbelievable all of the attacks are. So, two targets experience different forms of attacks, and then they don’t believe each other. This is really the same problem of presenting your claims to anyone who is not experiencing the same thing you are, even other targets, is that it is all so unbelievable until and unless it’s done to you. Until and unless some particular form of attack is done to you, you may not believe someone else’s claims about it. That keeps targets from giving each other credibility.

  143. Shh says:

    I’m in Australia I’m a victim of what seems to be electronic harradment and gang stalking and yes it exists! Believe me! It’s been over 2 years and still going !!

    I know the perp stalking me I just can’t prove it any help would be enormously appreciated !! I will create a post and upload all my recording ! I’m young and I don’t need this bull. The guy doing it is 60 year old drug user.. This man who’s bribing me to marry him. I’m so shocked I’m so scared.

  144. Carol Mayo says:

    I’m being gang stalked and can not get any help for me or my children. This article is dead on as to what’s happening. I’m seen as crazy but no history of that. I’ve lost another job recently and not sure where to turn. Local law enforcement think I’m hallucinating. We need help. What federal agency can help me?

  145. This has been going on in Tuolumne County… Mike Bruce is the LEADER (SATANIC CULT IN TUOLUMNE CITY) he favors young women w/ kids (so he can pass on his demonic sperm to have babies w/ these Bully Satanic women ? He used me last yr for many younger women w/ children.. He loves the sex In mid 50’s he would do whatever he can to have sex w/ women in teen & early 20’s…? my neighbor he chose to be his mate REASON WHY HE MADE AGREEMENT & PROMISE TO HER (TO KILL ME- My ex ex is in Prison for attempted Murder because of her (Kari Mata/Karen Bisset/etc) They have asked 5 boyfriends of mine tom turn on me help them frame me,harass,stalk, bully, torture,spread rumors & threaten tom kill anyone that doesn’t go along w/ Mike B.(assassion-satanic cult leader).. HE TOLD ME THEY ALWAYS DESTROY THE BEST(PERFECT WOMEN-SUCCESSFUL,PERFECT WIFE-MOTHER,EDUCATED- THE MORE THEY CAN TAKE AWAY FRO SOMEONE THAT IS WHO THEY TARGET).. HE EVEN HAS MY LANDLORD INVOLVED SHE SIGHNED FOR PERMISSION THAT WOMEN DEVIL WORSHIPERS , CAN TAKE PIC’S OF ME INVADE MY PRIVACY, USE HOOKED UP SOUND DEVICE (V2K) AND MICRO PHONE RECORDER TO RECORD ME .. {ALL BECAUSE MIKE B. FELLIN LOVE & HE PROMISED TO LET THE BITCH HAVE HER WAY?

  146. nicole says:

    Need help dont know if im crazy or what its so beyond the relm of normal thinking even when i tell people what is happing to me i think im crazy i sound crazy i know what i see an say yet im told no your nuts thats not what im seeing dont know why people would do this my 12 year old child witnesses this stuff qbout to hospitalize myself dont know what real or not at this point i think i do PLEASE HELP !!!!! DESPARTE DONT KNOW WHERE TO TURN .I SUSPECT EVERYONE TRUST NO ONE !!!

    • jk9267 says:

      Nicole: The source of the affliction is spiritual warfare. I know because I have been harassed off and on since the late eighties. It ended for me in January 2010 when I got a death threat. Even though it is paranormal it is real because it’s administered through the government and by proxy through non-public interests. The fact is that everyone on earth is tracked from birth to death. Because this is happening to you, you now see what is going on. The quick remedy to end this, in your life, is to believe in Jesus Christ and to pray. If you do that, they will go elsewhere.

      • Naomi says:

        I am going threw this too. People and police think I am crazy.

      • Naomi says:

        I agree with you. The devil is very busy. I pray everyday. I am on workers comp. first I think it was a normal investigation. Then I felt drugged in my apt. Now I am in the process to see if I can prove there is something in my home. I feel dizzy and not myself. I hope this ends soon. I started trouble with the insurance company. Maybe they hired these prep.

    • Naomi says:

      Your not crazy! Don’t go to hospital. Who knows if they get in there. Then your stuck. Pray I will pray for you too. Call 24? Hour prayer line. 700 club. 1800! 759-0700 (if you want)

  147. Naomi says:

    I feel that is harassment stalking is happening to me. What should I do?

    • jk9267 says:

      To Naomi,
      Zeph Daniel speaks volumes of evidence proving that the bottom line is spiritual warfare. I suggest you google his name and gang stalking, listen to evrything until you are convinced. Yes, the people and circumstances are real but realize that possession is real, too. You can see how it actually works in the movie, Fallen,

  148. Naomi says:

    Please tell me what do I do. Where do I live my house seems like it has chemicals. I am getting it tested. In the mean time I sleeping over friends houses etc. I am on worker comp. thought it was the regular PI’s. Then I started to feel sick. I started lots of trouble for the insurance company because I claimed to be stalked. I feel it’s the perps. Help.. I am am single women divorced and have injuries to back and neck. I have no family etc my young adult children who don’t want to deal with this or believe it’s happening. Everyone thinks it’s in my head. I know how I feel and what I see

    • jk9267 says:

      They smell your fear and they feed on it–they are the twice dead. The meaning of that takes too long to explain in this post. If you believe in Jesus Christ, you will have no problem circumventing everything they throw at you. If you don’t believe, I don’t know what to tell you. This is all about spiritual warfare. Until you understand what this world is about, you will be victimized by it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Really? Does it mean that Satan operates in these forms in civilised countries while developing countries complain of witchcraft etc?

        Look! Gang Stalking is worse than witchcraft because witches can be appeased but not a ‘Federation of Stalkers’. Got it? Evil people indeed. They enjoy attacking and killing people. They are a cult of people in different organisations, and two secret societies are the backers of evil manipulation in communities in the UK.

        In the US, Obama was followed for years before he became President. Was that not street theatre?

        In the UK, there is a movement that secretly goes round cutting down on the population. Beware! They work with big corporations too. Life is no longer what it used to be! Even some hospitals are not safe. Ask those who work there?

      • su1973 says:

        They are evil.
        I been stalked for years now, I’m getting tired of there game.
        I feel if there is no help at all for us, then what’s the point staying strong & trying to protect yourself, you manage to stop 1 thing they just come at u another way. I been searching for the answer, searching for help, someone to listen.

        I giving hope now 😢

  149. Rose says:

    The chief of police told me lies and I believe he is in on it.

  150. su1973 says:

    I’m from the UK, any 1 else from from Staffordshire been gang stalked

  151. Anon says:

    It happens in the UK and I am a victim. I overheard a hateful neighbour saying that someone was supposed to be in coma by now, and I fell into coma two weeks later, but luckily survived. The police are not helpful because they always believe the criminals and hardly the victim.

    This is one of the best blogposts on Gang Stalking and harassment because victims know the truth. It is a criminal network of nonentities and some authority figures over here. Even the job centre is part of it. Victims are blacklisted from getting jobs and accused of laziness at the same time.

    Family! Only one or two family members would believe you while the rest would say you are going mad and need help! My conclusion is that the police use criminals as informants which gives these criminals the power to practice gang stalking easily to the extent of ruining their own ‘underground government’.

  152. I was mobbed (HARASSED) on the job at LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY and that is when my COMMUNITY STALKING, ORGANIZE GANG STALKING, MULTI STALKING, STREET HARASSMENT, BULLYING, TERRORISM, BEGIN. My formal supervisor at LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY Ray Lamonica (LAW PROFESSOR) ( FORMAL LAWYER, DEA, FEDERAL JUDGE) sent this force behind my family and I.After I filed with EEOC I was arrested for improper lane usage, resisting arrest, as a form of retaliation by LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY POLICE while working on the job in the university vehicle. I was also involuntary laid off (FIRED) as another form of retaliation and have been (BLACKLISTED) from finding a job in LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE). Another supervisor who have this “HATE CRIME CONSPIRACY” behind my family and I is John Lombardi (FORMAL PRESIDENT) of LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY co workers Doctor Fred Cerise (HEAD OVER HEALTH AND HOSPITALS) Doctor Carolyn Hargrave ((HEAD OVER HEALTH AND HOSPITALS) but the ”MASTERMIND” is Ray Lamonica. We are under 24/7 ILLEGAL COVERT OVERT SURVEILLANCE without committing any crimes because my formal supervisors are abusing their POWER AND AUTHORITY in LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) and abroad. LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) COMMUNITY STALKS, ORGANIZE GANG STALKS MULTI STALKS, STREET MOBBS, STREET HARASS, BULLY, TERRORIZE innocent WOMEN AND CHILDREN because they do not attack us when we are with the men in the family. My mothers garage was burned down, daughter had metal put in her food at work, home burglarized without a force entrance, car battery on fire, hit with cars, bottles thrown at our heads. My daughter was fired and rehired for giving (ring up) a co worker a store discount coupon, this was INTIMIDATION AND INTERROGATION because she was in a room with SECURITY (RETIRED POLICEMEN) who now work for the company. After the INTIMIDATION AND INTERROGATION she was rehired and told she was able to apply (ring up) the store discount coupon for her co worker. We are COMMUNITY STALKED, ORGANIZE GANG STALKED, MULTI STALKED, STREET MOBBED, STREET HARASSED, BULLIED, TERRORIZED, BY:FBI, BATON ROUGE POLICE, LOUISIANA LAW ENFORCEMENT, JUDGES, LAWYERS, 19TH JUDICIAL COURT,GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, FIREMEN, AMBULANCE, DOCTORS, EDUCATORS, POLITICIANS, GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS, MILITARY,PREACHERS, POST OFFICE, FED X, UPS, NEIGHBORS, FRIENDS, FAMILY, COMMUNITY, STRANGERS, CHILDREN, ETC. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT are giving BRIBES AND REWARDS: NEW HOMES, HOMES, REMODEL, NEW VEHICLES, EARLY RELEASE FROM PRISON, EARLY RETIREMENT, (POLITICAL) JOBS, GOVERNMENT BENEFITS, MONEY, DRUGS, GIFT CARDS, FREE EDUCATION,ETC. My formal supervisor have sent this “HATE CRIME CONSPIRACY” behind my CHILDREN AND ELDERLY MOTHER. When did it become illegal to have a disagreement with your supervisors when people does it all the time and become “MOST WANTED” in LOUISIANA (BATON ROUGE) when we have never committed any crimes. They have made an “HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT” every where we go. I have plenty of witnesses some who are willing to speak up and some who have been threaten into silence. My mother and I did a YOU TUBE VIDEO: Stephanie Bailey gang stalking to explain some of the “HATE CRIMES” we have experienced but we have plenty more.

  153. ciri ciri sembuh dari sipilis

    Hello world! | PSYCHOLOGICAL (TERROR) HARASSMENT Multi-stalking / Gang Stalking

  154. It's me says:

    Someone once told me that she thinks my ex had been injecting me with drugs (maybe heroin) without my knowledge for a long time (several years) and that my frequent severe illnesses that nearly killed me several times were the result of withdrawal over and over again. I have never used illegal drugs (at least willingly and that I know of), but everyone seems to believe that I am a drug addict for some reason. I am sick on a regular basis, multiple people at my job always know exactly when I’m going to be sick and in what ways (and mock me for it), the surveillance against me always increases during my illnesses (even when I try to keep my sickness secret), and there have been many, many break-ins to my home (even while I’m home sleeping) followed by injection marks on my body. The illnesses always seem to follow a home break-in or after I consume food/drinks that have been left unsupervised. Also, I heard that a drug addict in my community (who is unnamed in this source) was being successfully treated with the monthly injection (Vivitrol maybe?) aimed at curbing opiod use, but which also produces the same symptoms that I frequently have. All of this leads me to believe that the drug addict in the source might refer to me (though, I remind you,I have never willingly used illegal drugs, but they might have been injected into me without my knowledge). Not to mention that the source of the Vivitrol information comes from September 2017, and a recent coworker just randomly asked if my life has improved since September (with no reason given as to why she referenced September as opposed to another month/date). Also there have been friends of my former neighbor, a known drug dealer, trying to make it appear as though they are visiting MY apartment (from the surveillancce cameras’ points of view) but I’ve NEVER actually met them (and then a coworker tells me that it’s the type of visitors I have which is the reason people think I’m guilty). I believe it’s possible that someone has set me up to look like a drug addict and to force me into treatment with the medication without my consent or knowledge. Maybe it’s some kind of clinical study or just a result of someone seeking revenge against me because all of this nonsense has caused me so much pain and taken away so much of my life that it should not be legal for any clinical study to be run like this – it is so inhumane that anyone involved should be executed.

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